The 9 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online


Many people are unable to afford the licensing fee for a well-known paid font. If you’re searching for the right font for the creation of a brand new project, poster, or website, you may be looking for an appropriate font you can utilize commercially, and, ideally, at no cost.

Luckily, the web is full of free font sites. We’ll present the top sites where users can download their fonts at no cost, which is perfect to use for the next design.

1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts has one of the largest selections of web-friendly fonts. It has more than 1,300 font families.

You can narrow your search results by language, category popularity, category, and even characteristics like thickness or width. Click on the preview for the font to alter the text of the preview (you can apply this change to all fonts displayed on the page too).

One of the great things to love about Google Fonts is its versatile preview of fonts. You can select to look at a paragraph or sentence using any font. You can alter the size of the font, or switch to a new type of font, too.

You can also observe how a font works with others. This can aid you in finding the ideal combination of fonts to suit your needs.

If you’ve found the font you want then you can download it onto your computer or download the code needed to incorporate it into your website.

2. + SkyFonts sells a large selection of fonts. However, what you need to be aware of is the way it integrates Google Fonts and SkyFonts. SkyFonts is an application for desktops. app to assist in the downloading of and managing fonts. If you’re looking for a quick option to download and install Google Fonts, this is the program that you should use.

After SkyFonts has been installed,

  1. For more information, go to, click Browse Google Fonts and then search for a Google font.
  2. After you’ve chosen one or more font families, you can click on the SkyFonts dropdown, and then check the Add the entire Family choice.
  3. Click Add.

The SkyFonts application on your computer will start working by downloading and installing the complete font family.

3. FontBundles Free Fonts Collection

FontBundles can help designers save dollars by curating bundles of fonts. The site also has a Free Fonts section that lists hundreds of free fonts you can download and install free of charge after signing in to create an account.

In contrast to other sites that are listed the fonts on FontBundles changes constantly. Each week, a top-quality font is highlighted on the Free Font of the Week page. If you’re an aspiring typewriter, make sure to bookmark this page and come back every week.

As FontBundles provides a premium font at no cost, they include the right to use them commercially. to make use of them commercially without cost.

4. Behance

Behance is a place where the top designers around the globe display their creativity. Many designers make use of it as a portfolio site as well as others to showcase and showcase their work, be it design resources or fonts.

If you’re interested in playing with fonts, look up “free fonts” on Behance. It’s not always possible to get a complete set of fonts with multiple variations however, you’ll surely find something that will catch your interest.

Behance is a great site to look for fonts that you can incorporate into a creative project. Anything related to logos and social media banners posters and banners can yield great results. If you’re looking for an innovative typeface to create a brand that will be used on a website or blog, this is not the place to look.

5. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform similar to Behance but isn’t as well-known. Dribbble is very popular with UI designers, it has plenty of fonts available on the site. You can look up “free fonts” to begin. While the selection isn’t as large as Behance however, there are lots of contemporary, serif, and script fonts here.

6. Dafont

Dafont is among the oldest and most reliable sources to download fonts. Dafont has more than 60,000 fonts on its website.

Sorting through this huge collection of materials can be difficult. This is why Dafont offers a categorical system that is at the top. This is the ideal starting point. Consider a sub-category such as a Cartoon or Handwritten. You can also browse the categories using themes such as Halloween, Rustic, Horror, and many more.

Simply click on Recently Add Fonts as well as click on the top fonts button to access how to preview the font. Input the desired font in the preview field and it will be displayed on the list below. Utilize the advanced search tool to narrow your search further. If you are certain of the information you’re seeking then click on the search bar at the upper right of this page.

If you love the font you’ve selected, click the Download button to save the font offline (there’s no requirement to sign up for accounts).

7. Urbanfonts

Consider Urbanfonts to be the contemporary, refined version of Dafont. This means it is one of the most popular free font websites. It is simpler to use and more appealing to the eyes, but the basic structure remains identical. There’s a listing of fonts that you can sort by type, release date, or even popularity.

Urbanfont’s preview function is superior. It lets you preview fonts by using personalized text and an uncolored background. If you hover your mouse on the image, you’ll be able to see all the alphabet in the box that previews.

8. Fontspace

Fontspace is a directory of fonts that has greater than 75,000 fonts included. It uses a visual approach to show fonts. Alongside the standard customizable font preview, there’s also an image of the designer which showcases the font. If you’re in search of fonts to use in your creative project in graphic design, having them in a photo will be useful.

As a default feature, Fontspace shows all fonts. If you prefer to view fonts that are free for commercial use at no cost then select the Gear icon, and then choose the only show fonts for commercial use option.

9. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a bit different from other websites listed on this list since it collates fonts from various websites and then links to the fonts. The fonts are all available for commercial use and are available in the format of OTF or TTF format.

You can sort your fonts by type, category tags, etc. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to get an individual preview of the font. For this, you’ll need to go through the process and hope that the site that made the font available has the features.

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