Sasha Monik Sparks Dating Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

Model Sasha Monik sparked dating rumors after posting an Instagram photo of her and her ex-boyfriend, Daryl Cagle, on August 8th. In the snap, the two are dressed casually while lounging on a couch and holding hands in front of the TV. The caption underneath reads #Familytime but no further information has been given about whether or not this means the two have reunited after their recent breakup or if they’re just reminiscing on their time together as friends.

Who is Sasha Monik?

Former NFL cheerleader Sasha Monik is a model, actress, and reality star. She starred on the reality TV series Miami Monkey as well as being a co-host on the syndicated show Beauty and Da Beast. She also has been featured in various magazines including Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy.

This past weekend Sasha Monik sparked dating rumors with an Instagram post that read I’m ready to be happy. The post was accompanied by a photo of her sitting in bed with a teddy bear at the foot of the bed. The photo quickly went viral and ignited rumors that she may be dating Cleveland Cavaliers player JR Smith.

Is there a boy in the picture?

This close-up picture doesn’t show much, but it looks like she might be posing with a boy. If this is the case, who is he and why has Sasha been so secretive about him? Sasha Monik is usually not shy when it comes to relationships. It could also be her brother or a friend. But the fact that they are embracing in such a romantic way is questionable.

Sasha also added that quote to her post, which may be an indication that there is someone else in her life. She loves sharing lyrics to her favorite songs on social media and often uses them as a way to express herself when she has something important going on in her life. This has been happening more frequently lately, and fans are beginning to speculate if she’s got a new man in her life.

But if she does, we’re not sure if he knows what he’s signed up for when it comes to being involved with Sasha Monik. She definitely doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to letting everyone know how she feels about situations and people! She might just end up writing a book about all of these rumors one day.

Are fans happy about it?

Fans of Sasha Monik were quick to comment on her post. One fan wrote: I’m so happy for you girl! while another said, It’s about time! A third fan expressed concern over the possible dating situation, writing, He better be good to you.

The pair have previously been linked together, but neither has confirmed any romantic involvement. In November 2016, Sasha posted a photo on her Instagram story of her with Tyler posing at one of her poetry readings. A day prior to that, Tyler had also posted a photo on his own social media page showing him visiting a casino.

Although no message was written in either post, it did spark rumors that Tyler and Sasha were dating at that time and possibly still are now. However, neither Sasha nor Tyler’s reps have addressed any romantic involvement between them. What do you think about these new dating rumors? Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll below! Also, be sure to keep up-to-date with all of your favorite stars by watching Celebrity Cars TV!

What does this mean for her career?

Many fans are now wondering what this means for Sasha’s career. While the fitness star has been adamant about not having a boyfriend in recent interviews, she has often mentioned having a special friend in her social media posts. It’s likely that she is referring to her dog, but with the many rumors flying around on social media, it’s hard to tell what could be going on here. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out!

Will we see more from Sasha Monik?

I’m not sure, but I hope so. They seem like they’re really into each other and she’s such a good person. I also love that he was her first kiss. It feels so sweet and romantic. I’m not sure where they stand with all of it, but there’s no denying that they’re close and have a fun time together. She’s so into him that she went on vacation with his family (that’s like, family-level into someone) and he’s always posting cute things about her on social media.

The only time they don’t seem to be super close is when she has to go on tour, but in person and virtually, there seems to be no one else in their lives. I can only assume that means something is going on behind closed doors because you don’t get cozy with your friends without there being something more to it than friendship, right? And besides, how could someone as gorgeous as Sasha not be taken?

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