How to Download Private Facebook Videos

Are you looking for methods to download Facebook private videos? Take a look at the video downloaders online listed on this page.

Do you want to download a publicly-available video from Facebook? There’s no shortage of choices. There are many websites and you can download them directly from Facebook without any third-party applications.
How do you download a YouTube video that is private? Videos on private Facebook are different from public Facebook videos. Because they’re private, the public video downloaders on Facebook won’t be able to work.

It doesn’t mean it’s not possible, there are some additional steps you’ll need to work through before you’re able to create the file.

If you’re looking to learn what you can do to save privately-owned Facebook videos, read on. We’ll show you some of the best software to download video content from Facebook without difficulty.

1. FBDown

As you’ll soon learn that a lot of the websites we’ll present to you in this article employ exactly the same method for downloading privately-owned Facebook videos. It’s almost always about grabbing an exact copy of the Facebook video’s source code and then inserting it in the program.

Despite the ever-growing online competition, one application has been ahead in the race for an extended time–

The site offers two distinct tools. One tool is for downloading videos from Facebook that are public and another for downloading private Facebook videos.

To make use of FBDown to save private YouTube videos on Facebook Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. In a separate tab sign in to Facebook and navigate to the page for the video you’d like to download.
  3. If you’re running Windows you can use the keys Ctrl and U. If you’re on a Mac you can hit Command + Options + U. This shortcut will display the code for the web page’s source.
  4. The source code should be copied into the file of
  5. Click Download.

Note: You must visit the video’s specific URL. This process won’t work if you copy and paste the URL from your feeds, profile page as well as any other page on Facebook from which you are able to view the film.)

2. Download Facebook Videos

If you’d rather bypass the web applications to download your privately-owned Facebook videos directly through your web browser, you can take a look at the nonsensical Download Facebook Videos Extension.

If you’re watching videos on Facebook the application reads the source code and also offers the option of downloading.

This means that you can utilize the applications for downloading videos downloaded from private profiles, secret groups as well as other hidden locations.

3. FBDownloader

If you’re not a fan of FBDown in order to save private Facebook videos, however, there are other options on the internet worth looking into.

FBDownloader is a good example. It has the same capabilities. Simply copy and paste the video’s sources into the box on the screen and then click the Download button for the application to perform its job. The process can take around a minute or so to finish.

After the process is completed when processing is complete, right-click on the video’s thumbnail, then select Save and then give the file the name.

You can also make use of FBDownloader for mobile to save the Facebook video to your mobile.

4. Vidsaver

Another website that allows you to download Facebook private videos is Vidsaver. It’s similar to the other sites we’ve reviewed up to now.

Again, the identical procedure is in place. Get your video’s code by pressing the keys Ctrl and U on Windows or Command + Option + U on the Mac. Copy your code inside the Web application and then press the Fetch.

Vidsaver also has the option of downloading Facebook’s public videos. If you need to, select Public Video at the bottom of the page to go into another interface.

5. oDownloader

is available on: The web, Windows

This is a completely different website that works with the same principles. Simply copy and paste this website’s code and click to download.

Other tools offered by ODownloader allow you to download content on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other websites with videos. It also provides basic tools for video conversion.

As with the other apps listed here, You can also utilize the tool for downloading private Facebook videos to your phone too, although it’s a bit more complicated than the standard desktop version.

JDownloader is one of only a handful of private downloaders which offers an entirely standalone Windows application. You can download it on the website.

6. PasteDownload

In reality, all of these apps perform the same function. You’ll only have to get to this point when something unexpected happens However, it’s always a good idea to have additional tools at hand, isn’t it?

PasteDownload is a similar tool. It provides a second simple method of downloading privately-owned Facebook videos, by copying and pasting source code.

7. Getfvid

Getfvid provides two tools. One is for downloading public Facebook videos, and the other to download private Facebook videos.

The process of downloading remains the same. Take the code, copy it into the box, and then enjoy the video offline.

However, before you consider sharing a download video be sure to follow the guidelines in the following paragraphs…

Download Private Facebook Videos Ethically

If you are using one of these programs to download of videos that are private on Facebook videos, make sure you do it in a legal manner. Keep in mind that if someone is making a video public there’s likely to be some reason. It could contain personal information sensitive information, personal data, or any other footage that could be a security risk.

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