Catfish Cooley Net Worth in 2023

Catfish Cooley is a Comedian with a $1 Million net worth. Catfish Cooley’s date of birth is May 2, 1990. Comedian who became famous because to the Tosh. This episode of the programme was episode 27 of season seven. That same year (2018), he joined Ginger Billy on the Nitro Comedy Tour.

Catfish Cooley is an American comedian and YouTube star. He became famous after posting his videos on the video-sharing website YouTube. His videos have gained more than 25 million views, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in America today.

Catfish Cooley Early Life And Family

Catfish Cooley was born on May 2, 1990. He was born in the United States of America and has a brother and a sister. His parents got divorced later. Comedian who became famous because to the Tosh. This episode of the programme was episode 27 of season seven. That same year (2018), he joined Ginger Billy on the Nitro Comedy Tour.

Catfish Cooley’s birth name was David. On that day in 1990, May 2, he was born. His dad was Charles Cooley, and nobody knows who his mom was. At the corporation where Father Charles worked, he oversaw the building department. His grandfather eventually wed Lawanda. This strikingly genuine character hails from the American state of Louisiana. Since he is from the South and his family has a history of poverty, he is often stereotyped as a “redneck.” As a result of his ability to blend sad and scenic elements into his comedy, he stands apart from other performers.

His spectacular performances in his videos are mostly due to his distinctive manner of speaking.

For high school, Cooley went to Pitkin’s Louisiana school. The specifics of his post-graduate education are unknown. Satire is a skill he’s had since he was a young man, and it shows. David Allen Cooley’s wife is Monica West Cooley. They have two gorgeous kids, Zooey and Tyler. David’s second set of kids came from that union. With his first marriage, he had two wonderful children. The identity of the first spouse remains concealed.

Catfish Cooley Career and Milestones

Comedian who was well-liked by the Tosh. His name appeared in episode 27 of season 7 of the programme. He joined Ginger Billy on the 2018 Nitro Comedy Tour.

  • In 2017, he made a YouTube video that launched his career. He often provides contextual comments on topics that people encounter in their daily lives on his channel. His commentary is kind in tone.
  • He posted a video on his channel that sent a powerful message about smoking cessation. Millions of people across the globe were moved by this incredible film.
  • Out of all of his videos, the one from his “Whiskey Wednesday” series titled “Sooner” has become an Internet classic.
  • On the ‘Nitro Comedy Tour’ with Ginger Billy, he collaborated with Bang Productions.

Catfish Cooley funny videos

Catfish Cooley is a YouTuber and comedian who has been making funny videos since 2014. He has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, where he posts short films and other content that can be found on his channel.

Catfish is also known for his music career as well, having released a few albums under the name “Catfish Cooley” in 2011 and 2012.

How many subscribers does Catfish Cooley have?

Catfish Cooley has over 302k subscribers on YouTube and over 25.4 million views on his videos, which was created in July 2017. His channel is named Catfish Cooley

How much does Catfish Cooley make on Youtube?

Catfish Cooley is a Youtube comedian who has more than 302k subscribers. His Youtube channel has made him $1,600 per month from YouTube ads, and he makes about $1.5 million (overall) per year from them as well.

You can see Catfish Cooley’s net worth increasing with each new video released on his channel (which happens quite often). He also posts videos on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter where he shares his thoughts about life or just rants about random things that happened during the day at work or school…whatever it may be at any given time when you look through all of his posts online…you’ll find something interesting in each one!

Few Things about Catfish That You Didn’t Know

Catfish Cooley is a YouTube comedian and one of the most successful YouTubers in the world. He has over 302k subscribers on his channel, and he makes money from it by selling merchandise and advertisements to his fans.

Catfish Cooley grew up in Louisiana, where he was able to learn about fishing from his father who had an apartment complex that included a fishing lake located near their home. In fact, it’s still used as a fishing spot today!


Due to his popularity as an attention-getter on social media, Catfish Cooley earns the most of his money from YouTube and Instagram. Estimates put his YouTube views at 22 million overall. Because he has 250K members on his channel, he makes $1,600 per month. Instagram contributes $1,400 a month to his extra income. He is worth a total of $1 million.

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