Who is Tina Louise? Everything About the Ex-Girlfriend of Brett Oppenheim

Model Tina Louise and Brett Oppenheim, President and Broker of Oppenheim Real Estate, have separated and are no longer a couple.

But, although the news was recently released, the split did not occur recently. Before parting up, they had been dating for more than eight months.

Selling Sunset helped people recognize their bond. The program is quite appealing. Real estate sales in Los Angeles may be enjoyable due to the region’s sunny climate and the presence of the wealthy and famous.

It may also be competitive as agents compete for clients and properties. The drama at The Oppenheim Group, where rich buyers are marketed the opulent life by eminent real estate salespeople, is shown in the movie Selling Sunset.

What led the two to decide to part ways, though? Once concerns have been addressed, it seems like we have a solution to that problem.

Who Is Tina Louise?

Many people don’t know much about Tina Louise before discussing the basis for their split. Instagram, though, speaks for itself.

First off, Tina is a fantastic model; although she isn’t a part of the Selling Sunset ensemble, she has made an appearance in a few scenes. Tina was reared in Australia and is 40 years old. The model made a distinctive entrance into the modeling business.

She was on the cover of Maxim after being photographed in a swimsuit. She has since been acknowledged by several others. She is an entrepreneur in addition.

The vegan taco restaurant “Sugar Taco” is owned and run by the model. Moreover, she also has some other side business.

The model does indeed have a verified Instagram account with more than 2.6 million devoted fans.

Tina runs her vegan taco restaurant

Tina runs her vegan taco restaurant

Sugar Taco, a restaurant serving vegan tacos, is co-owned by Tina. They have two sites in Los Angeles and sold 450 000 tacos by the end of March.

About 100,000 people follow Sugar Taco’s Instagram account, and the cuisine genuinely appears to be rather good.

Moreover, Tina seems to be developing a Long Beach restaurant and tequila beverage.

She has a lot of tattoos

Tina is a huge admirer of tattoos, as you can see by a fast glance through her Instagram account. At the age of 18, Tina had her first tattoo, a little butterfly. Since then, she has continued to add to her collection.

Tina said she now receives more bookings as a tattooed model than she did previously in an interview with Inked Magazine.


In Selling Sunset Season 5, Australian model Tina Louise is Brett’s girlfriend.

In 2007, she received the title of Australia’s Sexiest Bikini Model and appeared on the cover of Maxim Australia.

The 40-year-old from Victoria’s Castlemaine is also a social media influencer and has more than 2.6 million Instagram followers.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, she frequently posts pictures of herself at the gym or in a swimsuit.

Tina’s Dating History Before Brett Oppenheim

Tina’s Dating History Before Brett Oppenheim

Tina was related to several well-known figures before beginning a relationship with Brett Oppenheim.

In 2020, while he was no longer seeing Megan Fox, Tina was seen having lunch with actor Brian Austin Green at one of her Sugar Taco locations.

Soon after being seen with Green, Tina was seen on the beach with rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. The model has not been sighted with anybody else since Brett Oppenheim. The two had also gone to Coachella 2022 together.

In reality, they get along great, but how can we know that? Brett Oppenheim freely mentioned the model on Instagram because the two still follow one another there.

Brett Oppenheim Posted A Confirmation Of Their Split

Later, while referring to Tina as his “buddy,” Brett Oppenheim revealed that they had broken up.

I am thankful for you, Tina,” he said in the post. For our long friendship, your love, laughter, and smile.

“Tina is the most honest… the loving… gorgeous lady I could have ever dreamed of,” Brett wrote beside several images. The most beautiful grin… She will always have my affection and friendship.

“Brett is my ex, but we remain extremely close friends,” Tina said.

So, what are your opinions on their breakup? It’s fortunate that they still get along and appreciate one other’s choices. You may follow us for additional updates by doing so.

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