The 7 Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads

Do you need you to transfer an APK for your Android device, but without Google Play Store? Find the top secure APK download websites. Sometimes it happens that an Android application you’d like to download isn’t available on the Google Play Store. This could be due to many reasons. It could be because it’s blocked in a specific region or it may contain sexually explicit material, or it’s possible that the app’s developer may have taken it off the market.

However, even if an app isn’t accessible via the standard channels, there are ways to download it to your device. It is necessary to obtain an original duplicate of the APK file to download it.

Many websites are specialized in providing APK files to download. Certain are superior to others, so read on for more information on the top sites to download APKs with security.

The Importance of Choosing a Safe APK Site

The HTML0 APK document (short in the form of an Android Package Kit) can be described as the most common method Android apps are released and installed. If you install an application through Google Play, you’re downloading and running an APK file that runs in the background but does not have the right to access the APK application.

Since APK files are used to install applications on your computer, these files could represent a significant security risk. Someone with malicious intent might alter the APK before installing it and make use of it as a Trojan horse in order to download and execute malware.

Therefore, you must make sure that the website you choose to use is trustworthy. It must thoroughly test each of the APKs and also have a proven track record of reliability and security.

1. APKMirror

APKMirror is most likely the top Android APK download site.

The site is run and managed by the same team who has created the popular Android News site Android Police, which can assure you that you’re safe in there their hands.

From a security point of view, APKMirror has some robust policies implemented:

  • The staff checks each APK submitted to the website prior to publication.
  • The site compares cryptographic signatures from new versions of apps to older versions (to confirm that the original developers have signed the apps).
  • New apps are tested with other apps by the same developer to confirm their authenticity.

The most important thing to remember is that If APKMirror can’t determine the validity of an APK file’s authenticity it will not release the file. As a result, there aren’t any mods to APKs, pirated apps as well as paid-for apps, on our website.

In each application, you’ll be able to download older versions, view the information directly from Google Play, and access the list of similar apps. If the app you download via APKMirror is updated by Google Play after you have installed it on your device, it will update to the most recent version immediately.

2. APKPure

The largest competitor in the mainstream market to APKMirror is, in all likelihood, APKPure. The two websites were both launched around the same date. As with APKMirror, it is also an APK downloader that follows strict security procedures to ensure that all APKs saved are virus-free and safe.

What makes APKPure secure? The website checks the legitimacy of every app before they are published by using SHA1 to verify that the certificate is secure. The cryptographic signatures of new versions of apps have to be compatible with previous versions that have been published and completely new apps are checked against other applications from the same creator.

Again, if APKPure is unsure regarding the security or authenticity of an application The company will not release it on its website. There aren’t any modified APKs that are available on APKPure. In terms of usability, APKPure pulls screenshots, descriptions of apps, as well as the general metadata directly from Google.

It also includes an overview of the previous version of apps in the event that you need to return to an earlier version (either due to bugs or features.)

APKPure also offers an Android application that is available. It is necessary to install the app for it to be installed. Once it’s installed and operational it will function as a substitute for Google Play.

3. APK Downloader

We are very pleased with APKMirror as well as APKPure. In reality, you don’t ever have a good reason to visit another website. However, let’s be on the safe side and introduce you to some alternatives.

First up is APK Downloader. All APKs are downloaded out of the Google Play Store so that you are assured of their safety and security. Like the other websites listed here, there’s lots of metadata available, which means that you are able to stay clear of Google Play entirely if you prefer.

4. Aptoide

Aptoide is another major player in the APK downloading industry; it boasts over 200 million users and is the source of 6 billion downloaded files. Similar to APKPure Aptoide, it provides its users with an Android APK application that allows them to connect to APKPure’s store, and then access the download of APK documents directly on an Android device.

It was also among the first companies to adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. AppCoins is the site’s token that lets developers increase their share of revenue and other applications.

What is the reason Aptoide is not at the top of the list? Simply because it lets users control their stores, and allows modified APKs to be downloaded onto the platform. They’re well-marked however if you’re not watching, you could accidentally download one.

5. Yalp Store

Yalp Store is unlike the other apps on the site–there’s no online version. Instead, you must download the app using F-Droid which is among the top alternative in comparison to Google Play.

After you have the Yalp Store app installed on your Android device, you are able to utilize it to obtain APKs straight from the Google Play Store. It’s not necessary to worry about intermediaries infusing malware into the APKs prior to getting access to them.

If you’ve root access to devices, Yalp Store can even update apps on the fly without input from you. And the best part is, that you don’t require an existing Google account in order to download APKs through Google Play. This will be a huge relief to many who are skeptical of Google’s privacy policies.

6. APKMonk

APKMonk is another well-known APK download site for apps. The site primarily emphasizes on games and games, with the most popular ones prominently featured on the homepage.

We believe APKMonk is secure to use. If you click on an APKMonk listing, you’ll view all older editions of APKMonk, the metadata taken out of the Google Play Store, images of the app, as well as links to the initial page at the Play Store. The website runs its own security checks for malware before the app is allowed to be on its platform.

APKMonk can also be used to download standard applications. The apps are also divided into trending and popular categories.

7. APKHere

APKHere is the top APK website for APKs in foreign languages that aren’t available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store in your area. Sure, there’s lots of English content to explore, but you can also find German APKs, Chinese APKs, Russian APKs, and numerous other APKs.

Although the APKs that are available on APKHere is secure but we can’t guarantee the security applications themselves. China and Russia aren’t known for their strong security or privacy practices, therefore it is recommended to exercise caution and conduct your own research prior to installing any of the apps on your device.

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