6 Websites that Offer Ambient Coffee Shop Sound to help you stay productive

Cafés can aid you to stay focused and help you get into the flow. These websites can bring the relaxing sound of a cafe to you.Ambient music in the background is a great way to keep yourself focused. In fact, a moderate level of what can be considered as “noise” can actually enhance your ability to think creatively because your brain works harder to overcome the surrounding distractions.

No matter if you’re a fan of coffee or just looking for an alternative to the usual atmosphere cafes have become an option for everyone looking to be productive and focused. These are the six sites that will bring the café experience right to your doorstep.

1. I Miss My Cafe

If you’re looking to tweak and recreate the vibe of your favorite café Look for a way to do it. I Miss My Cafe is one of the best-looking designed websites available for sounds from coffee shops. It’s an absolute highlight if you are also interested in having something attractive to view. The homepage is beautifully designed and simple, with lines and clear fonts.

One of the main advantages that is unique to I Miss My Cafe is the ability to personalize your ideal mix of sound that is particular to a cafe. From the recorded voice of baristas talking to customers, to the exact volume of machines and cups You can switch between a variety of distinctive sounds and adjust the volume according to your preference.

This makes this website an excellent choice for those who are very particular about the sound you hear and prefer total control and personalization. You can also alter the direction that your sound pans from left to right and right.

This is a fantastic site to visit for those who are music lovers who likes to listen to the music playlist at the local café. They also have the Spotify playlist to improve the experience, however, you’ll only be able to enjoy 30-second previews only if you’re not logged in to Spotify. Overall, this is the most effective website for customizing an experience that is pure and authentic.

2. Coffivity

If you’re looking for specifically designed and pre-blended sound to enhance your experience in a virtual cafe take a look at Coffivity. While there’s an upgraded version that comes with more sounds (with particular themes for specific locations) The free sound are sufficient for the average person. When it comes to control the only options are being able to change the volume, or pausing the sounds and then relaunching them.

They provide the Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones for free, each offering various levels of interaction and energy. But, you can choose to upgrade your subscription for $9 per year. This gives you access to 3 more high-quality soundscapes that can transport you to cafes all over the globe.

Coffivity is also a good site to look at if you are looking for additional resources for productivity, in addition to only the sound of the coffee shop. This is the site to find an array of pre-blended audio environments, while being simple and user-friendly.

3. Hipstersound

Hipstersound is a beautiful site that gives you various cafes to listen to. It’s also the one that we have included on our list of the best additional features can be utilized to improve the sound quality.

Like Coffivity the website is freemium in nature. You can access three demos that are available to the public that include Buzz of a Busy Texas Cafe, Les Charmant Cafes des Paris as well as Gentle Hum that comes from a quiet Restaurant.

You can also tweak your audio with additional audio effects that vary based on the music you choose. The unique environments that you can recreate include jazz bars as well as guitar bands as well as an French partner, and much more.

Additionally, you the timer can be set to muffle the audio for 30 or one hour. This is a great reminder of the length of time you’ve worked and helps to block out breaks.

If you’d like to gain access to all of their premium features, you’ll need to pay the price of $24 for one year access and $29 for two years of access. They aren’t auto-renewing subscriptions. Premium membership gives you 5 additional Café soundscapes available from Hipstersound. You also get access to the best nature and positive music by Asmrion as well as Rainbowhunt.

4. Rainy Cafe

If you’re in search of simplicity for, then you can’t get any easier then Rainy Cafe. On this site there are only two sounds that you can turn between off and on to switch between: the Cafe and the rain.

While you are able to adjust the volume for both of these sounds, there’s no other option to customize and what you hear is what you receive. In addition this means that you can listen to thunder (moderate thunder effects are included).

This is the perfect option for those who do not need to choose. Because it’s straight to main point, you won’t need to make a decision between cafés or fret about blending your components perfectly. Just turn the sound on and start working.

5. Cafe Restaurant

Cafe Restaurant is one portion of a site called myNoise. In this section you can choose to design your own cafe’s audio mix by adjusting the volume of different sounds. In addition, you can design your own coffee shop, you can also create a virtual restaurant with the addition of kitchen and restaurant sound effects.

You can also implement a bell for meditation that will be triggered at different intervals, or set up timers to increase productivity, and even save your music. The sidebar comes with pre-set sounds for various settings, such as Caféteria or table for One.

This is a fantastic website if you’re looking to go beyond the sounds of cafes to enjoy other sounds of chattering patrons. It’s also great if would like to be able to manage as well as save audio mix.

6. LifeAt

This site enhances the experience of a virtual cafe to a new level. It not only provides you with the sounds of working in a café and a cafe, but it also makes you be able to feel as if you’re at a table, enjoying coffee while doing your work.

LifeAt offers you videos of work locations across the globe and has one specific category specifically for cafes. You can change the cafe’s scenery and save your most-loved locations as the form of a playlist.

It is difficult to control the soundscape since it is only possible to adjust the volume. But the experience of being able see the cafe is worth the lack of control. The sidebar has an inbuilt Pomodoro timer However, it is locked to 25-minute blocks for work. Additionally, you can find the lo-fi Spotify playlist, but you’ll have to log in to access the full-length music.

If you have a second monitor , or another method of viewing the live stream in a clear way it is an amazing performance experience that you should try.

Time to be Productive

If you’ve found the perfect place to go for flawlessly blended coffee shop sounds and sounds, it’s time working. You can choose to go with the basic one-and-done sound from Rainy Cafe, or want to become your own remixer on (Restaurant) You’ll experience more productivity thanks to these background soundscapes.

Get a good cup of coffee and tune in to your new favorite music and then let yourself be productive.

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