How to Build the Ultimate TH13 Farming Base

Building an effective TH13 farming base can be tricky, especially at Town Hall 13, but it’s necessary if you want to progress as far as possible in the game. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to build the ultimate TH13 farming base with the right troops and traps that will allow you to protect your resources from attackers and collect them at the same time. If you are looking for more Clash of Clans guides and tips, please check out our homepage!

Storages (TH13 farming base)

  • You should have at least three storage in your base. If you have more, even better! One should be near your defensive structures and one should be near your farming area. The third can be somewhere else in the base that is convenient for you.
  • Make sure all of your storages are warded with loot inside so that it will not get stolen by heroes or enemy clan members.
  • Store all of your resources in these buildings and use them before they disappear from storage. This will ensure you never run out of resources when raiding other bases.

Traps (Builder Huts, Teslas, etc.)

Tombstones are a very important part of this base because they can stop any troops that spawn from the lower left, but it also has two hog riders in those spots for deployment. You will want an air defense that shoots over those hog riders so it does not trigger their wrath. The higher-level air defenses shoot over these spots as well so it is an easy solution. It also has a mortar that stops any troops coming from the upper right and two teslas that will kill most troops that come from the lower right corner of your base.

Defense Structures (TH13 farming base)

The first thing you want to do is place your Air Defense, Hidden Tesla, and Wizard Tower in a way that defends against all three air troops. The Air Defense should be placed near the top of your base, with the Hidden Tesla and Wizard Tower next to it. This will help defend against the Giants from all angles. You also don’t want one of these defenses too close together or they won’t work as effectively.

Next, you’ll want Walls up around your base, with at least two layers of Walls for good coverage.

Army Composition and Traps (Air Defenses, Spring Traps, etc.)

The easiest way to win is by attacking, but that’s not always possible. If you can’t attack your opponent, then you need a good defense to keep them from attacking you. A good farming base should have lots of traps and air defenses. This will help protect your resources while they are being harvested and help keep your troops alive when they go on raids.

You should also try and make it so that troops coming in through the side can only get in one by one as this will give you more time to react. You don’t want an attacker coming in a bunch at once because they’ll overwhelm your defenses and kill your troops faster than you can react or rebuild them.

Heroes / Spells

The heroes for a farming base are going to vary depending on what level of Troop Health you need. If you’re farming TH8, use mainly wizards, witches, and archers. For TH9, use mainly witches, wizards, and archers. For TH10 and above, use mostly giants and archers. If you can’t afford all these heroes, then just make sure your base has at least one wizard or witch. Spells are also very important when it comes to TH13 farming – try using spells that will maximize efficiency such as Rage Spell if your troops have low health or Healing if they have high health.

Clan Castle and Elixir Storage

The clan castle is very important in base design. As a result, it should be placed on one of the corners of your base. The best spot for your clan castle is in a corner that is close to your resources but not too close so that wizards can’t easily steal it away. Once you have placed your clan castle, you will want to place as many defenses around it as possible.

You will want wall breakers and wizard towers along with cannons for maximum protection from attackers. Your priority should be defending against wall breakers first because they are the most likely attacker. The next thing you need to consider when designing your base is building an elixir storage system.

Clan Castle Roles

-Spell Factory and Dark Barracks should be set up in the core of your base. -In a large-ish group of buildings, put your Clan Castle outside so that you can use it as a distraction while at the same time supporting troops. -In a small group of buildings, put your Clan Castle outside so that it is not vulnerable to air attacks. It will still distract ground troops and support them with defensive fire.

Dark Elixir Storage

The dark elixir storage is the most important building for a TH 13 farming base. In addition to being crucial for raids, having strong dark elixir storage will help you become more powerful and less reliant on other players. A lot of people build their dark elixir storage in such a way that it’s difficult to attack from all sides, but I recommend going with an easy-to-defend design.

For example, if you have 3 walls surrounding your dark elixir storage, it would be smart to leave one side open for attacking troops. This is because enemies are likely going to try and sneak up on your base by attacking your weaker points and using strategies that work best at night time like goblins and hogs.

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