Post-It to Your Screen: 7 Sticky Note Apps for Windows

Post-its stuck to your desktop or your Start Screen can be extremely useful to keep track of small, but significant quantities of data. Get rid of the clutter on your desk and switch to digital by using these awesome sticky notepads. Everyone uses sticky notepads in different ways. For some, it acts as a notepad for pinning down their tasks of the day. For others, it’s a place to jot down their fleeting ideas.

Whatever your requirements are there are plenty of Windows note-taking programs that you can make use of. It’s not easy to choose the right apps for a few of the best, but you need not worry; we’ve completed the job for you. Here are the top free sticky notepad applications for Windows.

The Best Free Sticky Notes Apps for Windows 10

There are a variety of apps that fit into diverse niches, therefore it’s essential to choose one that focuses on precisely what you’re trying to achieve. This list doesn’t have a particular arrangement, so feel free to choose the one that speaks to you the most regardless of whether it’s listed in the middle.

1. Stickies

The aim of an app to take notes is to reduce a source of clutter. Therefore, an application that is clean and minimalist in its appearance is the best choice for the task and helps you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

The Stickies app meets this description perfectly. The app is small and doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is a neat way to organize your most important tasks or thoughts to be re-thought later. It’s also accessible for free on the creator’s site.

Stickies will ensure that your notes remain intact following a restart or sudden shutdown, which means you do not fret about losing everything. Also, there’s an alarm feature that will alert you to the upcoming tasks. The only issue–if you can say that it’s a downside–is that its design is too basic. This could be a good thing for some, but for others, this could be a deal-breaker.

2. Windows Sticky Notes

Note-taking apps are not complete without Sticky Notes. can be exhaustive without the first Sticky Notes. The app has been running well since its launch in 2002. Its most recent update coming on August 7, 2019. If anything else it’s stable, you won’t need to worry about the stability of the app, for certain.

Certain apps are created specifically for particular use in the mind of users. For instance, there are, special note-taking apps made specifically for developers. In the same way, Sticky Notes is your choice for a note-taking application when you’re an artist. It lets you make numerous notes with vibrant colors at once. Some styles allow you to alter your font’s italics, underline, or bold. You can also include the bullet points in notes. Once you’ve completed your work, you can complete it using a strike-through font.

If you no do not require a note then all you have to do is select the ‘Ellipses’ menu at the top, and click the delete button to remove the note. For a comprehensive description of Sticky Notes, check out our tutorial on how to get started using Sticky Notes.

3. Notezilla

Notezilla is a similar app to Sticky Notes. Notezilla application is identical to Sticky Notes in its design. But what separates Notezilla against other applications in this listing is the cloud connection feature. This lets you have access to your notes on your phone, too. If you’re in the market for online solutions, make sure to go through our list of the most effective online sticky notepad tools.

The app comes with a variety of design skins to help you get rid of any monotony you may get over time in an otherwise simple app. It could even function as a replacement for the Notepad application since the app is as large as the Windows screen. It also can save your notes in Microsoft Word documents or other Windows documents.

The application is available for download at no cost. If you do happen to fall in love with this app, then you could as well purchase the version that is paid for by purchasing a one-year subscription for $19.95 or a one-time lifetime purchase for $29.95.

4. 7 Sticky Notes

This comprehensive solution comes with a wealth of options to format your notes as well as the text inside them.

After installation, a small icon will be displayed within your notifications tray (the space on the lower right-hand edge of the desktop). Clicking it will allow you to create an entirely new note.

Every note is accompanied by an introduction and a body text as seen above. When you open a brand new note it will open you will see the note’s Configuration Window will be displayed next to it. This lets you alter the note’s color and size, and font color as well like others.

You can also set alarms. It is possible to set notes to shake each time you open your computer or play a tune at a specific date, or start an application at a certain date. This is a great method to make sure that your notes receive your focus.

After you’ve configured all options for a particular note, use the green arrow to save your changes, or the red X to remove the changes. If you need to restart the Note Configuration Window double-click that header on the note to open it again.

Right-clicking on any note will give you a variety of options. If you’re trying to manage a lot of notepads on your desk These can be extremely useful since they can be arranged alphabetically. You could also fold these into a single sheet (so only the header is displayed) or select the notes to display both on the left and right.

If you right-click the icon that appears in your notification tray, you’ll see notes manager. This will present you with an organized overview of your notes which can be a great tool when your desktop is overflowing with notes.

5. Hott Notes

It’s probably the best all-around sticky notepad application on the desktop. It’s much easier to install and use than the 7-sticky notes and it also offers humorous commentary once the app is installed.

There are also global hotkeys that let users begin your note anywhere and let you customize what double-clicking icons in your notification tray do. It’s a tiny adjustment, but extremely useful.

After it’s set in place, your layout appears identical to seven Sticky Notes, with a small editing area that appears on each note when you’d like to alter the layout. In the same way, you can alter the font, and color of the note or make an alarm. It’s not as comprehensive as 7 Sticky Notes, however, presented more messily.

My only issue was the form for notes that lists that require the user to select “Create New Item” for each list item instead of pressing Enter or tab following. If you are planning to use lists, it could become irritating.

The button located in the notification tray lets you access all the information you require, and it’s not so overwhelming as 7 sticky Notes.

Overall, it may not include all the capabilities of the 7-Sticky Notes but it’s more appealing and easy to use. For a good balance of design and features, Hott Notes is the option to choose.

6. Sticky Notes 8

The most well-known alternative available, Sticky Notes 8 is undoubtedly a must-have. It allows you to choose between several colors for your notes, but you won’t have the same customization as desktop apps in terms of the size of the font and color, for instance. It seems that the latest apps aren’t as advanced as desktop applications in capabilities.

Advertisements are shown within the app for free (that is what the note in gray above is) However, they can be removed at $1.50. Because they can be removed from the way, and you could even add other notes to them, they’re not an issue.

These Live Tiles, which show notes are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The wide view is displayed below and the medium view is only half as large and is unable to display any text. The small view is more limiting, showing no text whatsoever. You’ll want to opt for the large view and even then, make your notes short.

The standout feature is the built-in sync using OneDrive (which is an excellent application for backing up all your data in Windows 8). If you’d like to be sure the notes you’ve made are back up then this is the app for you.

7. Sticky Tiles

Don’t let the very similar name fool you. Sticky Tiles (with an “s”) is a superior app to Sticky Tile (without an “s”) which is a basic app that can make you angry. The Sticky Tiles app doesn’t provide an interface to display all your notes and is solely focused exclusively on your Live Tile.

Once you start the app, you’ll be asked to provide an appropriate title and description to your Live Tile, choose the color, select the style, and finally put it in a pin. It’s got the same sizes as the other three–small medium, wide, and small. And you’ll face the same issue of limited space for text.

Clicking in the Live Tile opens the notes to edit, but does not allow you to add notes or open multiple notes at once.

It’s not ideal for people who have to keep track of dozens of notepads, however, if you want to keep one note that is relevant at the top of your Start Screen is probably the best option.

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