How to Fix a Mouse That Double-Clicks on a Single Click in Windows

Do you think a single-click works like a double-click mouse on Windows? Here are hardware and software solutions to this irritating issue.

Are you seeing your mouse double-clicking every time you just click in Windows? This can cause a variety of problems when basic actions like selecting as well as dragging files or other actions don’t work as you’d expect to.

We’ll help you repair a mouse that’s double-clicking in a single move to help you determine the root of the issue and fix the issue. We’ll also show you how to resolve the issue in which your mouse is double-clicking, even when it should not.

1. Review Your Double-Click Setting

The most common reason to have a mouse that double-clicks are because you’ve altered an easy setting within Windows. You might have turned this feature on in error, and it’s worth checking before you do so as an easy fix.

For a closer look at this look, you need to open a File Explorer window. If you’re using Windows 10, on the View tab, select Option in the upper right. If you’re on Windows 11, click the three-dot icon and select the options Options from there.

In the window that opens in the resulting window, under the General tab You’ll find an item heading Select items according to the following.

In this case, the default setting is to Double-click to open the product (single-click to choose). If you’ve got a single-click for opening an object (point in the direction of selecting) chosen, you do not need to double-click to select items from File Explorer. This means that you just need to click on a folder once to open it. simply moving over a file or folder with your cursor will choose it.

Although this could assist in reducing the number of clicks that you perform in a single day, it can be confusing for those who are familiar with the default behavior. With this switch, you may think that your mouse is actually double-clicking, but it’s actually an option that’s in the software. Revert this to the original setting and check if the issue is fixed. double-clicking mouse.

2. Change the Mouse Double-Click Speed

The speed of click is another Windows option that can be changed to correct the double-click mouse issue. Most people find that the default threshold for double-clicks is manageable however, you may have altered it in error. It’s also possible that somebody has set the threshold to a point at which Windows will not detect your clicks.

To alter the speed of your double-click for Windows 10, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and then click Optional mouse settings in the left sidebar. If you don’t see this option, slide the Settings window horizontally, making it larger.

In Windows 11, you’ll find this under Settings > Bluetooth and Devices > Mouse Other Mouse settings.

After clicking this option, a brand New Window with a Mouse Property Control Panel window will open. On the Buttons tab, you’ll see an option to Speed double click option.

Adjust the slider according to your preferences; double-click the icon of the folder to the right to check it. The more fast you position your slider the more time Windows permits between clicks to detect the double-click. If it’s too close slow, Windows might register two clicks as double-clicks. Test the bar to see whether double-clicking is more what you would expect it to feel following.

If you’re on this menu, be sure that you haven’t got the Switch on ClickLock box ticked. This allows you to drag the cursor without pressing the mouse button. This could cause unwanted mouse movements.

3. Clean Your Mouse

After removing the previous two possibilities, it’s likely that the problem lies in the mouse’s hardware. The next step is to check out your mouse, particularly in the upper buttons, where you click. You can then check whether there’s any dirt or debris accumulating on the top of your mouse.

The buildup can affect the internals of your mouse and make it keep clicking twice or click in a different way. Clean it with cotton swabs, compressed air, or similar instruments to eliminate any dirt or grime that is that may be present. Follow our instructions to clean a mouse that is dirty If you require some guidelines.

After you’ve cleaned it, check to check if the double-clicking issue disappears.

4. Check Your Mouse Battery and Interference

Another reason for a mouse double-clicking after one click is the lack of connectivity between your computer and mouse. This is typically due to the reason of battery that is dying or interference. Both of these are problems that are unique to a wireless mouse.

If your mouse has batteries, make sure you replace them as any device could malfunction when power is low. For the mouse that is rechargeable, connect it and allow it time to replenish the power of the battery.

If your batteries aren’t an issue, your mouse could not be able to connect to computers wirelessly. Bring your mouse closer to your computer, if it’s too far. If your mouse has a USB dongle, be sure that it is not located near metal or other substances that interfere with wireless signals.

You must also disconnect the mouse from any other computers you connect it to; just attach it one computer at a time to get the maximum results.

Although wired mice aren’t subject to interference from wireless devices you can do a few things to enhance the connectivity between a cabled mouse to your computer. If the mouse is plugged into the USB extension device or hub disconnect it and connect directly to the USB port of your computer. Also, test several USB ports connected to your PC to make sure that you don’t have an unresponsive USB port.

5. Try Another Mouse

If you’ve completed all of the steps above and your mouse continues to double-click constantly It could be the result of a problem. For testing, you can try plugging the mouse you have currently connected to another computer, or connect another mouse to your computer.

If your mouse continues to behave on another computer, it’s likely damaged. If you test a different mouse with your computer and have no problems, it’s another indication that your mouse’s original one is defective.

If, however, your original mouse functions perfectly on the second computer or a second mouse experiences the same issue on the original PC, you might have software or another issue that is affecting the normal functioning of your mouse. Install any software that is installed by the manufacturer of your mouse, for example, Logitech G Hub, or Razer Synapse, and then check the settings for your mouse within.

For a second test, try trying to boot in Safe Mode, where third-party software will not run on startup. If your mouse functions correctly, check out the software you have installed at the Settings menu > Applications > Applications and features and remove anything you don’t recognize, or which involves the control of your mouse.

Following this, there’s one more step you could do to fix the double-clicking issue.

6. Reinstall Mouse Drivers

For a final step in troubleshooting It’s worth trying to delete your current mouse driver and allow Windows to install it. For this to be done, just right-click to start (or hit Win+X) and then select the Device Manager.

Expand the mouse and other devices that point category and right-click the mouse’s name. Select to uninstall your device follow the prompt, then click the confirm button and then restart your computer. If you have more than one device on this list, you can uninstall them one at a time until the mouse stops moving. mouse.

You’ll need to be able to move your laptop using any mouse in order to access the restart option following the restart. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult. To begin, press the Windows button and then press the Tab key until the box of selection focuses on the set of icons that contain power icons. the power icon. Utilize the Arrow keys to navigate into the power icon, and then hit Enter after which you can use the arrow keys and enter again to select the option to reboot.

If you are having trouble in this regard, you could try pressing Win+R to display the Run dialog, then type shutdown/r in it. This will cause the system to reboot. When you reboot, Windows should reinstall your mouse driver and hopefully fix the double-click issue.

Fixes When One Click Becomes a Double-Click

Perhaps, at least one of these techniques helped fix your mouse’s double-clicking. If none of these methods work you’re likely to find that the mouse isn’t working correctly. It’s possible to repair it by opening it and repairing the mechanical parts however, this isn’t worthwhile unless you own an expensive mouse and are at ease. If not, it’s time to get new mice.

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