The 20 Top Offline Games for Android That don’t require Internet

The best offline games available for Android include different genres like racing, puzzle, strategy and many more. No internet required.

The most enjoyable offline Android games do not require internet access. They’re great for long journeys or enjoying time far from your home.

These are our top choices for the top offline games available on Android in every genre.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

At first, it appears to be just another endless racer. However, take a look at Alto’s Odyssey for a few minutes, and you’ll see there’s something in it that is difficult for you to quit.

Maybe it’s the graphics or the music. The endless runners usually are chaotic However, this game defies the norm to create a relaxing peaceful, and tranquil experience. It’s a relaxing experience when you slide across sand dunes and jump to earn points, stay clear of obstacles, and do double backflips and backflips to earn fashion-related bonuses.

Alto’s Odyssey isn’t bringing anything new to runners but is a lot of fun nonetheless. It’s the reason it’s one of the top offline games that are free for Android.

2. Chess is really Bad Chess

Don’t think about the traditional version of the game you’re familiar with. If you’re on the internet start Really Bad Chess and challenge your brain to think in a different way.

In this game, even though the chessboard stays the same but the pieces are random. It is possible to start with three queens and just one pawn, whereas the computer might be playing with six Rooks. This forces you to discard all your knowledge about chess, and explore the possibilities.

As you improve your ranking, the AI’s score stays the same, however, it will get better pieces in order to start. This is probably my favorite non-chess chess game of all time.

3. Puzzle: Mazes & More

It can be difficult to solve a maze due to its simplicity. Mazes & More raises the stakes of the game of a lifetime with clever twists.

In the dark mode, you’ll observe the maze from the beginning. However, once you enter the maze, everything is dark, with only a tiny spotlight at your back and you need to get to the exit. Explore other modes, such as an ice floor, in which you’ll find yourself falling behind the direction you were trying to take a step, and the self-explanatory trial mode as well as traps mode.

If you’re looking to play simple, old-fashioned maze-solving, you can always play the Classic mode. Every mode offers numerous levels to keep you entertained until your connection is restored.

4. Platform Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower flips the majority of game elements on their heads. instead of the prince saving princesses from towers and then escaping, the prince has died while the princess strikes an ax using a sledgehammer, trying to escape the dragon. Instead of climbing the tower instead, she’s digging her way into the ground.

While traveling she’ll need to fight creatures of all kinds from ogres to spiders which can scale walls. And then there are traps that pop up from nowhere. If that weren’t enough, she has to be quick, or else the dragon could cause destruction to everything it touched with its fiery breath. Do not forget the other opponent: gravity itself.

Earn power-ups and coins as you can. You’ll require them in order to climb out of the tower. Once Upon a Tower is an endlessly enjoyable game that seems endless which makes it among the most enjoyable offline Android games available.

5. Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast

The classic Zuma does not work without internet connectivity, however, some of its knock-offs can. Of all of them, I loved Jungle Marble Blast the best.

It’s not as smooth, however, it’s not a big issue. The game is the same fun as it was. Click anywhere to shoot. tap the beetle to switch between the two color globes that you can choose from. Shoot the spheres at the same time as the chain moves around the map, creating a series of 3 or more.

If you can, use those power-ups to push the chain back, then turn an entire piece of it into one color or blast them out of the sky.

Jungle Marble Blast fits into the best offline games available for Android perfectly. It’s short, long, and also cost-free.

6. Brainy The Quizoid

The amazing multi-player games that are brainy aren’t compatible offline. Quinoid is about testing yourself and not a third party.

Similar to other similar applications, Quizoid asks a question with multiple possible answers and you must select the correct one. Since it’s your turn to compete with the AI and not against the computer, there are a number of other game modes. You can, for instance, play 20 questions using your computer or play a round-robin game to complete as many of them as possible.

Quinoid boasts over 7,700 trivia questions in 17 categories including sports, entertainment, and science, as well as history, politics, and many more. However, the category-based quizzes are only available within the pro-priced pack.

7. “Action: Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Tank Hero: Laser Wars does not appear in typical “offline game” collections, but it’s one of the top offline games you can discover online on Google Play.

