LinkedIn Recruiting: 5 Expert Ways to Find Top Talent

It is being heralded as “The Great Resignation” since 4 million employees (2.7% of all employees) quit their respective organizations in April 2021, and up to 95% of employees pondered doing the same.

It’s crucial to leverage passive candidate searches, especially on LinkedIn, since people who weren’t seeking work in the previous months are now doing so.

5 LinkedIn recruiting approaches for your TA team

Your company’s capacity to develop and remain stable depends on your ability to find and hire outstanding personnel. To fill such roles, how do recruiters locate people on LinkedIn?

Here are seven effective LinkedIn recruitment strategies and practices.

1.    Look for prospects by actively employing keywords

If you’re wondering “How do recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn,” think about the importance of keywords in your search for passive prospects.

Keywords may be used to describe both the location and the job title specifically. Using location-based keywords helps you filter results more effectively since local talent is often a better fit for businesses.

Companies may find passive prospects and cultivate a connection for possible future employment by often doing keyword searches.

2.    Create a LinkedIn profile that is full of keywords.

Candidates aren’t usually found on LinkedIn first. Candidates may sometimes locate your business by utilizing the search feature and pertinent keywords.

Think about adding frequent or relevant terms to your company’s LinkedIn page and employee profiles, which passive applicants use to find businesses in their field of employment.

Include industry-specific information such as area of specialty, goods, and services, and even several locations around the nation. Mention particular job titles.

Using the “Share That You’re Hiring” option, employees at your organization may indicate on their profiles that you’re recruiting, or they can add it to their profile bylines.

3.    Promote yourself as an employer of choice with your business page.

Creating a stronger profile is a top LinkedIn recruiting strategy.

Using your LinkedIn profile to its full potential involves highlighting the advantages of working for your business as well as any prospects for promotion.

The LinkedIn page for your business also applies in this case.

Use credible statistics in your posts regarding job satisfaction to emphasize the advantages of working for your firm. Viewers use this kind of information to go through available employment opportunities and choose the one that best suits their qualifications and experience.

For instance, you could want to publish information regarding DEI, employee reviews of your corporate culture, or perceptions of organizational growth and development.

4.    Make use of the “People Also Viewed” section.

A feature called “People Also Viewed” is located on the right side of a corporate profile on LinkedIn. Utilizing this tool may make finding prospects on LinkedIn simpler.

The persons mentioned are those who have looked at your business and may include those who have looked at it yourself. Just keep in mind that some are only recommendations for viewing.

The list is not under your control, but it’s a great approach to identifying passive job seekers that are relevant to your job market. To see who has visited your profile, you should check them out.

5.    Encourage your staff to collaborate and network.

It is beneficial to encourage workers to discuss the newest and best business-related information.

Employees may also discuss job vacancies and other relevant details including perks and work satisfaction if there are any vacant jobs. Employing staff to locate outstanding individuals for their team strengthens search skills and ensures a good match.

An extra benefit? Employees may develop and use their networks of professionals.

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LinkedIn is a priceless resource for talent acquisition teams in the competitive and quick-moving world of recruitment today. You may boost your team’s capacity to engage with top talent, increase exposure for your job posts, and fortify your employer brand by aggressively using these five LinkedIn recruitment strategies. The greatest results will come from consistently employing relevant keywords, marketing your business as an employer of choice, using LinkedIn’s capabilities, and fostering employee cooperation. Make use of LinkedIn’s strength to open up a world of opportunities for your efforts to find talent.


Is LinkedIn solely useful for hiring white-collar workers?

Although white-collar professionals use LinkedIn often, it also serves a broad variety of sectors and employment categories. LinkedIn may be a useful tool for connecting with qualified applicants, whether you’re seeking blue-collar employees, independent contractors, or specialty experts.

How can I make my LinkedIn job ads stand out?

Make sure that the names of your job listings are clear and succinct, stressing the essential duties and credentials. Write appealing descriptions that emphasize your company’s distinctive services and the advantages of working with it. To increase exposure, think about including important keywords and eye-catching graphics.

Can LinkedIn assist me in hiring individuals internationally?

Absolutely! Due to its widespread use, LinkedIn is a great resource for finding applicants internationally. Your prospect pool may be reduced based on region, language ability, and other factors using LinkedIn’s sophisticated search filters, easing your attempts to recruit globally.

How often should my LinkedIn business profile be updated?

It’s advised to often add new information to your LinkedIn business profile, such as company news, market research, employee spotlights, and thought leadership pieces. Maintaining consistency in your content publishing will keep your page interesting and demonstrate your company’s active participation in the sector.

Should I limit my attention to LinkedIn’s active job seekers only?

Don’t dismiss the possibilities of passive prospects even though active job searchers are a significant audience. Many gifted professionals may not be searching for work right now, but they could be willing to look if the perfect opportunity comes along. You may successfully engage both active and passive applicants by using a variety of LinkedIn recruitment strategies.

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