The Top 15 Sites for Copyright and Royalty-Free Images

Here are the top websites for stock photography that guarantee you access to royalty-free and copyright-free images.

Perhaps you’re a budding photographer in search of ideas. or an emerging entrepreneur looking to find stock photos to incorporate into your site.

Whatever your job Whatever your profession, this list of most popular websites for stock photography will guarantee you’ll be able to access copyright-free and royalty-free photos.

How Do Copyright-Free Images Work?

Certain websites permit users to download images to use for private purposes (e.g. background wallpapers) however, they do not permit images to be used for commercial purposes. This is true for instances such as websites, business cards, or posters. The images found on these websites are protected by Creative Commons CC0:

The following websites have support for or are composed of CC0 photos that are from the public domain. Owners of the images give permission to users to edit, modify, and even use their images with no copyright backlash.

Before you begin exploring the stock image websites that are free there are two standard rules to be aware of when using images that are CC0.

  • While you don’t have to acknowledge the creator, we do suggest that you promote the artist’s work.
  • The majority of these websites include a donation site or splash screen. If you are a frequent user of free image hosting websites often you should consider making a donation to the cause. If every person who uses an image hosting service that was copyright-free offered to throw into the pot the cost of coffee, it could greatly benefit artists and photographers who offer their services at no cost.

After that’s been cleared Here are some websites to bookmark for high-quality, copyright-free images.

1. Freerange

After you have signed up to become a member of Freerange The millions of stock images are at your disposal for free. All images from the website are available for commercial or personal projects. Photographers, Freerange also offers Google AdSense revenue sharing when you donate.

Apart from thousands of original photos, the website also contains around 20,000 photos with CC0 with the majority of them having precise keywords and descriptions.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is a project that was created by Crew the online marketing company, however, it has since grown to become one of the biggest and most popular copyrights and royalty-free stock image websites. The site now hosts more than one million images that cover many subjects as contributors upload images from all over the world.

The collection of stock images has expanded as is its search function and it is possible to search the database by color collection, trends, collections, and more.

While Unsplash was initially an off-the-wall project, it’s today one of the most image sites that are free of copyright which is why it’s not on this list of less well-known stock image-free websites…

3. Pexels

Pexels is a website that wants to help. Starting in 2015, it has grown to be a reputable stock photo library. Its mission statement phrases its aim best:

Pexels is also unique in the sense that it doesn’t just display images on the Pexels website. Pexels website. It also uses images that are outsourced from other sites with top-quality images like Little Visuals.

The best part is that Pexels filters its photos to ensure top-quality images. There’s plenty of outstanding photography available through the website, though there are niches in which it’s not easy to locate an image, however, the situation is changing with time. It is also possible to download video clips that are free of copyright on the site.

4. Flickr

While Flickr isn’t specifically solely dedicated to public domain photos, however, it has a huge collection of high-quality public domain images. Flickr remains among the most popular image libraries online and, with its millions of high-quality public domain photos, it is unlikely that you will be able to get rid of stock photography anytime soon.

The site is constantly updated with new features to be found on Flickr also. For instance, there is the option to print your own photo directly through Flickr and it’s ideal if you come across photos you love. Go through the Flickr introduction guide for those who are new to the site because there are some features such as the photostream feature and Flickr Pro that you need to be aware of.

One thing to keep in mind about Flickr is that every image available on the site is available for free use or royalty-free. Some images are licensed with the Creative Commons license. Check the information on the image prior to uploading them to your site!

5. Life of Pix

It is easy to lose yourself in the stunning images that are copyright-free in Life of Pix.

Established by the LEEROY marketing agency in Montreal, Life of Pix is a place to find free and public domain photography. Even better, its Life of Vids website is packed with even more amazing footage from stock videos which is all for no cost. Every week Life of Pix elects one photographer to take the center of the stage, and also receive some advertising, while photographers control the details of their Life of PIx profile to ensure it’s displaying their finest work.

