How to Screenshot an Instagram Story Without Getting Caught

Here are a few ways how to take screenshots of Instagram Stories without the risk of being notified by anyone else about it.

Instagram has previously tried an option where users could check who took pictures from their Stories. The feature was eventually removed but it raised questions about whether anyone could see when you take a screenshot of their Instagram Story.

Capturing photos from Instagram Stories is easy–if you know how to do it. It is also possible to keep your screenshots private and never worry about getting surprised even if Instagram modifies the rules regarding screenshots in the near future.

Why Take Screenshots of Instagram Stories?

There are a variety of reasons to capture your Instagram Story–some legitimate, some not as very much. Perhaps you’re looking to purchase something featured in the story. Perhaps you’d like to save a beautiful image to use as wallpaper. Perhaps you simply love photos of your best acquaintance or family member and want to preserve it.

Perhaps you’d like to take a photo of a Story, so you can post it on the group chat you have with your friends from your circle and have a discussion about the picture. These reasons as well as others are still valid when Instagram launches the feature of a screenshot notification to all users. However, you’ll appear to be an idiot, even though your motive for taking an image is completely innocent.

Fortunately, there are various ways to make it easier to take screenshots of Instagram Stories without getting caught.

Does Instagram Notify Users When You Screenshot a Story?

If someone takes a screenshot from an Instagram Story the user will not be not notified. If you take a screenshot of an individual’s Instagram Story don’t worry about it. Your privacy is protected.

In the meantime, keep in mind that Instagram is able to change this at any moment. At present, there’s just one similar screenshot notification. Instagram users will get a notification when a screenshot is taken of a missing photo within the message messages

If you’re not sure about this, you may need to revisit the fundamentals on Instagram.

Ways to Take a Screenshot of an Instagram Story

If you’re looking to take screenshots of disappearing photos or Stories on Instagram There are many options to choose from. If Instagram’s policy changes or some other feature comes out that exposes the user take a look at these solutions.

1. Use Airplane Mode

This is the most popular trick and one that the majority of Snapchat users are familiar with. Although Snapchat has since stopped this technique it’s still working on Instagram:

  1. Start your Instagram application and then wait for Story to show up.
  2. Switch off the Airplane Mode. This will disable the cellular data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and turn off the wireless device. On iOS it is possible to accomplish this by using Control Center in the iOS Control Center. On Android it is possible to perform this via your notification toggles, or via your Settings app.
  3. Return to Instagram. Go back to the Instagram app, click on the Story that you like to take a picture of, then snap a photo.
  4. For Android Force quit the Instagram application before deactivating the Airplane mode. For iOS, you need to uninstall and install Instagram prior to turning off Airplane mode.

2. Use the Instagram Website

For a long time, Instagram fought the notion of having a website. However, now it is a fully functional website that can check your feed, post comments on posts, comment, and Instagram Stories. Although it supports instant messaging however it requires the Instagram application to see messages disappear.

The site is actually enough to allow you to make it a substitute for the Instagram application. It can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on social media as well as make it easier to check your Instagram feed every once often.

If you’re using Instagram via your desktop, Instagram can’t tell that you’ve made a screenshot.

Go to, login, and then open your Instagram Story. Once you’ve opened the app, take a screenshot as you would normally without the stress.

3. Use a Screen Recorder

Screen recording is a different option that doesn’t require authorizations from Instagram itself. Simply begin recording using your preferred app and then launch Instagram. After that, visit the desired Story and take a recording of your personal copy.

When you have the Instagram Story saved You can alter it into an image later. There are a variety of choices for recording screens and you can choose the method you prefer to record screens regardless of the platform you’re currently using.

4. Use Video Downloader for Instagram on Android

Once you’ve signed into Your Instagram account, the Video Downloader for Instagram will give you a quick overview of how you can upload or download bulk Stories prior to asking permission to access your device. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be granted access to the browser and home tabs to begin downloading Stories.

Before downloading by any method you’ll need to log into the Instagram account. To protect your privacy, only be able to log in using the official Instagram website.

When you download your first time using the link, you’ll be prompted by an advert that is designed to keep your downloads without ads for six hours. While this is meant to free users from ads while downloading via pasted links, however, you’ll be able to see occasional ads throughout the rest of the application.

If you’re looking to avoid the irritating ads and gain access to more features, Instagram provides monthly, weekly, or lifetime access costs. But, you’ll need to consider the ongoing capabilities of these features in relation to Instagram’s ongoing updates.

After signing in The Home tab on the left will automatically create an idea for a collection post. In the event of using the collection options, you’ll find a download limit counter which can be extended with additional video ads.

When you’ve downloaded your video using the video downloader on Instagram in the beginning, you have various choices. The files you download, whether directly or through the in-app browser will be saved to your downloads list. You have the option of extracting audio content from your video. You can also republish and share, copy text or delete the video.

If you’re not keen to engage with them in this method, you’re able to browse them using the gallery that comes with your phone.

5. Use Story Saver for Me on iOS

Like the Video Downloader on Instagram on Android Story Saver for me on iOS allows you to view and save Stories without having to sign in to Instagram. If the account is restricted to being private, it isn’t possible to use this feature to download Stories but you can browse privately on accounts that are public. To begin looking for accounts, click in the Search tab and type in the username.

Live Stories will be displayed in a flash on the first tab, with the option to browse the posts from the account’s collection. From there, click on the Story post to open it. From there, you’ll choose the Add to List option to download the Instagram Story you want to download.

Once you’ve logged into the My List tab You will be able to click the icon on the lower right-hand corner to bring up the option of saving your image or video using several ways. You can also share this stored Story via other programs, for instance, messenger apps.

6. Just Use a Camera

If you’re trying to get something off Instagram’s Instagram Story, but don’t want to download third-party applications simply make use of any other device that equipped with a camera. Take an image of your smartphone using an Instagram Story. It won’t be the best quality but it’ll do the job. Additionally, you might want to consider using the screenshot taken from Instagram. Instagram application.

In the event that the port is open and you’re just looking to save something to remember for future reference (like the restaurant you’ve been recommended to) then take an image, and don’t fret that someone else will be informed.

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