How to See Your Spotify Stats

There’s no need be waiting until the close of the year in order to see your Spotify figures. You can access the platform’s web app as well as third-party apps similar to this.

Music statistics can be a fascinating method to discover your preferences in music and also your music listening habits. Are you interested in knowing your Spotify stats? or learn more about the songs and artists you’ve enjoyed the most? There’s no need to wait until the Spotify Wrapped date at the close of the calendar year to find out. This article will demonstrate how to utilize Spotify as well as other apps from third parties to view your Spotify stats.


How to Check Your Spotify Statistics Using the Spotify Web App

Spotify includes its Spotify Wrapped function at the close of every year it wraps up your year’s activities and gives you statistics like the top tracks you heard as well as your top artists, the percentage of listeners you fit into, your most popular genres, and so on. You can also browse your previous Spotify Wrapped playlists after Spotify Wrapped is over.

However, contrary to popular belief there is a way to review your Spotify statistics without having to wait for the annual Wrapped feature. Here’s how you can check some of your most popular artists your most played tracks, and your top artists by using the Spotify web application.

How to Check Your Top Artists on the Spotify Web App

You can view your favorite artists on Spotify with the online app. All you have to do is visit and log into your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your username in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. There should be a section entitled Artists who are at the top of the list this month. Click on it or the See All alternative located to its right.
  4. You’ll be able to see all the best artists you’ve heard of this month.

As you will see in the Spotify web application the information you see is only accessible only to you, meaning you don’t have to fret about other people finding the music you love.

How to Check Your Top Tracks Using the Spotify Web App

You can also look up your top songs through Spotify. Spotify website. Go to the Spotify website and ensure that you are authenticated to your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the section that says ‘ The best tracks of this month Click on it or click on the See All Option left of it.
  4. This will result in an entirely new page on which you’ll check out your top tracks from the month.

This information can only be seen by you.

How to Check Your Favorite Artists on Spotify

To view your top artists on Spotify login to your account using the Spotify app for the web and follow these steps:

  1. If you’re not on the homepage then click here. Home on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Click down and scroll until you can see the Artists you love section. Scroll down until you can see the section Your favorite artists.
  3. Click on Your top artists or See All to the left.

There’s an entire list of your favorite artists all in one spot.

How to See Your Spotify Statistics Using Third-Party Apps

There is a myriad of websites and third-party apps on the internet that you could utilize to examine your Spotify stats. These apps will log in to your account, gather information, and offer data.

You’ll have to allow the apps access to your information, however, should that be too to you, you’d be better off following the options mentioned above. Here are four completely free simple websites that allow you to view your Spotify information.

1. Stats for Spotify

Stats for Spotify is a free site that lets you look up statistics on the most popular artists, the most popular genres, top tracks, and the most recently played tracks. You can even make playlists. Simply sign in using Spotify and start searching.

Stats for Spotify allows you to check your Spotify statistics across three different time periods that include four weeks, six months, and all-time. Once you’re done with it you can make a playlist of the songs you’ve streamed most often in any time period. You can upload those Spotify songs with your family and friends.

2. Chosen

Chosen is another helpful and free site to check your Spotify stats. With Chosic you are able to not only examine your top songs and artists as well as look up your top genre, sub-genres, and decade, as well as mood and listener habits. You can also analyze these data against three-time intervals that include one year, a month, and the entire time.

Choose also offers services such as a Spotify playlist analyzer. Spotify analysis of playlists allows you to look through any playlist to find details and stats like ratings, genres popularity, moods, and genre. Another option Chosic offers is the Spotify playlist sorter which lets you arrange your Spotify playlists alphabetically by release date or in any sort you’d like.

3. Obscurity

Obscurity is a no-cost website that allows you to check your Spotify statistics, find out more about your musical preferences, and even analyze your tastes in music with others around the globe.

Obscurity allows you to look up your top artists, genres, and tracks from the present as well as a week ago and even at all-time. It also analyses your moods, as well as your favorite decade, and gives you song suggestions.

The most interesting feature of this site is its rating of obscurity. Obscurity examines how scarce and obscure your music is in comparison to other listeners. You can also switch between countries to see how obscure your music is when compared to other listeners from that country. The site also lists the favorite five obscure tracks and artists. It also lets you tweet your obscurity score.


Stats.FM is sometimes referred to as Spotistats it is a completely free site that offers in-depth analysis as well as Spotify statistics. The user interface is pleasant to see and simple to use. Stats.FM offers statistics on the most popular genres, artists, and tracks, the top albums, most recent streams, as well as stream times. You can also alter the settings to play hundreds of albums and tracks and 150 artists which makes it among the top Spotify websites to discover new songs and playlists that you already know you’ll like.

How to Log Out of Third-Party Websites on Spotify

Once you’re done reviewing and reviewing your Spotify data, it would be best to disable the access of the website to your account in order to ensure that your Spotify account is secure. For this to be done, sign in to your account using the Spotify app on the web and follow the steps below:

Make the Most Out of Spotify

Spotify has more features than most people realize. Once you’ve learned how to find your Spotify data, you can check out the Spotify application. There are many features that can enhance your listening experience and overall enjoyment.

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