8 Geeky Prank Sites to Fool Your Friends

If you’re looking to trick your pals with online hacking or technology-related jokes Here are eight cool websites that can aid you in your quest!

If you’re planning to play an online prank on your pals You don’t need the skills of an expert in computers! There are many fun prank websites that can be used to make fun of your pals.

If you’re looking to satisfy your inner troll but aren’t looking to overdo it We have the tools you’re looking for! From a hacker-themed prank simulator and a fraudulent hacking site Here are seven cool websites to trick your friends!

1. Pranx

Pranx is among the most entertaining prank websites. When you sign onto the website you’ll be able to select from a range of geeky Pranks. This is a good option for those seeking a simple and entertaining joke.

On the right-hand side, there are various icons, including:

  • Interpol database.
  • Nuclear power plant.
  • Cracker of passwords.
  • Bitcoin miner.
  • Code rain.
  • DOS Simulator.

The website has a simplewhite background and allows you to select among a wide range of tricks you can play. It appears to be it’s a gaming site for video however you can perform a Prank by clicking on one of the options available. It works with mobile devices, too.

Pranx’s hacker simulator can make appear as if your computer is being targeted. It even has a fun game that continuously loops Windows updates on your computer! The hacker applications are quite convincing and convincing, too. When you launch”the “Fake Virus” program, it will show you a screen that resembles a screen that has been compromised.

It’s got a pretty simple interface, and this is what makes it impressive! There are many alarms you can configure in this hacker prank simulator, as well as things such as:

  • Installing malware.
  • Self-destruct countdown.
  • The downloading of personal or confidential information.
  • Top secret warnings.

2. Hacker Typer

If you want people to believe that you’re an expert hacker or code expert, Hacker Typer is just what you require for the most impressive trick. This is the best way to smack your coworker who will not stop looking at your computer screen. Even if you’re not able to write the basics of programming, Hacker Typer will ensure that you look like an expert in coding.

The website is black in the background with an animated cursor at the left-hand side of the screen. Hit any key, and you’ll begin creating code like a professional. It’s obvious that the code is code, but the eyes aren’t aware of it!

After a brief time when the website is not responding, it displays the “Access Denied” error, which makes it appear as if you tried to hack an extremely secure database!

You can change the speed, size, font, and color of the site as you wish. The website also offers several hyperlinks for those who wish to know more about cybersecurity. This is an excellent addition.

3. Geek Prank

GeekPrank is another geeky site that allows you to play an entertaining prank on your acquaintances. The interface is exactly like Windows XP, so it’s an entertaining way to make your pals believe they’ve been replaced by a different operating system.

There are plenty of alternatives for pranks, which include choices such as:

  • Warning about fake viruses.
  • FBI lock.
  • Cracked screen.
  • TV (white) sound on the screen.
  • Hacker alert.
  • Matrix rain. Matrix rain.

It also displays its Blue Screen of Death at random intervals, and it appears to rewind automatically. The cursor disappears on the web page when you do this. If you don’t keep it full screen, the user won’t know what has transpired to their computer, unless they tell them or they shrink the screen on their own!

4. WhatsFake

The next one on the list next on the list is WhatsFake. Simply put, it’s a counterfeit chat engine. It is possible to customize all aspects of your display including the profile image of chats to even the clock on your phone.

If you’re looking to make an extremely convincing WhatsApp message to fool your acquaintances it’s a great site to check out. There’s no fake hacking site however if you are able to truly sell the message, you’ll have an abundance of ways to fool your pals with this nerdy website.

5. The Google Terminal

If you’d like to appear as an old-fashioned web user to your fellow web users, check out Google Terminal. It was designed to show the way Google might have looked back in the early 1980s The inspiration for the design is amazing. It is possible to add search phrases and press keys to start searches.

It also references old machines like Apple II, the Commodore 64 and the Apple II. As per the theme, the cursor doesn’t function on the website therefore all features are accessible through the keyboard.

It’s a fun take on the way Google might have looked than 30 years back. There are a variety of different display options that include:

  • Google Underwater.
  • Google Mirror.
  • and the hackable game version. Offline Dinosaur game!

6. Fake Update

Who doesn’t dislike those unintentional Windows updates? If you’re looking to create an entertaining trick on your friend’s computer to simulate the screen for updating, Fake Update is just the thing you’re looking for. Once you sign in you’ll be given the option of choosing one of the loading screens. There are options on the site, such as:

  • Windows 98.
  • macOS.
  • Windows 7.
  • Windows 10.
  • Steam.

Select one and it’ll instantly hide the cursor, and begin running an update that doesn’t ever finish. You can set it to full-screen whenever your friend leaves work for a while and watch them become frustrated with their computer screen.

7. ShadyURL

Shady URL is a hilarious website that disguises your links to shady content. As you see in the above the site has transformed Twitter into a highly suspicious link. You can forward these hyperlinks to your friends and watch them panic especially if they’re in an unsupervised network.

8. Update Faker

If you’re interested in faking an update to your system then you must try the Update Faker. Update Faker lets you fool your family, friends members, or colleagues by creating it appear like you’re running a fake update on your computer.

It lets you select from a range of operating system updates such as macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11, and even Windows 98. It’s a straightforward platform that allows you to quickly select from a variety of update screens.

All you need to do is set an update option and open the full-screen window. It’s easy to set up, meaning you can set it up as soon as your colleague or friend quits their workstation. And then, be patient as they sit and wait for the endless loading screen to end!

Start Having a Bit of Fun!

If you are more and more bored you can start having a little fun by using these prank websites that are geeky. Websites such as Hacker Prank Simulator or GeekPrank are perfect to test out if you’re looking to let some stress off your work.

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