How do you download YouTube videos onto Your iPhone’s Camera Roll

Find out how you can download YouTube videos onto the iPhone as well as save them on your Camera Roll and other methods to download them.

Because YouTube utilizes a lot of data Because it uses so much data, saving YouTube video clips to your iPhone is a great idea. However, watching YouTube offline can be a difficult business.
If you’re willing to pay for the privilege, you can sign up to YouTube Premium to watch without advertisements and download videos to watch offline. However, you’ll still need to stream the videos via the YouTube application.

What if you wanted to archive YouTube videos to watch through your Camera Roll? We’ll show you how and it’s not a requirement for jailbreaking or other illegal.

How do you download YouTube Videos into the iPhone Camera Roll?

Unfortunately, the YouTube videos downloader applications available for iPhone that are available in the App Store aren’t able to last for long. Avoid using any of them, as Apple will delete them within a short period of time. Check out our discussion on how legal it is to download YouTube video clips for more information about this.

Thankfully that downloading YouTube videos onto your iPhone is a breeze. You just need a tiny solution by using the browser.

The first step is to install the free application Documents from Readdle. It’s a file management application that includes a web browser. This makes it ideal for the task of downloading YouTube videos and saving them to your Camera Roll.

Since iOS 13 was released, there’s no Camera Roll folder on iPhone. It’s replaced by its recent folder, which is found in the Albums tab of the Photos app. The method works in exactly the same way and lets users view YouTube videos using your Photos apps on your iPhone.

Then, find the YouTube video you wish to download. It is possible to utilize the official YouTube app to accomplish this. Simply open the video, and click Share after which you can choose the Copy option..

After you’ve got your link copied, head to the Documents application. It’s likely to take you through an introduction the first time you try the app, but you’ll be able to ignore the prompt for upgrading to the higher-end version application.

Once you’re in Documents you can select the browser icon located in the lower-right corner to launch the app’s built-in browser. Browse to the website that downloads YouTube videos like Btclod or X2Download. These sites are not always available therefore, you can search Google for a similar alternative if one of the options fails to work.

The YouTube video can be downloaded to your iPhone

On the download page click within the search or paste field, and then select to paste to add the URL to the YouTube video. Click the button beside the field to begin making the video available in the format that is downloadable.

After a few seconds, it will create downloading links to your videos. Depending on the website you go to you might see one link or a variety of links with various quality levels or even the option of downloading only MP3 sound ( MP3). Click on the option Video option, or similar, and select the quality you prefer.

In the example below in the below example, in the below example, 1080p video has around 95MB and the version with 480p version only has 20MB.

Click click on the Download button to download your video when it’s finished. It will open a Documents window that will give you options regarding what to do with the video.

If you’d like, alter the name to something that is shorter or more specific. The default location for saving files to My Downloads and Files is good but you should not transfer it to another location. Also, you can deactivate your “Ask Me Every Time” option if you wish to save any future downloads in the same folder on a regular basis.

Click Do and download YouTube’s video onto your iPhone. If you’d like to see the progress of downloading, click on the downloads button located on the bottom bar of the Documents app.

Uploading the YouTube video to your Camera Roll

You’ll need to transfer the downloaded video to the point that it is visible on your camera Roll. The Documents application makes it easy and also.

Click on the folder icon in the lower-left corner of the application to quit the browser and return into the manager for files. After that, browse to the downloads folder, which will be listed beneath the My Files heading. If you didn’t save your video in the default location for Downloads then open the folder you saved it.

Click the Ellipsis icon next to the file that you just downloaded, then click to move. On the Moving page, you should see a Photos folder. page, you’ll find the photos folder in My Documents. Click photos to see if it’s there. Due to the privacy features of the latest versions of iOS you’ll be asked to let the Documents application to access your photos. Click “Allow access to ALL Photos” in order for it to work in a proper manner.

Once you’re done, click after that, click the move button in the top-right to complete the procedure.

You’ve successfully uploaded the YouTube film to Camera Roll right now. To view it, launch your Photo apps on your smartphone. The video will be displayed within the folder called Recents of the Albums tab as well in the option for Videos in the Media Types at the end of the album page. Also, it will show as the most recent item in the the Library tab, which is called All Photos..

If you’d would like to, open the video and play it within the Documents app to explore other options, such as switching the zoom, or altering actions to regulate playback.

Other ways to download YouTube Videos onto Your iPhone

We’ve covered our Camera Roll method above because many people would like to download YouTube videos to that folder. However, this isn’t the only method to save YouTube videos onto the iPhone as well as iPad.

As we’ve already mentioned, YouTube Premium has numerous advantages. One of them is the possibility of downloading videos offline to view whenever you want. If you watch a lot of online videos on your iPhone the cost per month is worth it due to the convenience. Additionally, it’s an official method of streaming, so you won’t be putting yourself at risk by committing any violation of the rules.

In YouTube Premium you simply must tap the Download button for any of the videos that is available in the app. It will store all the downloaded videos in one location to make it easier to watch. But, you cannot export them to view outside the YouTube app and they’ll end up expiring when you unsubscribe from YouTube Premium.

If you do not want to spend money on the Premium version, utilize an large YouTube downloading program on your computer, which is quicker. Once you’ve had the videos downloaded to your PC, upload them to the iPhone using the USB cable or by using wireless methods.

If you don’t, you could employ the awkward but feasible solution to making a recording of the iPhone screen when you play the video. But, it will require you to play the entire film, which may not be the best option. This also doesn’t offer the best quality video.

Download YouTube Videos to your iPhone and watch them from anywhere

By using these methods the user can download YouTube movies to the iPhone to avoid relying on the YouTube application or service to stream the videos. Camera Roll is the Camera Roll method is the ideal choice for the majority of people, because it makes them readily accessible, and you don’t have to transfer files from another device.

There’s a lot to see on YouTube So make sure that you’re up-to-date on the most popular YouTube channels even if you’re not certain of what you should download.

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