A Year in the Dungeon: My Journey Through the Shattered Throne Map

Where does the Shattered Throne fall on your list of favorite maps? What are some of your favorite spots to grind? The Shattered Throne was my first map and I’ve been playing on it ever since I started League so it will always have a place in my heart (much like Trundle). I’ve played several different roles and champs throughout the years and have definitely done my fair share of grinding in order to unlock my favorites! What keeps you coming back to the same map year after year? Do you have any tips or tricks that you use?

What is the Shattered Throne?

The Shattered Throne is a world of strategy and intrigue, one with more than one hundred kingdoms vying for power. The map is divided into five regions, each with its own set of rules that govern how kingdoms may interact with one another. Some regions are separated by mountains, which can be conquered to establish a safe passage; others are separated by oceans, which must be traversed through on trade routes. Beyond these borders, there are only rumors about other continents or maps.

The Shattered Thrones map has changed over time the boundaries between kingdoms have shifted and new kingdoms have been created but some things have remained constant. There will always be five regions with their own set of regulations governing how kingdoms may interact with one another.

How to Get There

Go to the Shattered Throne map on your device and tap on Explore. The game will load and you should be able to see your current level on top of a map of the Shattered Throne (the game).

To start a new journey, tap on Start Adventure from the bottom of the screen. If you have already started an adventure but don’t remember what level it is, swipe up to reveal more information about your current level. Tap on Adventure Settings which will display all available adventures that are located at this level. Select which one you want to play by tapping it or swiping left or right until you find one that interests you.

In order to start playing, you will have to select a difficulty level. The difficulty level you choose determines how difficult it is for you to complete certain adventures and activities. Increasing difficulty will result in higher rewards once you finish an adventure. It also affects your success chance for some non-adventure activities, such as synthesizing and grafting attributes onto equipment. Selecting a lower difficulty will make all these easier than if you had picked a more difficult level.

When you are comfortable with these settings, press Start Adventure at the bottom of the screen to enter your journey through the Shattered Throne map!

The Bosses

In the Shattered Throne map, we meet a variety of creatures with different abilities and weaknesses. Chief among them are the bosses. These creatures have high defensive stats, but even so, there are a few ways to make them easier for your raid team to handle.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you have enough ranged attackers on your team to avoid being cornered by their powerful melee attacks. You also need to make sure that at least one person on your team has a stun or root spell. This will help keep some of these monsters from attacking too often or from running away while they’re being attacked by other players.

The Rewards

As you progress through the Shattered Throne map, you’ll complete quests that reward you with items, gold, and experience.

Each of these will be automatically stored for you to use when you next enter the dungeon, so don’t worry about them going to waste!

You can also head into one of our shops and spend your hard-earned gold on some of our incredible gear!

This is also a great time to take some time off from adventuring and make sure your character is as well-equipped as possible for what lies ahead.


The Shattered Throne Map is a map that every level 10+ player needs to be traversing. With an expansive world of over 700 zones, each with its own dungeons and secrets to explore, there’s always something new to do. This year has been a wild ride, with countless hours spent on my journey through the map. I’ve seen friends get married, grown my nails out long enough for them to break off, and had more than one heartbreak- but it has all been worth it. One day I’ll conquer this map and find myself at peace with what lies beyond.

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