The Best Restaurants in Gulberg, Lahore

Have you ever visited these Restaurants in Gulberg, Lahore? When you are visiting any city, it’s not just about the sights you see and the places you visit, but also about the food that you eat. In fact, some people say that they judge a city by its restaurants more than anything else! With that in mind, Gulberg Lahore certainly has plenty of restaurants to choose from when you are visiting or living here, so it can be hard to know which ones to go to. If you want an insider’s look at some of the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore, then keep reading!

Café Aylanto

Indigo height is an upmarket restaurant that offers a luxurious dining experience. It also has an outdoor seating area and a rooftop, which are perfect for the summer season. The service is impeccable and the prices are reasonable.

Aylanto is one of my favorite restaurants to visit when I want to eat out with friends or family. They offer a variety of cuisines but the Indian dishes are my personal favorite – including their excellent lamb rogan josh!

The seating area is decorated beautifully and is decorated with interesting pictures. They have a piano and guitar duo who perform regularly. The service staff is kind and courteous. The prices are reasonable, especially considering that you’re paying for ambiance as well!


This Italian restaurant can be found at Indigo Heights. It has some of the best pizza I have ever had – which makes it a popular destination for students and young professionals alike. I have never had anything other than their pizzas so cannot comment on their other offerings but everything I’ve heard about them has been positive!

Cosa Nostra

Mangal is an upscale restaurant. The ambiance is warm and cozy, with a fusion of traditional and modern decor. They have live music every night at 9 pm. It is perfect for a date night or to dine with friends. Indigo Heights has amazing views of the city and serves a variety of international cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, and Chinese. They have outdoor seating as well as cozy lounge areas indoors with fireplaces to keep you warm on those chilly evenings.

If you want to eat at a fancier restaurant that is far from your residence and work, then Indigo Heights is your best bet. They also have a rich buffet spread with a lot of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The service is prompt and very courteous.

You can visit once for their Sunday brunch which comes with unlimited Mimosas (booze included) or just to spend some time on their terrace with live music if you are bored. The view here is one of a kind. You will never regret dining here even once! And they have huge discounts on all their dishes if you wish to visit at night from 12 am-1 am so it’s perfect for late-night cravings as well!


This family-owned restaurant has some of the best Pakistani dishes I have had the chance to try. What I love about their menu is that they make Pakistani food delicious for those who are not Pakistani by providing a familiar dish and then giving it its own twist. The restaurant does have an upscale feel but with middle-class prices and an amazingly warm staff. For anyone looking for quality service with a lovely atmosphere, Indigo height is a top choice!

Indigo height is a small eatery with only two tables inside and two outside. It can be slightly difficult to get food here if you go during dinner rush hour but it’s well worth it. Their Chaska chicken is one of my favorites on their menu and for only 350 rupees (4$) you get a whole serving of tender mutton cooked to perfection with spices that make your taste buds dance.

Other popular dishes include Mutton Kolhapuri and Fish Pakoda (which I personally do not like). They also have an awesome deal called Chicken for 1 rupee, which offers three pieces of tasty chicken for a rupee each! This deal might sound pretty strange at first but trust me when I say that every penny spent on eating here was worth it.


One of the best restaurants in Gulberg is Gunsmoke. With an exquisite menu featuring starters, seafood dishes, and vegetarian options with a focus on organic ingredients that are sourced locally and sustainably. Gunsmoke also has a bar that has been voted as one of the top bars in Pakistan. The service is excellent and they have live music every night which makes this restaurant a great place to go for dinner with friends or family.

Kunafa House

A single Kunafa from Kunafa House is guaranteed to make your day brighter. It will give you the energy you need to keep going through a busy and productive day. Located in Gulberg’s Indigo heights neighborhood, this bakery serves more than just its famous pastries. The ambiance at Kunafa House is inviting and their service leaves you feeling pampered. A variety of savory dishes can be found on the menu including pizzas and sandwiches- plus they offer catering for events!

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