How to adjust Google Ad Settings to Protect topics

Have greater control over the adverts that you get on Google.

Google has finally allowed users to block more sensitive ads. After introducing gaming and alcohol advertising restrictions in 2020, the firm has added pregnancy, dating, parenting, as well as weight loss to its list.The possibility of applying the restrictions is a welcome change, particularly since people have been asking for this for many years.

The Sensitive Settings for Google’s Ads for Ads: A Gratification Change

Since the beginning of time, people have sought a way to limit their experience with ads and block specific advertisements or categories they’d prefer not to be able to see. After making the first step in the year 2020, Google has now added additional ad categories.

In all likelihood, the internet is full of mothers who have lost their baby and experiencing their grief aggravated each time they come across ads for strollers or baby clothing.

It’s the same regarding those struggling with gambling addictions and alcohol weight loss, or those who do not wish to be in a relationship and would prefer not to be greeted with Tinder advertisements every single day. In addition, we are prone to seeing the same ads daily and it can cause more problems.

However, Google can’t wave a magic wand and eliminate the ads. However, it can restrict their appearance on the Google Display Network and YouTube. You won’t be able to notice them when you run Google search results or visit websites with advertisements from Google or YouTube.

How can you adjust the sensitive Ad Category?

Making adjustments to your advertising settings by adjusting your settings on Google can be extremely helpful. This way you can have a small amount of control over the advertisements you see.

Here’s how you can accomplish this:

  1. Log into the website of your Google account. In Chrome for example you can open an entirely new tab. Click on your photo on the right-hand side of the screen. Then, click the Manage tab. Google Account.
  2. Then, on the next page select Privacy and data.
  3. On the next page, you are on, scroll down until you reach where you will find the setting for the ads area, and click on personalization for your Ad.
  4. If the list isn’t expanded, click Advanced.
  5. Browse through the hundreds of subjects Google has discovered for you until you are in the ads that are sensitive to you on the YouTube page.
  6. The five categories are that are displayed using the Click to see a fewer button to the right.
  7. Select between alcohol and gambling, as well as dating Pregnancy Parenting, and weight loss. You can also opt to make them all a part of your life.
  8. Simply click the See less option for your category, and then select to continue when asked.
  9. You’re done!

If you wish to change your mind at any time you can go back to the section, and then press the Allow button, which now appears instead of the Look a little less button from earlier.

Avoiding Sensitive Ad Topics

That Google listens to the opinions of its users is a wonderful factor, particularly considering that the topics chosen can be very triggering for people who are struggling with addiction, illness, or loss.

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