6 Top Tactics for Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

Everyone enjoys receiving mail that is specifically addressed to them. Direct mail marketing is not as widespread in certain businesses, but it may be a very powerful tool for real estate brokers. Direct mail marketing may aid in the expansion of your company if the proper prospects are targeted with the appropriate content.

How much does direct mail marketing cost?

A cost-effective method of getting your brand in front of lots of people is through direct mail. A direct mail piece’s costs include design, copywriting, buying a list, printing, and postage.

You can employ a copywriter and a designer if you have more money than time. A designer will set you back at least $100, while a copywriter will run you between $100 and $400.

The mailing has to be printed after that. The price of printing your direct mail might vary depending on several variables:

  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Paper quality
  • Page number/front & back
  • Black & white/color

Per item, printing might cost between $.03 and $2.00. Before choosing a printer, make careful to locate one with a good reputation and consider all prices.

To whoever you should send the mail, you’ll also need a list. Free mailing lists can be obtained from current customers, exchanged for goods or services with another company, or created on your own using public sources. If you are unable to create your lists in this manner, you should budget 20 to 30 cents for each record.

Postage fees will come last. Depending on how many things you’re mailing, how much each one weighs, and the current postal rates, your postage prices may change. Postage costs range from $.25 to $2.00 per item. Due to their size, postcards are a common choice for real estate direct mail marketing. They are less expensive to make and mail than other choices.

Do you want to cut costs? You may always utilize a template or develop your direct mail piece. Your only investment will be a time in this.

Why use direct mail marketing as a real estate agent?

direct mail marketing

Real estate agents may connect with homeowners in any region of the country who are eager to sell using direct mail. Real estate agents have the opportunity to contact a huge number of local potential clients through direct mail as well.

Customers want to work with local experts, so when they often see your name and image connected with the area’s real estate market, they believe you are an authority in that field.

Who should I send direct mail to?

Your target audience should get direct mail. Send letters to wealthy households if you’re selling luxury houses. Consider the places they frequent, their interests, and their spending patterns. Make sure your message is tailored to the needs of your target audience by identifying them. You should also take the following demographics into account while creating your email list.

Absentee homeowners

Owners who don’t live on the property they own as their primary residence is known as absentee homeowners. Investors, landlords, individuals who have inherited property, and those who have relocated but haven’t been able to sell their property yet can all be considered in this. This group makes a wonderful target audience for direct mail since they occasionally have a lot of zeal to sell their property.


The property enters probate if the owner hasn’t made clear what they want to be done with it after their passing. When this occurs, the people left with the task of cleaning it up and selling it are typically seeking the quickest and simplest method to sell the property. You should send direct mail to this audience.

Eviction records

Having someone evicted is a drawn-out and expensive procedure, therefore landlords who have gone through it may also be extremely motivated to sell their home. Add tenants’ landlords to your mailing list.


Pre-foreclosure is the initial stage of a legal process that might result in the seizure of a property from a defaulting borrower. By providing consumers facing foreclosure with potential answers via direct mail marketing, you may offer them optimism that they can escape foreclosure and draw in more customers.

Expired listings

Expired listings happen when a real estate transaction fails. The reasons why postings expire are quite varied. Direct mail campaigns that target expired listings may provide a ton of leads.

Tax delinquency

A property that has unpaid taxes may be forced into a tax auction by local governments. A timely direct letter might persuade the owner of a property that is overdue on taxes to sell it before the tax sale takes place. Tax-delinquent properties are easily locatable and known to the public.


After a divorce, assets are frequently split, and the people involved may have to sell their homes as quickly as possible. The majority of divorce records are online and available to the public.

6 tips for effective direct mail marketing in real estate

Understand the local market. Customers like to deal with local market specialists who are familiar with the neighborhood and the value of the real estate.

Be timely. Knowing when individuals are seeking to purchase or sell can help you plan your direct mailings to reach those target demographics at the appropriate time of year.

Make your mail useful. Give individuals really useful advice and knowledge. Include details on neighborhood or seasonal activities.

Get creative. Think about including a tangible object in the mailing. Something that will keep your brand in front of them every day is a desk calendar or magnet. You may also add a brochure with useful resources. You can do anything!

Create a sense of urgency. There is no better moment to take action than now. Emphasize time-sensitive or seasonal possibilities to make sure your audience understands that. Your prospects will be inspired to take action if your direct mailing conveys a feeling of urgency.

Stand out. Ensure that your direct mailing is noticeable. Use your unique branding while creating the mail. You may distinguish yourself in the real estate market by regularly keeping your brand in front of potential clients.

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