How to drop a pin on Google Maps Mobile and Desktop

Learn how to drop pins in Google Maps. You can also save your most visited locations on Android, iPhone, or the web.

Google Maps is more than just a way to get from A to B. Google Maps can help you find public transport times and routes, as well as customize your route based on your travel method. You can also drop a pin to a place and save it to your profile.

If the address or location you are trying to find is not on the road network, dropping a pin can be useful. It can also be helpful in the rare event that Google misplaces a location. This is how you can drop a pin in Google Maps for Android, iOS, or desktop.

How to drop a pin on the Google Maps Android App

Dropping a pin in Google Maps using an Android device is possible:

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. You can either search for an address or scroll through the map until you locate the exact location.
  3. To drop a pin, long-press the screen.
  4. The location or address will appear at the bottom.
  5. Tap the location to save it, share it, add a label, or get directions.

These pins can be used to track locations in the app. You can also use many Google Maps tips for Android to improve your navigation.

How to drop a pin on the Google Maps iOS App

It is similar to the Android process to drop a pin on Google Maps for iOS.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Scroll around the map or search for an address until you find the perfect pin location.
  3. To drop the pin press long-press the screen at the desired position.
  4. The address or coordinates of your location will appear at the bottom.
  5. Tap the location to view more information, get directions, and add labels.

How to drop a pin on Google Maps Desktop

It’s possible to drop a Google Maps pin from any desktop operating system.

It is easy:

  1. Go to the Google Maps homepage.
  2. Locate the spot where you want the pin to drop, and then click left on it.
  3. The map will display a small, grey pin icon. A bottom-right information box will also appear.
  4. Click on the information box to open a new panel on the left side of your screen. It will contain more information and offer additional options.

How to make the most of a dropped pin

Let’s take a look at some things you can do after you have dropped the pin, and are satisfied with its location.

You can choose to use a desktop or mobile operating system. The options you have will vary. Each feature will be discussed individually.

For directions, use a dropped pin

We mentioned at the beginning that Google Maps’ most valuable feature is its ability to give directions. Dropping pins can be a useful tool if you aren’t sure of the exact address.

Your dropped pin can be used as either a starting point or an endpoint. Unfortunately, you can’t place two pins at once and get directions between them. Instead, place one pin and make note of the coordinates or address. Then drop another pin to be used as your destination/start point.

This map shows routes that can be taken by foot, bicycle, or air. Prices are included. ).

Pin Location Saved

Available on: Desktop and Mobile

You can save the pin’s location to an account that is connected to Google. It’s then accessible from all of your devices.

By default, there are three pre-made lists: Favorites and Wanted to Go. You can add additional lists and delete defaults by visiting Your places on the main menu. You can make each list public, private or share it with other users. You can also create group lists that anyone can pin to–these are useful for day trips and vacations.

These lists can be used to integrate Google Maps with other Google products and services.

Send a Desktop pin to your phone

You can drop a pin to Google Maps using the desktop version of Google Maps.

To get started, click on Send to your phone

Share a dropped pin location

Available on Mobile and Desktop

The Google Maps desktop application offers four ways to share a drop pin with others (not including the list feature discussed above).

You can choose to:

  • To share the link with others, copy and paste the short link that is automatically generated.
  • To share a location with Facebook, click on the Facebook icon.
  • You can post your link to Twitter by clicking the Twitter icon
  • To embed the map in a webpage, grab the HTML code.

You can’t share a location that has been dropped from an Android or iOS device. Instead, your operating system’s native Share menu will be used. The embed option is not available.

To a dropped pin, add a label

Available on: Desktop and Mobile

Dropped pins can be labeled with a phrase or word. It can be added to a list. These labels will be synced across all Google accounts and will appear in all Google Maps versions.

However, the feature comes with a trade-off. According to Google’s own message

Only you can decide if you feel comfortable with the situation from privacy.

To get started, right-click on a pin that has been dropped.

How to remove dropped pins

You now know how to delete a pin. What about deleting a pin that has been dropped? How can you delete a pin from your map?

To delete a pin location in Android or iOS, tap on the X icon at the top. To delete a pin that has been dropped on your desktop, click anywhere on the map or use the X icon in the information box at bottom.

Make use of pins

The purpose of a Google Maps dropped pin is not always obvious. We hope you find the following tips useful and will be able to use Google Maps in a new way.

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