Who is Louise Minchin’s Husband? Everything About David Minchin

Louise Minchin, a British journalist and television host, was a well-known anchor of the BBC One show Breakfast.

She is now making headlines since on Sunday, April 10, she was the second celebrity removed from the game program Tipping Point: Lucky Stars.

David Minchin, Louise’s spouse, and she have been together for more than 20 years. She said that her spouse was just 28 years old when given the cancer diagnosis.

In her conversation with host Ben Shephard about her husband’s cancer fight, Louise, 53, was open and honest.

Louise Minchin opens up about David’s cancer battle on the game show

Louise Minchin opens up about David’s cancer battle on the game show

Louise, who currently freelances for BBC, participated in the game show’s celebrity edition to support charitable causes.

Louise said, “This charity is called Move and it works with individuals who are suffering from cancer or impacted by illness to get them moving. When she was queried about the organization’s earnings, she gave specifics. My husband would have greatly benefited from a foundation like this because he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 28. Where the money is going is there.

In our post today, we will go over all you need to know about David Minchin, the spouse of Louise Minchin. Navigate down!

Who is Louise Minchin’s husband?

David Minchin, a restaurateur and financier, is Louise’s spouse.

He is the financial director for Chestnut Inns, an East Anglian chain of pubs, inns, and restaurants in which he has invested.

Louise has no images of David, the 55-year-old CEO of Helium One Ltd., on her social media accounts because they like to keep their relationship private.

David enjoys skiing a lot, but Louise is also an ardent cyclist and professional triathlete.

Louise and David’s marriage

Louise and David, who currently reside in a hamlet in Cheshire, were united in marriage on June 6, 1998, at a little church in Hampshire.

The pair has been married for 23 years and had 50 guests at their wedding. They want to keep things quiet, but when I’m A Celebrity gets started, it appears that her spouse may be the center of attention.

Louise said that their connection transformed when they were skiing. She admitted during a BBC Breakfast program that she had believed she had abandoned him on a mountain.

Louise remarked:

He and I often go skiing, and I must say that it was incredibly difficult to keep up with him since he is so skilled, swift, and safe. And then there was a time in our relationship when things started to shift and I had been spinning a lot. When I used to participate in spin classes, I once descended a glacier and said, “Oh my my, where is he?”

She stated that he had only remarked on her speed and that day on the mountain was the turning point in their relationship.

Does Louise have any children?

Indeed, Scarlett and Mia Minchin are the kids of Louise and David.

Mia, 17, and Scarlett, 20, presently reside at their parents’ house.

According to The Mirror, Louise has previously discussed how undetected appendicitis during her first pregnancy left her in excruciating pain and struggling for her life.

Her waters broke two weeks early, necessitating an urgent cesarean section and the subsequent removal of her appendix.

Louise said in 2018 that her girls are unfazed by her stardom.

I’m their mother, and that’s what matters most, she said, according to the Sunday Post. Their seeing me as a working mother pleases me.

Everything about David Minchin

Everything about David Minchin

In 1967, David Minchin was born in England. He pursued a master’s in geology at Southampton University in 2004. He began his work as an exploration geologist with Rio Tinto, one of the top mining companies in the world.

In his more than 17-year career, he held several important roles in several businesses, including the British Geological Survey, Cleveland Potash, and ScandiVanadium, among others.

He is currently the CEO of Helium One Ltd in addition to being a prosperous restaurant owner and investor. He has assets in the East Anglian chain of pubs, inns, and eateries known as Chestnut Inns.

Marriage & Children

On June 6, 1998, in a little Hampshire church, David and Louise exchanged vows. Several close family members and friends attended the wedding. The pair calls Chester home.

Mia and Scarlett, who are 19 and 16 years old respectively, are David and Louise’s joint children.

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