How to Use the Brave Browser to Earn Cryptocurrency

You’re already using a web browser and you can earn money from it? Here’s how to do it with Brave, the Brave browser.

As Brave users of the browser, they could earn income through BAT (Basic Attention Token) by simply choosing to see advertisements. BAT is Brave’s own cryptocurrency, and users can earn it by choosing to display anonymous and private advertisements.
The service is completely free and the ads are displayed to users in type of push notification, rather than on-page. BAT tokens earned through this method are saved in a wallet that is built in the browser. They can be exchanged for currencies, such as fiat currency or cryptocurrencies.

Where to Download Brave

Brave is built on Chromium as are many different browsers. It has extensions as well and is simple to install on Windows or Mac. It’s a bit more complex and you’ll need to use Brave in Linux. Brave users can get Brave to their Android devices for speedy browsing.

Why Use the Brave Browser?

A few advantages that come with using the Brave browser are:

  • Fast Browsing: In absence of pop-ups or ads The loading time of the website increases and gives users the ability to browse faster
  • Ad blockers: Brave has no ads and lets users browse effortlessly without ads showing on their screens.
  • High PrivacyBrave isn’t able to collect and keep any browsing or personal data, thus keeping the privacy of your data.
  • Earn money: You can opt to look at ads to earn reward points and then be paid. You can also earn money by making referrals to others.
  • is more secure. Brave automatically upgrades websites that use HTTP to secure HTTPS.
  • 100% free: The Brave browser is totally free, and anyone can access it.
  • Create playlists on iOS The Brave browser is able to make playlists of your most loved songs and videos for iOS.

How to Earn Brave Rewards

As with all cryptocurrencies, BAT’s price can fluctuate. its value. Time BAT was launched, the Brave rewards token was launched in June 2017, and BAT’s price was around $0.16. The currency reached all-time highs this winter in 2021, reaching close to $1.80.

Since then BAT’s value has fluctuated, currently trading around $0.60 with approximately 1.5 billion BAT circulated around the world for a total market capitalization of $880 million.

You can earn rewards in four different ways to earn rewards with the Brave browser and all of them you are likely to do!

1. Earn BAT by Watching Ads

After you have downloaded your Brave browser, switch off Brave ads. You can begin earning BAT when you watch ads as well as surf the web. Launch your Brave browser on your computer, and then click on the BAT Triangle Login on the upper-right edge of your screen.

Turn on Brave Rewards and Ads. Click on the Rewards settings. Under the Ads Click on the settings button, beside a toggle button.

Select the maximum amount of advertisements per hour. You can select no ads (for no rewards) in between 1 and 10 advertisements per hour. You will receive push notifications ads based on your ad preferences. You can also choose state-level targeting for ads. This lets Brave detect your state automatically. You can also you can manually choose your state, or choose an alternative state.

Note You have the option to open the pop-up which will open a new window that shows the content of the advertisement. Being notified of an ad can help you earn BAT.

2. Earn BAT by Installing Brave

New users get BAT worth $5 by simply installing and using your browser for 30 consecutive days. In addition, you can receive random grants of 25-40 BAT each month. This is definitely the most efficient method to earn cryptocurrency on the web.

3. Earn Brave Rewards as a Content Creator

You are able to join the Brave Rewards Program for creators whether you’re a blogger, podcaster or band, blogger or YouTuber. The program allows users to give BAT tips directly from any website. Your fans can be able to automatically donate money and create a monthly timeframe to support your channel or website. This is a great way to concentrate on what you do best and to get paid for your work and more.

To begin earning you need to sign up for your website for inclusion in Brave Rewards. You can create channels by going to the Brave Creator.

Once they have registered, users can create their own channel or website by pressing the (+) button to create channels. After the website is verified then you can begin receiving contributions from fellow Brave users.

4. Refer to Earn up to $7.5 Worth of BAT

When new users sign to sign up for Brave Creator, they are also given an invitation link. Utilizing this link to encourage friends to download Brave and earn anything from $1 or $7.5 in BAT. This is contingent upon the country you live in, however, it is applicable for every reference you give.

To receive a Brave referral link you must download Brave and sign up to become an author. If you are a verified creator, you’ll be able to be provided with a referral link in Brave’s creator Dashboard.

Copy the link and share it with your friends. Soon, you’ll receive BAT rewards right in your wallet at Uphold. You can either withdraw them or even convert them into Bitcoin.

How to Withdraw BAT Tokens

If you’d like for your BAT to remain as a digital currency You can configure Brave’s native wallet for your browser or link it to an alternative browser wallet, such as MetaMask. This allows you to make use of Brave reward tokens to exchange currency or trade them in exchange for other currencies, but not take BAT and different currencies out of your Brave wallet.

If you are looking to withdraw BAT then you need to register to the Uphold or Gemini cryptocurrency wallet. If you do not already have yet an Uphold or Gemini crypto wallet, you can set up one within Brave. From there you can trade BAT to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. You can also convert them to local currencies such as USD or EUR to transfer them into the bank account of your choice.

If you’d like to cash your BAT, make sure to enter the bank account information. To withdraw BAT from your Brave wallet, head to the Rewards settings. Select the button to withdraw funds and you’ll be taken into the account you have created. Uphold as well as Gemini account. This account can be used to withdraw, transfer or even exchange BAT for other currencies.

If all this seems like too much effort You can perform specific actions using your BAT, without having to connect to another wallet. For instance tips for tipping, creators could be accomplished without the need to convert or taking out Brave reward tokens in any way.

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