You are the Tank Hero, taking out all other tanks with you laser-powered gun. In every level, you need to eliminate all other tanks that are on the map. Top-down shooters let you manage your tank using a the virtual joystick, and you tap any area on the screen to shoot.

It’s certainly not so simple. As you advance, you’ll encounter various types of tanks, power-ups and complex mazes that will make the task more difficult. Be aware that lasers bounce off walls therefore use them for your benefit.

8. The Puzzle Sudoku (by Fassor)

The Play Store is filled to the full of Sudoku games. Many are also available offline. Fassor’s Sudoku isn’t the most superior one in terms of objectively, it’s simply the one I love the most and performs flawlessly.

This Sudoku is a good way to learn the basics and that’s all you need at times. There are four levels of skill and a timer that will test the speed at which you can complete each kind of. One of the best features of Fassor is that you can type several rough numbers within a cell, but be aware that this can result in a penalty of 30 seconds.

You can test whether you’ve mastered everything to date and again there’s a penalty for doing that. These time-related penalties accumulate and can ruin your score. When you connect on the web, this is the message your friends be seeing.

9. The Shooter Smash Hit

Smash Hit was one of the most addicting games in 2014 and is still an absolute blast. It’s not exactly the most logical thing to refer to it as shooter however that’s the game’s name and it’s one of the top mobile offline games.

It’s played from a first-person viewpoint and will require you to throw the steel ball at objects made of glass in order to break them up into pieces. The process of making a series of hits that are successful and then throwing all the glasses away can earn you rewards, such as increasing the number of steel balls you throw simultaneously.

All the time, you’re stumbling forward through the different levels. The speed increases as you progress. Be sure not to get hit by any glass objects and you’ll be able to beat the game in no time. But it’s not as straightforward as it appears.

10. Racing Traffic Rider

If you’re tired of the information highway of the Internet and onto a different virtual highway. Take your bike with Traffic Rider and dodge the city’s traffic in your accelerated race to the final destination in the first person.

Traffic Rider is an endless racer where you have to race faster and faster until you reach the goal without falling. The mission mode adds a bit more enjoyment over other endless racers as it allows you to race with specific goals instead of endlessly zooming around.

You could also choose different modes such as time trials or basic endless runners. Be sure to complete through the missions mode before you can go on as it unlocks cool superbikes that will satisfy your desire for speed.

In the event that you do not have 100MB of storage space to play Traffic Rider, try the identical game’s previous title by the developer, Traffic Racer. It’s also quite enjoyable however it’s limited to the endless runner and doesn’t include mission modes.

11. Action/Shooter: Major Mayhem

It’s difficult to describe how enjoyable Major Mayhem is. It’s among Adult Swim’s most enjoyable mobile games with a lengthy single-player campaign.

The player plays the title character, who is battling the bad guys in a series. The game plays out like shooting galleries. Invaders appear from hidden places then you press to take them out (or to shoot them if you’re particularly angered).

The enemies may also attempt at shooting you. So be sure that Major Mayhem isn’t taking too much damage for himself. Earn rewards for headshots, killing sprees, as well as cool kills. Upgrade your weapons whenever you can.

12. The Fighting Game: Shadow Fight 2

From the beginning of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter one-on-one games have proved to be an excellent method to kill time. For Android, it is recommended to try Shadow Fight 2 a try.

You’ll need to master many moves in order to be a real warrior. The game features two buttons for action (punch as well as a kick) as well as the one-way pad. Study the various combinations and you’ll soon become an amazing Ninja.

Shadow Fight’s 2-dimensional art style that uses silhouettes as characters, is a part of its appeal. It’s all about combat here, not the frills. A free Android game that is worth a try!

13. The Platformer Shadow Blade Zero

Kuro Ninja could be your new favorite game character. There’s no stopping him on his quest to locate his teacher and relay some important information. Enter the realm of Shadow Blade and you’ll cut down enemies and leap over traps until you meet your teacher.

Shadow Blade is an unmissable side-scrolling game. It’s free without ads, but you will not experience any ads while playing offline.

14. Endless Runner Crossy Road

Crossy Road is way more than you think it is and is available for free, despite the effort involved. The pixel art of 8 bits is stunning.

