6 Ways to Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

Find out what you can do to fix you’re iPhone that remains stuck in your Apple logo and isn’t turning on. Don’t be worried as you’ll be able to repair it by yourself. It’s quite a pain when you suddenly you realize the iPhone is stuck in your Apple logo and will not start your Home screen. The positive side is that the phone isn’t damaged. There are many options to use in the event that your iPhone has stopped with an Apple logo.

In this article, we’ll give you the causes of why your iPhone may get stuck at the Apple logo, and we’ll then provide options to resolve this issue for you.

Why Your iPhone Won’t Turn On and Gets Stuck on the Apple Logo

If you’re iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo and is constantly shutting off, don’t panic. This issue is more frequent than you imagine. Most of the time it is fixable without needing to visit an expert on mobile phones.

Before we get to anything else we’ll first look at the reasons why your iPhone is stuck at that Apple logo. There are many reasons why your iPhone isn’t able to get past the initial booting phase, for example:

  • The phone’s operating system is damaged. This can happen in the course of data transfer, or while installing the most recent iOS update on an old iPhone model.
  • It was possible to restore damaged files via your iCloud and iTunes backup.
  • The iPhone was jailbroken and it could have caused some software issues, like an in-boot loop.
  • You fell on the iPhone with a force that caused damage to the internal components.
  • Your iPhone has been damaged by water. Be aware that even though the iPhone is water resistant, however, it’s not waterproof.

The web is full of solutions for the iPhone screen that is dying and the best way to repair it. But the reality is that there’s no cure-all to this issue. Here are some tips for repair to help you to revive your loved iPhone when it’s stuck on the screen with the Apple Logo screen.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Inducing you to force your iPhone to reboot could solve this issue. However, the different iPhone models need different strategies to restart.

for An iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later

Release hold of the volume up button. Then do exactly the same thing using pressing and releasing the volume down button. Press while holding the handset’s Right button for a few seconds until an Apple logo is displayed. Make sure to press and hold in the right order, or your phone may send a text message to your SOS contacts.

During the process of rebooting it’s normal that the screen flashes prior to shutting down. It will then reboot, but it won’t get into a boot loop. This procedure solves the majority of problems however there are instances where it doesn’t work.

For an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Hold and press both the side button as well as hold the Side button as well as the volume down button simultaneously. For a couple of seconds, wait until the phone reboots, and the Apple logo is displayed again before you release it.

To be used with the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE (1st generation), or earlier

Hold and press your home button as well as The sleep/wake button for a couple of seconds until it appears that the Apple logo fades away. If the logo is visible it is time to release both buttons.

2. Reinstall iOS

If after the restart force, the iPhone isn’t working properly after its Apple logo, you can try restarting iOS instead. It’s likely that your device was interrupted in mid-updating and caused iOS to corrupt.

It is possible to connect the iPhone to a computer. If you’re using macOS Catalina or later, start the Finder first. If you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac using macOS Mojave or earlier, launch the iTunes app instead.

Find your iPhone within Finder as well as iTunes. Once linked, you can follow the steps above to force it to restart repeatedly and hold the buttons that are involved in the process until you’re able to see your Recovery Mode screen on your iPhone that displays the computer icon.

If you are presented with the option to restore or update Choose the option to update. It will then download the update and install iOS without erasing any data.

3. Use System Repair Programs

If the first two options did not work, you can try paying or free system repair software. There is a tutorial on how to utilize iMyFone Fixppo to repair the issue of an iPhone that is stuck at the Apple logo. These apps are helpful for fixing a range of iPhone problems, such as the notorious incident when iPhone 11 devices became stuck at the Apple logo.

Other iOS programs for system recovery are Dr. Fone, TunesKit, Tenorshare Reiboot, and FonePaw.

4. Do a Factory Restore

Another way to fix the problem if the iPhone isn’t turning to turn on is to perform the factory restore. This will erase all your information on your phone. The process of recovering your data afterward is much simpler when you backup the iPhone’s data to your computer or in iCloud.

If you don’t have backups then you’ll lose all your data once you finish this step.

For a factory restoration to be completed start by entering Recovery Mode as described in the earlier sections. However, instead of deciding to upgrade your iPhone choose to select the restore alternative on your PC instead. We suggest doing this only after having exhausted all other options.

5. Try a DFU Restore

The Device Firmware Update Mode (DFU mode) is a restoration option for your iPhone which replaces any broken firmware and software with the latest code. In the end, there are a lot of iPhone issues that can be solved by using DFU modes.

While it’s not recommended for devices that are physically damaged You can still try this technique even if your iPhone isn’t in that category.

If you want to apply this method when you’re iPhone is stuck at an Apple logo, first, connect an apple-approved USB cable that connects your iPhone to the computer. Follow the steps in accordance with the model of your iPhone model.

When you’ve completed the last step for every iPhone model, ensure that the display remains black. If it is, you’re in DFU mode and you must follow the steps on your PC.

However, if you’re seeing your iPhone display or iTunes icon It’s probably in Recovery Mode. Connect the iPhone and your laptop, and then follow the steps listed below. Be sure to have the correct timing.

To use the iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later

These steps are to be followed:

  1. Hit the Volume Up button, then release it. Do exactly the same using it’s button for the Volume Down button.
  2. Hold and press your side button. After that, when you’re presented with an black screen, hold and press the button to turn the volume down. button.
  3. Continue to hold these buttons for around five minutes. Release your side button, but hold your button for the Volume down button.
  4. Follow the prompts on your computer.

For an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

These steps are to be followed:

  1. Hold and press and hold the side button in conjunction by pressing your button to turn down the volume. button.
  2. Hold both buttons for eight seconds prior to you releasing the side button.
  3. Continue holding your button until you are able to hold the Volume Down button for as long as your PC recognizes your phone.

For An iPhone 6S, iPhone SE (1st generation), or an earlier

Take these actions:

  1. Click and hold down and hold the Wake/Sleep button in conjunction with your button for Home. button.
  2. Hold these buttons for around eight seconds. Release the Sleep/Wake button, but continue to hold the Home button.
  3. Continue holding your button until you are able to hold the button till your PC recognizes your iPhone.

6. Get It Repaired in an Apple Store

If you’ve exhausted every one of the alternatives above, it’s now time to have your iPhone repaired by a professional. If the iPhone is still covered by the guarantee, Apple will cover repairs at no cost in the event that it’s not damaged by any other means, like damage from liquids.

Repairing your phone could uncover hidden hardware issues. For instance, your iPhone’s logic board could be damaged and requires an upgrade and that’s why it would keep getting stuck at Apple’s logo. Apple logo.

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