Are you getting a new laptop or computer? