The 5 Best Legal Sites for Free Online Manga Reading

Looking for free manga reading online? These are the top manga websites, and they are all completely legal.


When it comes to manga, it might be challenging to discern between official and fan-made translations (comics and graphic novels originating from Japan). especially given that both the latter’s quality and quantity have greatly improved recently.

The manga wasn’t available online or in official English translations for a very long period. Due of this, “scanlations”—in which fans scan comic book pages and then use picture editing software to replace the original text with their translations—have become increasingly popular.

Since then, the situation has improved. We can help if you’re unsure of where to get free manga to read. The greatest applications and websites for reading official English translations of manga online are listed below.

Shonen Jump

In the realm of manga, WSJ stands for Weekly Shonen Jump, not Wall Street Journal. It’s one of the most established, well-liked, and maybe the greatest weekly manga magazines out there right now. It also includes a brand-new digital persona that you should be aware of.

You may download the first three chapters of any running series for free in the digital edition, which is simply titled Shonen Jump. The three chapters you’ll be allowed to read may be the first three chapters of the manga or the most current three chapters, depending on the series. After that, you’ll need a Shonen Jump membership to continue reading.

You may access the Shonen Jump vault, which has over 10,000 chapters from a variety of titles, for $1.99/month. Some of the most well-known manga in history, including Death Note, Naruto, and Bleach, were first published in WSJ. There are still some great titles published by them, such as Hunter x Hunter, and you’ll find a tonne of new treasures.

Similar to the traditional WSJ, new chapters of a number of manga (often over 20) are posted each week on the website. English translations will be made accessible at the same time as the Japanese chapters, according to Shonen Jump.

One of the largest manga publishers in Japan is ComicWalker Kadokawa. The corporation developed its own official site to read comics online for free after becoming tired of the scanlations. Absolutely free, yes.

Many, but not all, of Kadokawa’s well-known titles are offered here. In contrast to most substitutes, you are able to utilize the service without registering. Nevertheless, making an account unlocks some amazing benefits like building a library of favorites and receiving alerts when a new issue is out.

ComicWalker is renowned for its straightforward, no-hassle approach. If all you want to do is the hassle-free read manga online, here is the place to go. Additionally, as it operates in-browser, you may read from your desk at work as well. Just pretend you’re studying how to draw anime and manga comics if someone asks.

Bookwalter, third

Bookwalter, which is also owned by Kadokawa, is a one-stop store for legitimate and authorized digital comics from Japan. All of the well-known publishers, including Viz, Kodansha, and Yen, are now available through the site. It’s similar to shopping on the Kindle store, but just for manga.

Every month, BookWalker offers a different free book, but regrettably, there is a lot more paid content than free stuff. However, you may access the website from a PC browser or download the BookWalker app on your smartphone. You may search by genres, publishers, authors, or categories.

When you buy something on BookWalker, it’s permanently put into your catalog and you get coins for it that you can use to buy things later. Additionally, there are membership rankings based on your spending levels. The more coins you may earn every purchase, the better your rating must be.


Manga and anime frequently coexist. There are now websites where you may view anime for free and legally. But what if you received both formats in one package? Crunchyroll is a great option for a Japanophile overall.

You may choose from a wide variety of manga titles in addition to some popular anime programs. All for an affordable $8 per month. The manga chapters are accessible as soon as they are released in Japan and are fully ad-free.

One of the most often cited all-you-can-eat services for manga fans is Crunchyroll. Major titles are included in the collection, and much like at buffets of this nature, you’ll find new comics to fall in love with.


One of the top manga applications for iOS and Android is ComiXology. Additionally, similar to Crunchyroll, the ComiXology Unlimited membership service grants you access to a vast library of comics for a single, flat charge.

Additionally, Comixology’s browser-based store and reader were replaced by Amazon’s integration of Comixology into the Kindle in February 2022. Another excellent incentive to purchase a Kindle is the fact that you can now read manga online inside of it. This offers several benefits, such as allowing you to access Comixology’s extensive manga library using your already-existing Amazon account.

ComiXology is possibly the greatest choice as a one-stop store for all your manga requirements. Both a subscription plan and the option to buy individual issues that aren’t included in the subscription are available. Additionally, you can be guaranteed that your membership won’t end suddenly because ComiXology is owned by Amazon.

So, which is better—ComiXology Unlimited or buying comic books separately? See if ComiXology Unlimited is worth the $6 per month for you by reviewing the whole list of available comics. Also keep in mind that you have access to a vast library of additional comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers.

How Can Manga Be Read Online?

The finest websites today to read manga online are those listed below. But you should think about how you want to read your favorite novels. You can enjoy manga to its fullest without a color screen because it is often presented in black and white. The Kindle is a great gadget as a result, however, the limited storage space could be an issue.

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