You are the chicken that just would like to cross the road. Tap to advance one lane. Swipe across the entire direction to get to this side. Make sure to stay clear of the roads, and the rivers in your path, and get it to the secure green grass every time you can. It’s important to get moving fast! You’ll get yourself in a bind in trying to surpass your personal record.

And, most importantly is that, even though it’s repetitive, it’s never boring, which means you can enjoy it for many hours.

15. Puzzle: Lazors

Lazors came out top of the Reddit survey to find the top offline games available for Android. Begin playing and you’ll understand why.

The game is simple, yet difficult. Each level has at minimum one laser along with one or more targets. Also, you’ll have a collection of glasses, mirrors, or other blocks for you to maneuver around. Place them in a way that the laser is hitting every object.

It has more than 280 stages you can get through, and the levels become harder as you progress.

16. Racing: Asphalt Nitro

Instead of the gigabytes of space, its peers require In contrast to the gigabytes needed by its brothers, Asphalt Nitro uses only 110MB of space. It also works on older devices.

Nitro is a stripped-down edition of the renowned high-end Asphalt Car Racing series. The graphics aren’t as impressive but the gameplay is good. Start driving begin racing, and continue to upgrade your vehicle. There are 125 levels of increasing difficulty to race through that’s plenty of time for racing.

There are many good racing games, however, they usually require the internet to play. Asphalt Nitro perfectly meets the “free, offline, long game time” specifications. It’s no wonder that it was called one of the top free Android games until now.

17. Strategism: Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 was a huge success when it was released in 2013. Even though a couple of decades have gone by, it remains one of the top strategy games available on mobile.

The task you have to complete is fairly easy in PvZ2. You can choose from a range of plants that are able to perform different tasks. The zombies want to invade your garden and take your life. Plant the plants in a way that they will kill the zombies prior to the undead causing harm.

Like all strategy games, It gets harder as you progress. Although the game is aggressively pushing in-app purchases you don’t need to purchase anything in order to play the game.

18. RPG: Pixel Dungeon

It’s not often that you can discover a game that is free to play without advertising or hidden costs. Be happy for Pixel Dungeon is a fantastic RPG for free.

You can play as an adventurer, huntress, or mage who is trapped in dark dungeons, searching for adventures. Explore the lower levels to uncover new mysteries and monsters, potions, and incredible plants. The graphic design with pixelated graphics and the text commentary is a cherry on top of what’s already an engaging game.

You’ll be surprised by how much time went when you build your character and go through the dark dungeon.

19. Sports Flick Soccer

The sport of soccer (football) is the most watched sport on earth and it’s not surprising for it’s no surprise that the Play Store is full of soccer games. A lot of them are fantastic however when you’re offline, you’ll need to continue playing, not having to wait for replays.

Flick Soccer is an annually refreshed game that features nice graphics, precise gameplay, and a great engine for physics. All you need to do is get goals. Make sure you are able to move the ball in the correct direction to pass the goalkeeper and defenders or maybe strike the bullseye moving If you are able to.

Target boosts such as more duration, more double points, and so on, can improve your score. If you’re looking for time-limited kicks or precise kicks, Flick Soccer keeps your attention.

20. The Board Game (and multi-player): Sea Battle 2

Do you remember the old-fashioned strategy game Battleship? The game is played with a partner. draw each of your vessels on the grid and then shoot missiles at the locations, trying to destroy the entire fleet. This digital game, Sea Battle 2, is as enjoyable as the first.

Offline You can also play with the AI and improve your skills. However, you can also play in multiplayer via Bluetooth. It’s true; this is actually the sole game that allows two players without the internet to play.

In reality, two players can use it on one phone, taking turns. Even if the other passenger does not have the app installed and you don’t have it installed, you can still have fun during the flight.

Smartphones allow you to play other games on the board However, Sea Battle 2 is the best. Sea Battle 2.

Not just games Mobile Apps are Offline, Too!

In addition to these amazing offline games, there are plenty of other great titles in the Play Store. If you’re looking for offline gaming, you’ll be able to get higher quality if you’re willing to pay for it, particularly with games such as Lara Croft GO. Another great offline game, try Fallout Shelter.

While you’re offline Don’t believe that your only options are limited to games. There’s also the option of downloading necessary offline apps for your Android.

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