Get to Know Sasha Monik, the Newest Addition to the Magic Castle Conjuring Team

Sasha Monik in the Magic Castle of Hollywood, California, is the mecca of magic. Over the last 100 years, it has grown into one of the most famous and respected performance spaces in the world—but that doesn’t mean that every magician who gets a gig there instantly becomes famous and respected as well. That’s why I want to introduce you to Sasha Monik, who joined the house team at The Magic Castle just earlier this year and has already become one of the most popular up-and-coming magicians around!

Sasha’s background

Sasha has been performing magic for about three years. She has performed for a variety of audiences and is excited to be a part of this prestigious club. Here is what she had to say about her new gig:

I’m honored and thrilled to be working with the world-class performers of The Magic Castle. I’ve seen first-hand their dedication and artistry, which inspires me every day. Being at The Magic Castle is such an honor, and I can’t wait to perform and learn more from my new friends here.

I began magic at a young age by learning card tricks from my grandfather. He taught me that it was fun to figure out how things worked and then use those skills for pranks on friends. I’ve always loved creating new things and performing for others.

After my grandfather died when I was 13 years old, I thought I would learn magic from books and videos. However, after a couple of years of self-study without performing or meeting others in magic, I grew frustrated and less interested in pursuing magic. A friend recommended that I try taking classes at The Magic Castle’s Junior Program for ages 11–18.

The program helped me fall back in love with magic by showing me a supportive community where everyone is learning together and encouraging each other. It’s amazing how powerful that encouragement can be! My proudest moments are when people come up to tell me how much they enjoy my act. You may not realize it but sharing your craft with others feels just as great as getting paid for doing so!

How she got started in magic

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sasha Monik grew up with a passion for magic. She was fascinated by magic tricks and would spend her free time trying to figure out how they worked. One day she discovered an old book about card tricks at her grandmother’s house. This discovery led her on a journey of learning sleight-of-hand techniques from books and videos on YouTube.

Eventually, she learned enough that she was able to perform at family gatherings and other small events. In 2014, when she was 16 years old, one of her friends took her to see The Illusionists show at The Fox Theater in Oakland where she met some of the most successful magicians in the world; this event changed her life forever!

Her recent performances

Sasha Monik has made a name for herself in an industry that can be hard for newcomers. She is currently performing at the famed Magic Castle, and she recently performed at Las Vegas’ inaugural MAGIC Live! convention. This was her first major performance outside of Los Angeles and she handled it like a seasoned pro.

She also does close-up magic for private parties, which is what she did on her very first day in Las Vegas. I don’t want to say I’m famous, said Monik of her sudden fame. I just want people to see me as a magician. Though she’s made a name for herself in magic recently, Monik didn’t initially intend on becoming a magician.

She started as a writer and photographer of vintage clothing in LA. She continued taking photographs and writing when she wasn’t performing magic tricks—she sees them as just another art form. After her husband lost his job during the recession, she decided that it was time to quit photography completely.

Behind-the-scenes stories

Sasha has been performing at Castaway Cove in Hawaii for almost a decade. He was given his first break by none other than Copperfield himself and is now returning back to where it all started. He often performs with his twin brother, who is also a magician, which he says is like a two-man Cirque du Soleil show.

We were lucky enough to catch up with him on the opening day of Conjuring Week at the Magic Castle and asked him about what it feels like to be home again.

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