9 Free Fan-Made Pokemon MMOs All Trainers Will Love

Here are the most fan-created Pokemon MMOs that are available on the internet. They combine all of the features that are familiar to players of the main Pokemon games.

Pokemon Go isn’t just a game. For a few people, it’s the fulfillment of a wish. Since the beginning fans have longed for the Pokemon MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that lets players compete against each other like actual Pokemon trainers.Although Pokemon Go is still wildly loved by fans, some have created their versions that play the same game. These are the top fan-created Pokemon MMOs that are on the internet. They incorporate several of the elements that are part of Pokemon games, and all for absolutely no cost.

Disclaimer: The games listed below although they are all the results that require a lot of effort, aren’t officially licensed Pokemon games online. Take advantage of these games while they last because Nintendo could close them down in the future.

1. Pokemon Revolution Online

If you’re looking for games that are created by fans, Pokemon Revolution Online is the top choice. From the details on sprite detail to the music, it all appears to be an authentic Pokemon game. It also features amazing ambient graphics that alter depending on the weather and the time of day.

The basic game is amazing by itself, however, Pokemon Revolution Online also adds every month new features and all for no cost. There is the option to join Pokemon multiplayer, or to form your guild to explore regions like the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions and other regions that you can customize.

This game offers hours of fun. The map is massive and the game is very multiplayer. You can join other guilds and participate in player-versus-player (PvP) battles that are similar to the real MMO. Pokemon Revolution is, without doubt, one of the most popular games, if not the most popular multiplayer Pokemon game available online.

2. PokeMMO

Another winner for the top spot for most fan-made Pokemon MMO available with a fitting name, the PokeMMO is a game that brings this iconic Pokemon game into the contemporary age.

Of course, it comes with everything you a Pokemon fan could want such as a massive Pokemon library, an enormous map, vibrant graphics, stunning sprite animations, and other things. It also lets you build bases that resemble the secret base features that are available in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It’s far superior to creating older Pokemon games on Android anytime you’d like to create bases.

The Pokemon web game has become hugely loved and refined. To play it, you’ll have to access, download and then unzip a ROM from Pokemon Black 1 or White 1. Other ROM installation options are FireRed, Emerald, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, and can provide additional visual and graphic content.

To provide everything you’ll require, the developer’s instructions provide a detailed explanation of how to start this Pokemon MMORPG running.

3. Pokemon World Online

Pokemon World Online (PWO) is a long-standing classic of Pokemon MMO games online. Although it’s old it’s still among the top online Pokemon games on the market. It’s also among the most comprehensive with regards to Pokemon stats and features accessibility.

PWO has a separate application which makes it better than the browser-based options. This gives it a unique feel and smoothness, which gives it the appearance of an actual Pokemon MMORPG, in comparison to other, more popular games similar to this.

The Pokemon browser game comes with a largely customizable UI. Instead of a vibrant setting, you can adapt the design of the game to suit your preferences and concentrate on fighting rather than the setting. It’s an old-fashioned Pokemon experience, but with more deliberate gameplay, sure to keep both new and old Pokemon players for many hours.

4. Pokemon Planet

When it comes to free Pokemon games are concerned, Pokemon Planet is fun and exciting. The play area, as well as the Pokemon library, are enormous and the game is authentic to its Pokemon series. It doesn’t require downloading it, which makes this one of the top available Pokemon web games to play.

Pokemon Planet also has an interactive Pokemon event known as Clan Wars–players of different clans fight during specific times of the week. You can even create your clan if you wish to.

You can join with friends or play alone. Although this online Pokemon game doesn’t offer much in terms of an individual-player story mode It’s an excellent game that is multiplayer-based on the browser and has many items as well as Pokemon for even the ardent Pokemon enthusiast entertained.

5. Pokemon MMO 3D

Pokemon MMO 3D’s primary focus will be on combat animation, rather than modeling the environment, however, we’re still awestruck each time we log in. This isn’t an official effort for professionals in the field of development. Fans bring dreams to reality.

Pokemon MMO 3D provides little in terms of story. What it does have is what people would expect from a 3D rendition of Pokemon You can summon and fight Pokemon in a 3D setting with all your favorite Pokemon.

6. PokeOne

pokemon are the latest version of this group of Pokemon multiplayer games. It could even outdo many of these other free Pokemon games to be the top Pokemon online MMORPG, for the time being.

PokeOne originates from the developers of Pokemon Revolution Online and it’s a good example. This innovative version of Pokemon multiplayer lets you participate in exciting tournaments and events as well as the ability to connect and interact with trainers from other teams.

To download PokeOne You’ll need to sign up to to the PokeOne Discord first. Then, you’ll be able to download the link to download, and then you’re good to go.

7. Pokemon Rise

Pokemon Rise is like an actual canon Pokemon game. The browser-based Pokemon game includes all the features that your standard Pokemon game has to offer. Explore 25 towns across the vast map, catch more than 700 different Pokemon and fight in battles against other players.

It’s not just that Pokemon Rise comes with a variety of features, but it also comes with a captivating storyline. The character is placed in a new location following an assignment from Professor Aspen. In this particular area, Pokemon Trainers began to form clans to take over all Gyms.

In your quest to capture every Pokemon the objective is to build the most profitable clan. It’s a fascinating spin on one of the top franchises.

8. Pokemon Pets

Pokemon Pets might appear like a bit old-fashioned however it’s just like every different Pokemon online MMORPG in this list. The Pokemon browser game was released in 2014, which gives the creators plenty of time to incorporate incredible features.

The game includes more than 2,500 Pokemon however, they’re not all originally from Pokemon games. The creators of the game call these new fake Pokemon “Fakemon,” and those who are part of the Pokemon Pets community are responsible for the creation of the new miniature beasts.

In addition to exciting PvP battles, Pokemon Pets also offers weekly boss fights and rewards, as well as daily challenges as well as endless battles on towers. When you’re proficient enough, you could find yourself in the very top spot on the Pokémon Pets leaderboard.

Play With a Team of Trainers in These Pokemon MMOs

You’ve played the Pokemon games and even tried Pokemon Go, and are waiting to play more. Try an online experience using any or all of these Pokemon MMO games listed above.

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