Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? How to Find Out

Are you able to see who you have unfollowed on Instagram? Yes, you can! You’ll have to download an application to discover.

Every Instagram celebrity wants to gain more followers and likes. However, it’s equally important to maintain your existing followers. This may leave you in the midst of wondering, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”. How do you find out who you unfollowed on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t provide any official method to track your unfollows. While you may check the Follower’s number on your profile decrease, however, you will not be aware of who you lost followers on Instagram.


There are some third-party applications that allow you to determine who you’ve unfollowed on Instagram. These are Instagram monitors for followers as well as unfollowers, providing you with an overview of who believes your posts don’t merit attention anymore.

The Problem With Third-Party Instagram Apps

Although these apps are the most effective method to determine who you have unfollowed on Instagram However, they have certain limitations. Instagram’s API severely limits the options that developers who are not official can make.

For instance, for all the apps listed above, you’ll only be able to view data at the time you install the application. When you first established it the app tracks every change made to the accounts. However, if you have lost followers before you installed the app, you will not be able to see those. Therefore, before you can find out who you lost on Instagram you’ll need to purchase some patience.

They are not officially approved by Instagram and, therefore, your account security is at risk. You are vulnerable to data leaks and the app being purchased by someone with malicious motives, and another risk.

Furthermore, these apps could cease to function at any time due to the fact that Instagram has a long history of changing its API and rules at any time without prior notice. In recent times, many useful third-party apps have been shut down due to Instagram’s rules changing, like Unfollowgram which was one of the top Instagram applications for unfollowers.

If you are aware of the potential risks and flaws You can make use of these apps to determine who you have unfollowed on Instagram.

FollowMeter (Android, IOS) The Easiest and Most Effective App

We have tried a number of apps to see who unfollowed us. FollowMeter is the one we prefer. Its setup procedure is straightforward and the interface is easy and the feature to unfollow is free and does not have any loopholes. Even better, FollowMeter is available on Android and iOS. It will also work only from set-up, which means it is impossible to find older users who aren’t following you.

To find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram log in with your Instagram account to get access to your dashboard. The dashboard lists new followers, unfollowers, as well as accounts you follow that, don’t follow back as well as accounts that follow you but don’t follow you in return. Select to open the Unfollowers tab to see an entire list of users whom you have unfollowed the account you were following on Instagram.

The Unfollower list displays the individual accounts and whether you are following them or not. By clicking on an account, you can allow it to be displayed on Instagram which allows you to remove them from your followers.

FollowMeter offers premium features to identify ghost-followers (i.e. lurkers and inactive users) Top admirers, and many more. They require a subscription however, the free version does not restrict users’ ability to use the Unfollower function in any manner.

Other Apps to Find Out “Who Unfollowed Me?”

In addition to Followmeter, We also tested some other free Instagram applications for unfollowers. Here’s a brief list of the ones that worked well. While you’re able to play around with all one of these, we’d advise staying with FollowMeter because it’s more likely to stay up to date with any updates to the Instagram API or rules.

  • Followers & Unfollowers for Android (Free)
  • Followers Tracker Pro for iOS (Free)
  • Followers Track for Instagram for iOS (Free)

How to Unfollow Your Unfollowers

“Following back” is important to some social media users. If you now know who has not followed you on Instagram You might be inclined to do the same. Each time you receive an email notification, you’ll be able to remove that account from your Instagram feed too.

What happens to those who have already done this before installing the application? You can utilize FollowMeter as well to determine who isn’t following you back and remove them from your list.

Do this:

  1. Log into FollowMeter using an Instagram account. Instagram account.
  2. On the Homepage, tap Unfollowers.
  3. Browse through the list and then tap on the account you want to remove.

The changes will be reflected on your Instagram account as soon as they are posted.

How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

“Following back” is just one of the many reasons one could have been unfollowed by someone on Instagram. If it doesn’t seem to be the culprit and you’re thinking about why you’re being lost followers on Instagram There are some other possibilities.

1. You Have Bought Followers

Have you purchased an account from someone that claimed that they would get you millions or even millions of followers for just a couple of dollars? Instagram does not like this kind of manipulation, which typically involves automated accounts and bots.

Instagram frequently purges accounts, which could be the reason why your follower number has decreased. Do not rely on these services as they’re an expense and could damage the credibility of your account.

2. You Have Been Shadow Banned

Intentionally attempting to manipulate playing Instagram system could result in your account receiving a “shadow ban”. This means that, while Instagram is working normally on your behalf, Instagram deliberately hides your posts or places them in the least priority. Shadow bans can make your account and all hard work is in vain.

Instagram will ban shadow accounts that attempt to manipulate the system through purchasing followers or employing third-party cheaters. You’ll come across apps and services that will automatically add comments and likes to your posts or drive up engagement on other posts in bogus methods. Beware of these apps at all costs.

You can find out if you’ve been banned when you ask your acquaintance to stop following you and then search through the hashtags that you’ve put in your post. If your post is listed within the hashtag, it means that your account is safe.

3. You Are Posting Too Often or Too Infrequently

If you are posting too frequently your followers will become tired of seeing your photos grazing their timelines. This is particularly true for sponsored posts as well as brand engagements. However, when you publish frequently, people will consider that you’re not worthy of subscribing.

It’s not an easy balance to keep in place and there’s no gold standard or a suggested number to stick to. This is something you’ll have to work out with your followers.

The latest fad among Social media professionals is that consistency is superior to frequency: i.e. determine a posting schedule that you can consistently follow.

4. You’re Making Basic Instagram Mistakes

These are the three main reasons why followers lose followers, however there are other factors that could cause someone to remove you from their social media accounts. For instance:

  • The posting of content that is not relevant to your company’s image.
  • Discussions on controversial subjects divide the opinions of people.
  • Do not engage with commenters on blog posts.
  • Posting without the correct hashtags or captions that are not up to scratch.
  • Subpar photos are posted and then not properly editing them.

In addition to the above, our in-house social media specialist has pointed out various other tips to avoid when using Instagram.

Don’t Obsess Over Instagram Followers

It’s easy to be entangled in the statistics of a social network. In particular, there are amazing analytics tools that can show what you’re doing on Instagram. Don’t get too obsessed with these details. It’s not really a matter of concern that someone doesn’t follow you on Instagram.

If you’re the fact that you lose a follower doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing a poor job. Instead, you should use Instagram as a means to forget the world for a moment and nothing more, and nothing less.

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