How to Apply Different iPhone Wallpapers in Dark and Light Modes

Did you know that your iPhone can change into a new wallpaper in Dark and Light Mode? Here are the steps to accomplish it.

Setting your iPhone to switch between Light and Dark Mode automatically is a great way to enjoy both display modes while giving your eyes a break at night. But you’re not getting the full experience unless your iPhone wallpaper can switch automatically to match each theme.
You can pick the background iPhone wallpaper that supports this, but it’s not the only choice. The Shortcuts application opens up more possibilities, and for those who are adventurous one, there’s a jailbreak hack that blends the best of both approaches.

Three different methods of setting Light or Dark Mode wallpapers on your iPhone.

Choose from Built-in Dark and Light Mode Wallpapers

Since iOS 15.5, iPhones include 23 adaptive wallpapers built-in to the OS. iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models also come with Light as well as Dark Mode live wallpapers that alter automatically to reflect the appearance of your phone.

The changing colors of these iPhone Stills wallpapers are similar to the vibrant wallpapers found on the Mac however, they are less detailed.

How to use the built-in Dark and Light iPhone Wallpapers? Dark iPhone Wallpapers

Although it is limited to the default settings using the built-in option is the simplest method of matching the wallpaper of your iPhone to its appearance.

Learn how to create a wallpaper that is changing by setting the mode to Dark and Light:

  1. Start your Settings app and scroll towards Wallpaper Tap it.
  2. After that you can tap to select a new Wallpaper.
  3. To choose the iPhone Stills wallpaper, choose Stills from the top row of choices. If you own an device that can support these wallpapers, select live.
  4. Look for wallpapers that have a thumbnail that is split in order to show dark and light previews. Select the wallpaper you wish to download.
  5. The full-screen view that will reflect the current look of your iPhone select whether you wish to turn to turn off or on the perspective zoom by pressing the middle button on the bottom.
  6. Then, tap Set.
  7. Choose whether you’d like to set the wallpaper on the Lock Screen, Home Screen or both.

Disabling Wallpaper Dimming

If you’d like to have an enthralling iphone’s Dark Mode wallpaper without your device dimming it, there’s a setting that you’ll need to alter.

Then, tap Wallpaper in the Settings app. Scroll down the images to find the switch labeled Dark Appearance Wallpaper..

According to the small print this setting dims the wallpaper based on the lighting surrounding you. By turning it off, the phone’s Dark Mode wallpaper appears at its brightest, most vivid brightness.

Create the Custom Dark and Light Mode Wallpapers Using Shortcuts

Although the wallpapers that are built-in are great, you might like to select your own images to use for Light or Dark Mode.

With the Shortcuts application, you can choose certain pictures that you have downloaded from Files as well as Photos as your dark and light wallpapers. After that, you can set an automated system to run on a regular basis, switching between one iPhone wallpaper to Dark Mode to another for Light Mode. You’ll need iOS 14 or later to apply this method.

Find out exactly how to configure the shortcut and automate with our step-by-step tutorial for altering your iPhone wallpaper according to a timetable.

Set up automatic switching between Dark and Light Mode

The earlier versions of the iOS Shortcuts application couldn’t change your iPhone’s appearance when it was unlocked, the automated mode is now available in iOS 15 and higher.

This means that you can set up your iPhone to change from Light Mode and Dark Mode.

  • Set an appointment that will switch between Light as well as Dark Mode within the Settings app (Shortcuts aren’t necessary). You’ll need to select that option when you’re using an older version of iOS that is more recent than iOS 15.
  • Make personal automatizations from the Shortcuts application to execute the Set Appearance action at specific dates. The option isn’t restricted to two times per day; you can make as many personal time-based automatons as you like to alter your wallpaper during the day.

Utilize a Jailbreak tweak to create Custom Dark and Light Wallpapers

If you’re running jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can test using the DynaWall hack for jailbreak. The $2.79 app lets you pick two images to make a wallpaper that can change to match the Dark and Light Modes.

What is the reason it’s a jailbreak-only option? The app will install the custom wallpaper within the Settings app , as like a built-in wallpaper. The benefit can be that it allows the background can adjust whenever your iPhone changes its appearance. No timers or other automation are needed.

Naturally, it will require you to understand the methods to hack your iPhone If you’ve not already done it.

Customize Your iPhone with Flexible Wallpapers

The wallpaper on your iPhone is typically an image that is static. However, you can give an entirely different dynamic for the wallpaper on your iPhone by setting its wallpaper to be matched to Dark and Light Mode.

Select the method that is most effectively for your configuration and then let the background of your iPhone change according to its appearance.

If you’d like to make a more engaging wallpaper, you can try making use of Live Photos Live Photo as a wallpaper.

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