Who was Carol Maltesi? Spine-Chilling Murder of the Adult Film Star

In January, the Italian-Dutch porn star Carol Maltesi passed away. Her body was nowhere to be located. Nevertheless, on Sunday in Northern Italy, five thawing body parts were discovered in waste bags in a ditch.

It is established that Carol’s pieces were used. An injured hand coated in glitter nail paint was found by a bystander. Carol Maltesi was brutally murdered, and the perpetrator has admitted to it. Let’s find out what occurred.

How did Carol die?

David Fontana, a 43-year-old bank employee from Milan, was detained on Tuesday for the savage killing of this adult actress going by the name Charlotte Angie.

Investigations uncovered contradictions in the banker’s narrative, which led to his arrest on Tuesday.

This 26-year-old porn star was murdered by the Milan-based banker, who then dismembered and froze the remnants of her body. She was slain with a hammer in January, but when she didn’t show up at a lap-dancing club this month, her whereabouts weren’t discovered until the middle of March.

David was apprehended after being recognized by a friend and a neighbor. He described how David dismembered the Italian-Dutch adult performer’s body and kept the fragments in his freezer.

Eventually, the banker bagged her remains and dumped them off a Brescia mountain road. Some in Northern Italy were discarded in trash bags. He responded to their communications and even convinced her family and friends that Carol was still alive.

The real difficulty came for him when police started hunting for her in the mid of March. “Change her life, and quit the world of porn,” Fontana texted her pals. Even worse, he sent explicit texts to her Dutch lover.

Who Killed Carol Maltesi?

Who Killed Carol Maltesi

Davide Fontana, who is 43 years old, killed Carol. He allegedly admitted to killing Carol Maltese. Davide and Carol had a brief romance, which ended abruptly. Moreover, Fontana allegedly admitted to murdering Angie in January when being questioned. He also said that after keeping the body in the freezer for a while, he chopped it into 15 pieces and set the body parts on fire to dispose of it more than a month later.

On March 29, Fontana was detained on suspicion of brutally murdering the actress and concealing her body. On March 31, the banker, who has admitted to the heinous crime, was scheduled to show up in court for a preliminary hearing.

Authorities confirm Carol’s identity

Authorities confirm Carol’s identity

On her body, Carol had several tattoos. This assisted the cops in locating Carol. Seven of Carol’s eleven tattoos were still intact, according to the authorities. For instance, she has the words “wanderlust” and “elegance is the…” carved on her upper torso and back, respectively.

In addition, the mother of one got inverted “V” tattoos on her inner thighs, which had become popular in several of her x-rated movies. Andrea Tortelli, a local journalist who learned about Maltesi through a tip, was a significant contributor.

What are the chances that the physical description and the fact that this woman has eight of the same tattoos correspond, Andrea, pondered? But, I held off going to the police until I was certain.

The images of her broken parts will chill you to the bone. How someone could carry out such a heinous deed is troubling. The murderer’s career is ended even though he hasn’t said why he killed her. Davide committed a heinous deed that calls for the death penalty. How do you feel?

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