6. StockSnap

StockSnap offers a great and vast library of free images. It has hundreds of premium images being added each week, StockSnap isn’t your casual photographer’s choice.

It was developed by talented people from Snappa Every single image that is in StockSnap is completely free to download and use. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an image library that is better than this.

7. Pixabay

Pixabay is another image storage site that integrates images from a different image hosting websites. It aims to collect the best free stock images that you can use for your usage, whether for commercial or personal use.

Pixabay offers easy access to “camera search,” which lets users browse photographs that are based on the camera used in taking images. This is an excellent resource for novice as well as professional photographers.

8. Wikimedia

Wikimedia offers an amazing image archive, covering everything from stunning landscapes to historic occasions.

Offering more than 34 million free accessible media items, which include audio and videos Wikimedia is essential to photographers, graphic designers, and other artists seeking quality, free images. Wikimedia is part of a more extensive organization that provides the free use of images and education and data.

9. Burst

The best way to describe something is even if you don’t even notice it This is precisely the kind of experience Burst gives you. Similar to Unsplash, Burst not only offers a modern interface but also an extensive variety of categories and images to select from.

It’s even better, as it offers high-quality and low-quality images that are free of copyright, based on the type of images you’re adding to your website or using to design graphics.

If you’re looking for a huge online database of high-quality free images, then bookmark Burst now.

10. KaboomPics

KaboomPics is an incredibly amazing project. Starting with its UI layout to the massive gallery of amazing images, you’ll be able to browse through pictures that you don’t require.

If it were just about images that are royalty-free, KaboomPics’ selection would already be at the top of the class. It also has an engine for color selection along with color palettes of images, too.

This is just scratching the top of the possibilities KaboomPics can offer. From photography shoots to informative blog posts It’s among the best free stock image websites available.

11. Openverse

If you’re in search of an image royalty-free and copyright-free search tool, Openverse is the right tool for you. It was developed and is maintained by WordPress it allows users to make use of Openverse to browse the web for free copyright images. It is even better if you make use of Openverse to search for images using various Creative Commons licenses, such as CC BY (credit the creator of the image) or CC BY-ND (credit the image creator, no adaptations are allowed).

A thing to keep in mind when using Openverse it that you need to go to the website for images to determine the license that allows you to display, not simply use your Openverse URL (which does not count! ).

12. Gratisography

Do you want something that is a bit more unique there? Are you looking for a unique high-quality photo that is free? Gratisography is for you.

The website has a huge collection of images with copyright with the words “Truly unique. Usually whimsy 😉 Always free.” This will allow you to make a distinctive impression on the next design.

13. Libreshot

Libreshot is another great resource for slightly unique royalty-free photography. Every image you see on the website is the result of its owner Martin Vorel.

Vorel uploads his amazing photographs from all over the globe to Libreshot and lets you utilize them for no cost. It is only a request that you do decide to use one of his images be sure to add an online link to the site.

14. Negative Space

Negative Space offers you thousands of stunning royalty-free photos, offering a broad variety of categories. Similar to other best copyright-free image websites You can search Negative Space by the color of the image that you prefer rather than the search term you want to use or category.

New images for free are constantly added So make sure you keep a note of Negative Space to use for the next time you need images.

15. Reshot

The last option to get pictures that are royalty-free is Reshot. If you are looking for truly unique stock photos, Reshot is one of the best choices.

The creative and development team review every photo that is free of copyright uploaded to Reshot to ensure that only the very top of the best images can be accessed. That means the quality of photography available on Reshot is high, and this will reflect in your work, too.

The great thing about Reshot is that you can make use of it to locate distinctive icons and illustrations for the next design project or find images with different orientations of images.

More Copyright-Free Media for You to Use

With so many websites committed to providing high-quality stock images at no cost, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the variety. There are free stock sites that offer images and illustrations.

We recommend that you focus on the site that is most appealing and then browse through the wide selection of images that are free of copyright until you come across something that you like.

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