The 7 Best Websites for Joking With Fake Email Messages on Your Friends


There are a few internet sites worth investigating if you want to send phony emails to prank your friends and family. Their features and use cases are somewhat different from one another.

Learn about seven of the finest hoax email generators in the following paragraphs, along with tips on how to use them to make an email appear to have been written by someone else.

1. Fake news

One of the most well-known hoax email generators on the internet is called Deadfake. Since the service originally went online, 2.5 million phony email messages have been sent.
You may send bogus emails to anybody you want with the program. Even better, you may alter the email so that it appears to be coming from anybody you choose.

You may use the service without registering on the website or giving Deadfake any personal information, which helps to maintain your anonymity.

You may format your bogus email by using the built-in text editor. If you want to make an email appear as though it was sent from someone else, put a genuine domain in the From box; otherwise, the email will bounce.

2. Emkei’s Mailer

Similar services are offered by Emkei’s Mailer and Deadfake. There are several choices available for the emails you send with it. The From Name, From Email, To, Subject and Message are all customizable.

The inclusion of attachment assistance in Emkei’s Mailer is the primary distinction between the two services. The maximum attachment size for most email providers is 25MB.

While you’re writing your message, Emkei’s Mailer additionally provides a plain text editor and an HTML editor. As a result, the program is easy to use for a fast one-liner but may also be used to add some authenticity to a false email message.

3. Send Unidentified Email

An online application called Send Anonymous Email may make an email appear as though it was sent by another person. According to the website, its servers send more than 60,000 anonymous emails each day. Regardless of the actual number, it is evidently a widely-used program because that number seems large to us.

The service has the fewest features and options out of the three sites so far on the list. Only the recipient’s email, the sender’s email, the topic, and the message may be specified. There are no attachments, and the only program provided is a basic plain text editor.

You aren’t allowed to alter the font, add colors, or use other formatting features. Before Sending Anonymous emails will allow you to send your fictitious message, you must input the security code.

It’s important to note that Send Anonymous Email takes abuse of its services very seriously. The firm will disclose your IP address and block you from the site, according to the agreements, if you send death threats, abuse, defamation, or any other unlawful material.

4. Anonymous mail

Another sender of fake emails is Anoymailer. It may be used to send phony letters to all of your family and friends (and even unknowing coworkers!). It would probably be better if you avoid sending them to strangers.

But regrettably, this service adds a header signature to every email you send. That will definitely give the game away. There is a pro edition of the app, but it costs $49 a year.

That may seem expensive, but if you’re a frequent practical joker, it’s probably money well spent. There is no chance of you forgetting about the premium service and inadvertently being charged a year from now because it does not auto-renew.

5. Zmail

Zmail offers a special method for playing email spam pranks or sending fictitious emails. This is due to the fact that it is the only service on our list that utilizes a desktop application rather than a web application.

You don’t need to worry about viruses and malware, so don’t. ZMail is open source, so anybody may examine the code to confirm its security.

6. GuerrillaMail

Since none of the providers we’ve looked at so far offer an inbox service, you cannot receive email answers through them.

Some sites, like GuerrillaMail, do offer an email inbox, which may be used to send a phony email. But there is a cost involved. GuerrillaMail does not allow you to set a custom From address, therefore you are unable to send the bogus email from someone else’s account. Although you are limited to using one of the app’s pre-selected domains, you are free to set whatever username you choose.

Emails in the inbox are also only kept for 60 minutes. The mails will thereafter be automatically deleted from GuerrillaMail’s servers. You run the danger of missing the consequences of your prank if you don’t often monitor for responses.

7. Letter-Generator

You’ll get something a little different when we part ways. You may create fictitious letters with the Letter Generator with any themes and phrases you choose.

When you’re unsure of what to put in your phony prank email, this service is the ideal program to utilize. You can pull off a successful practical joke if you combine this program with one of the phoney email providers we’ve already covered.

There are options for jobs, dating, renting an apartment, and even song lyrics.

There are no limitations on the number of letters you may make using Letter Generator, which is completely free to use.

Employ phony email generators Services that enable you to send false emails should only be utilized responsibly. Sending phony emails purporting to be from someone else presents ethical and moral issues. Additionally, there can even be legal repercussions based on the message’s content (and the receivers’ responses to it).

Yes, sending fictitious emails to friends and family may be amusing. However, avoid sending spoof emails that might arouse fear, grief, or panic. Of course, you shouldn’t pose as a member of the police force or another emergency agency.

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