How to Download Facebook Photos and Videos

Want to download pictures and videos on Facebook? Here are some methods to download Facebook images and videos.

Facebook is a treasure-trove of photos and memories of you and your loved ones, so you might want to download Facebook images and videos to your smartphone or computer.
We’ll guide you through how to use the official method along with other third-party Facebook photo downloader software that allows you to download photos as well as your friends’ photos and videos.

How to Download Facebook Photos

If you’d like to save one image on Facebook do not bother with third-party websites or apps. Facebook provides an easy downloader tool.

  • On your desktop: Open the photo, click Menu (the three dots symbol) and then Download.
  • On mobile devices: Open the picture within Facebook. In the Facebook app, and then tap Menu (the three dots symbol) Click Save for Phone(Android) or Save Photo(iOS).

This method can be used to download Facebook images. It’s as easy as that.

If you want to download friends’ photos on Facebook you must enable their privacy settings for Facebook photos will allow it.

How to Download Facebook Albums

If you’re looking to download an album from Facebook, you can download the Facebook album using your own page, Facebook has a simple method of doing this. There’s no need for any third-party downloader applications to accomplish this. But, you’ll have to access Facebook on the internet as the mobile apps do not allow you to download albums.

Use these directions to download the Facebook albums:

  1. Log into your profile by clicking on your personal name.
  2. Go to Photos > Albums.
  3. Browse to the album you wish to download.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click on the 3 dots icon and then select the Download Album.
  5. Then, choose the option Continue..

Facebook will begin making a zip folder. Based on the size of your album could take a while. When it’s finished you’ll receive an email confirming it’s available to download. After clicking the notification, you will need to input your Facebook password and click to continue. Your album will start downloading..

How to Download All of Your Facebook Photos

There’s also an easy method of downloading all the photos from Facebook you’ve ever uploaded. The photos will appear in sub-folders that are arranged by albums. However, the names of the files might seem a bit odd.

Here’s how you can use the simple integrated Facebook image downloader

  1. Head to Facebook settings on your desktop browser or use the link
  2. Click your Facebook account’s information within the bar to the right.
  3. Choose the option to download your details.
  4. Click Delete all and then choose only Posts. Click Deselect all, then select only the Posts box.
  5. Choose the quality of image files in the select options for the files. We recommend switching to Medium High if you need high-resolution copies. The settings you select are what determine the dimensions of your file. If you’ve got lots of images it will expand the size of the file and also the time it takes Facebook to finish the file.
  6. Then, choose the appropriate date interval. Click all time and include the rest of your images.
  7. Scroll down to click to request a Download.

Facebook takes a while to get the zip file up and running, based on the number of photos and videos you’ve posted on Facebook. When it’s ready you’ll receive an email with instructions to download the file from the available files.

Download the file and then unzip it to display all of your images and posts, with albums in sub-folders.

The Best Facebook Photo Downloader App

The name is long one VNHero Studio’s Download Photos and Videos: Facebook and Instagram are one of the top Facebook photo downloader applications out there. It’s completely free, user-friendly, and can be used for videos as well.

Through this application, you can download your Facebook pictures and albums, as well as friends’ Facebook albums as well. Also, you can search other users or Pages, and download images as well as videos from them.

The menu in the app has quick links to Pages that you’ve enjoyed videos and images, videos that you have saved, and bookmarks.

You can tap the Photos to share your photos, From Friends to look up someone on your list of friends, and top videos to search for the most popular movies through Facebook Watch.

The search box on the top of the page helps you locate users or the Page. You can then browse through the album you’re interested in. There, you can download all images in the album or choose some to save to. The same method works for videos.

Additionally, you can copy links from an Facebook photo or video and download them right from the application. It’s as easy as just tapping the link icon on the upper left corner and then pasting the link into the app. There is one caveat, the app is only accessible on Android.

Download The VNHero Studio Download Video and Pictures: Facebook and Instagram for Android (Free and in-app purchase available)

How to Save Facebook Videos to Your Computer or Phone

Photos posted on Facebook are easy to download using the Download button. However, videos don’t have a simple method of downloading videos. is one of the web-based applications you can download for saving Facebook videos. It is compatible with smartphones and desktop computers.

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Play the video on Facebook and copy its URL.
  2. Go down and copy the URL. Click or press the button to download. button.
  3. Select for Download the Video, either to download it in HD High Definition (or normal quality to begin downloading.
  4. If the video is playing in your browser rather than downloading it, navigate back to the page you came from. Click on the right-click to download the video to HD Quality Choose to save the link… and download the file to the folder you want to download it to.

It should function like the first time. The file that is downloaded should be in MP4 formats, and that will be sufficient for the majority of people. The method works with mobile devices as well.

In reality, iOS users will need to use Firefox since you aren’t able to make use of Safari and Chrome.

FDown also offers a handy extension that works with Google Chrome on desktops dubbed Video Downloader Plus. When you’re watching a Facebook video, you can click the icon for the extension to download it to your PC.

There are a lot of other websites that function similarly to FDown. With the ability to save videos on Facebook, you might be inclined to look for older videos that you like. To aid you in doing this, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to locate video content from Facebook.

Other Facebook Download Tools

In addition to videos and photos, Facebook has a ton of other details about the person you are. Facebook is also known for its collection of data.

The methods above let you download videos and photos easily however, you may think about backups of your Facebook history as well as studying other download and management tools.

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