Duolingo Math now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

After a teaser in 2021, Duolingo formally unveiled its new Math app back in August. As its name implies, Duolingo Math is now fully accessible on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. The app’s goal is to aid people—particularly kids—in learning and improving their arithmetic abilities.

The program from Duolingo, which teaches other languages simply and enjoyably, has gained popularity. The business has been extending its expertise to other areas of education, such as teaching children the fundamentals of reading with Duolingo ABC and now teaching them arithmetic with the brand-new Duolingo Math app.

Finally, Duolingo Math is accessible to iOS users (which had the first beta of version 16.2 released). The program, which gained notoriety for teaching its users languages, broke the announcement in August as it started to expand its operations. The program is already beginning to teach math to kids and even adults as a result.

The software initially offers content in two levels of difficulty: one with more elementary-level information, and another one titled “brain training” that targets a more advanced age range. Everyone who downloads the app to their iPhone or iPad will often be prompted with questions about the following:

  • Fractions;
  • Multiplication;
  • Division;
  • Geometry;
  • Measures;

Similar problems may be noticed in both difficulties, although the adult training part will include more difficult tasks and more sophisticated information. All of the information is accompanied by several graphic components that are similar to those in Duolingo’s language versions.

The program is there to attempt to reduce the users’ anxiety when it comes to math. 93% of individuals in the United States have this ailment, according to a poll conducted by the business. In this approach, the software aims to increase everyone’s access to math and make it enjoyable.

Duolingo Math Aims to Help Users With Math Anxiety

Duolingo Math Aims to Help Users With Math Anxiety

According to Engadget, a poll done by Duolingo revealed that over half of high school students had significant levels of arithmetic anxiety, compared to 93% of people in the United States who have experienced math anxiety.

Since those statistics on math education have declined since the epidemic, the business has opted to make math more approachable with Duolingo Math, according to Tech Crunch.

Because of this, Siegel and four other coworkers created the Duolingo Math app to assist users—especially kids—in overcoming their arithmetic fear.

Also, according to the research, adult brain training measures have supplanted kid math anxiety, which is why developers are attempting to create an app for adults as well.

According to Siegel, this application will initially be free and feature a math program that increases in complexity as users advance through the challenges.

Currently, Duolingo Math is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and select iPod Touch models, but the firm intends to soon make it available on Android devices as well.

With additional math-focused apps like Khan Academy, Brilliant.org, Photomath, Numerate, and Symbolab, Duolingo Math is now in direct competition.

The Duolingo app, which emphasizes language learning and literacy, will continue to receive the majority of the company’s funding, according to CEO and co-founder Luis VonAhn.

Duolingo Math was designed for kids, but it works for adults too

According to a study done by Duolingo, many people dislike arithmetic since they struggled with it in primary school. Parents who have gone through this are frequently unable to assist their kids with arithmetic education as a result.

The business claims that Duolingo Math provides instruction in primary mathematics to provide younger children with a solid foundation. The software offers lessons on area and perimeter, geometry, measures, multiplication, division, fractions, measurements, and decimals. The new Math app uses mini-games and challenges to encourage students to finish classes, much like the company’s main app does.

Math plays a significant role in every aspect of our daily lives, from fractions lessons in the classroom to tip calculations at restaurants. And isn’t it about time math lessons became a little more enjoyable? Duolingo Math fills this gap: This no-cost program aims to make math learning an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Although the program is intended for kids, Duolingo points out that adults may also use it to review and improve their arithmetic abilities. The corporation leaves open the possibility of including trickier workouts in the future.

The Duolingo Math app is now free on the App Store if you want to give it a try.

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