The 10 Best Sites to Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones (SMS)

SMS text messages remain valuable! These sites allow you to send text messages using your computer at no cost.

Although people are gradually shifting off of SMS messages in favor of other types of text messages SMS text messages serve a purpose.

But did you know you can send a text message to someone via your computer? Several texting websites allow you to send free SMS messages. Most don’t have an application process for registration.

Here are the top sites to send text messages at no cost to mobile phones.

1. TextEm

the text allows you to send free text messages, however, you must first create an account. While some users might prefer to make a text message anonymously but having an account has significant advantages.

You can, for instance, make your list of frequently used contacts, and based on the carrier used by the recipient–receive responses to Your TextEm’s inbox. If your carrier doesn’t allow replies to TextEm then you can create email responses instead.

Over 100 operators from the US along with Canada are available. If you want to send an email to a number that is not in North America, it is not the best option for you.

the text doesn’t allow bulk messaging. You can’t transmit the exact message to different numbers at once. But don’t fret, some of the other apps we’ll talk about do support the option.

2. SendSMSnow

SendSMSnow is a different free SMS service that requires you to sign up for an account before being able to send messages.

When you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to create a contact list as well as add profile pictures and receive responses to messages you send to your inbox.

SendSMSnow can also support group messaging, but it’s not cost-free. For each message, you send you’ll be charged a cent for each member of the group. For instance, sending a single text message to a 20-person team will cost $0.20.

The service can be used with cell numbers around the world. There is no way to verify these assertions, but you could reasonably assume that the majority of North American and European carriers are accepted.

The amount of characters that can be used in messages is limited to 130 characters.

3. OpenTextingOnline

OpenTextingOnline is a website for texting which allows you to send no-cost SMS online without having to sign up for an account.

It is a partner for carriers across fifty countries. The majority of North America and the European Union are covered, however, there are also a few less well-known places such as India, Nepal, Panama as well as New Zealand. Take note that not all carriers across all countries are covered. For more exotic locations, it is possible to find just a couple of carriers that work.

You can utilize OpenTextingOnline to add images or videos as well as audio information with your messages. This feature is uncommon among other free SMS services.

Since you don’t have to create your account with us, we won’t get replies to your emails. The maximum number of characters for a message is 140 characters.

4. txtDrop

TxtDrop is an established name in the realm of no-cost SMS online. It’s been in operation since 2013, and according to its data, it has delivered more than 25 million messages during the time since its launch.

You don’t have to set up an account, however, you will get replies to your email inbox should like.

TxtDrop is also unique because it comes with a macOS widget. When you install it, you’ll be able to communicate directly on your Mac desktop, without having to go to the official website. If you manage an online site, there’s an application that you can install to display on your website.

The service is only able to send free messages to the US in the US and Canada. Other countries are not supported.

5. Send Anonymous SMS

Another method to send text messages free online, without registration required, is to visit Make Anonymous SMS.

As the name suggests, this service doesn’t require the personal information to send a text message. If you’re looking to make fun of your friend and send them an instant message, or simply use a platform to anonymously make contact with someone This service could be the solution.

In contrast to the other SMS-free websites we’ve reviewed, it is possible to fake an actual phone number that will appear on the screen of the person who received it after they’ve received the message. It’s not clear how that could be done, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking to create a fake prank. Make sure that you’re in the spirit of the law.

Send Anonymous SMS can accommodate up to 145 characters, and it supports more than 80 countries in the world.

6. TxtEmNow

Another one we love is TextEmNow. The reason why it is worth recommending is because of its larger number of characters. Unlike most free SMS sites–which have a limit of around 150 characters–TextEmNow lets you write messages that are up to 300 characters long.

The site’s developers affirm that they don’t record all IP addresses. We don’t know if this is accurate, but all other texting websites we’ve reviewed explicitly state that they record IP addresses (for surveillance of abuse and spam) This is why TextEmNow’s strategy is refreshingly different.

Technically you can utilize TextEmNow to send a text message to any mobile number around the world, however, as we’ve seen elsewhere specific restrictions for your location could apply.

7. Globfone

Globfone allows you to send national, local, or international messages nothing directly from your PC.

The process is a straightforward five-step procedure. There is no need to sign up for an account. Simply enter the name of the person and select your country’s code. Then, enter the number, enter your message and click the button to send.

Unfortunately, you are not able to utilize Globfone for receiving replies or adding other types of content such as pictures or videos.

8. Textport

Textport allows you to send and receive messages to or from any US-based mobile phone number. MMS messages are also available both on an inbound and outbound basis.

You can send the message using the number of Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago, or Miami by the location of your recipient. Emojis and MMS are supported and you can transmit up to three messages in a single session. Additionally, you can receive unlimited replies.

9. AFreeSMS

AFreeSMS offers an internationally-based SMS solution available for use at no cost. The company claims that it is among the fastest and most efficient free SMS services around the globe however, as with all of the other services we do not have any evidence to confirm those claims.

A full list of countries is provided in the drop-down menu, however, it’s not clear if the service is in agreement with the network providers of all the countries.

Each message can be restricted to up to 160 characters.

10. TextFree

The final item of our selection includes TextFree from Pinger. Once you’ve signed up on their website you’ll be asked to select any of the randomly selected TextFree numbers that are based in the United States for sending SMS. It is possible to refresh the site if you’d prefer to use a different area code or number.

You can add your contacts to Google Contacts or manually type in someone’s contact number and begin sending SMS text messages free of charge. Of course, this includes MMS and MMS, so feel free to upload any image you’d like. You can enable desktop notifications so that you’re informed when the recipient replies to your message.

TextFree also comes with iOS as well as Android applications If your provider has a high cost for messaging You can always count on TextFree to send messages at no cost. But, unlike other alternatives that are listed, you can only send pictures or video messages (MMS) to those who reside within the United States. Text messages, they’re restricted to North American and South American countries and countries, with Singapore being the only exception.

Take a look at our article on the top apps to make free calls for more details. Some apps come with unlimitable SMS features provided you connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Sending Free Text Messages From a Computer

In the end, you can text anyone via your computer for no cost. But the right service for you will depend on several aspects:

  • Where is the recipient’s base?
  • Do you require to be able to get answers?
  • Does anonymity count as a crucial characteristic?
  • Do you wish to use a secure online service?

Be sure to think about your responses before hitting your send button. If you’re messaging back on your smartphone, other ways can simplify texting.

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