How to Make AI Artwork with The Wombo Dream Mobile Application

This app makes use of artificial intelligence to let users create digital artwork that is unique. Learn how to use it.

Artificial intelligence’s capabilities are constantly expanding and include a variety of types of art. We’ll present you with an application that lets you create digital artwork by using AI technology.

Dream of Wombo is available both online and mobile, however, the latter is more extensive. Learn to utilize this AI art mobile application as well as what to get from it in only two steps.

What is the reason to use Dream Wombo? Wombo?

This app is great to embellish walls, books, websites, or personalized playlists without the need for an experienced graphic designer. It’s quick and simple.

No matter if you’re on your mobile or your computer, Dream by Wombo’s AI will quickly create stunning images that are artistically designed in the style that suits your preferences using a single prompt.

The browser-based version of the app is easy enough to use and comes with a Mint option as an NFT option. It allows you to download or buy an image or a print of the AI artwork. Mobile apps have more tools available to you.

We’ll walk you through how to make use of Dream Wombo Wombo on your phone or tablet step by stage. First, ensure you’ve downloaded the application.

1. Register an account or get started without one

It is not necessary to sign up to utilize Dream Wombo. Wombo. When you open the app, simply press the Start Now button, and it will send you directly to the AI art generator. It is possible to use a lot of the options available.

One benefit of having an account is an access gallery, where it is possible to save all your favorite designs. A Wombo account also comes with direct access to Wombo’s social networks such as Discord. If you choose to become a member, log in to the app, then tap the Plus icon on your profile. This will allow you to start your next artistic endeavor.

2. Pick a prompt and choose an Art Style

The next step will give you several options. You can input a specific query or choose from its suggestion. If you’re submitting a specific request be sure to use the simplest words. The AI will try its best to understand them, however, it will sometimes fall short. It is a good thing that you can continue to try the same combinations until you get something you are happy with.

Choose the style of art you prefer. The app has currently 15 different choices, including:

  • Baroque
  • S. Dali
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Pastel
  • Steampunk
  • Ukiyoe

You could also choose the no-style option instead and allow Dream by Wombo to develop its own vision of art. In either case, you just need to click the look you prefer and the icon will be activated. In addition, the Create option will illuminate. Click it to let the computer begin creating your art.

3. Check and Identify Your AI Artwork

Nearly every work Dream by Wombo creates is stunning, however, it doesn’t always live up to your expectations. This is because you’re dealing with a machine that’s trying to represent the concept in your head with only a few instructions–another reason why AI can never replace humans.

You can expect every outcome to be abstract. you are free to re-start the process using exactly the same instructions and style. There is a chance that you will get exactly what you want or even more.

To finish off, you can assign your work the name you want and choose to toggle whether you wish the initial prompt to be displayed.

4. Save, share, or buy Your AI Artwork

When the image is finished There are still a few choices to choose from. To save the image, click clicking the “Download” icon and save the JPG image onto your mobile device. You could also use it as your background.

Alternately, press “Publish” and then add the work to your Gallery. From there, you’ll be able to join Wombo through Discord, Twitter, and Instagram and share each work on any platform you’d like.

If you’re eager to share your AI artwork, you can use the share button on the page of your creation. Select it and select the location you’d like to share it or send it.

Then, you can are able to purchase the physical print of your work by clicking using the Purchase Print button. The cost per unit can vary from $20-$100 according to the style of the print and the size.

Although not too expensive it is possible to create your own canvas or poster at a lower cost. Simply download the image prior to printing and framing as you’d like.

Let AI do the creative work for You!

Despite the drawback of not always getting what you are looking for, Dream by Wombo is an excellent AI application for making quick and appealing artwork. Once you’ve decided what you’re looking forward to and explore the possibilities it can come up with for you.

There are of course numerous other apps across various platforms that utilize AI technology to assist with creative tasks. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing or singing photography, or any other form of art it’s possible to have plenty of fun with artificial intelligence.

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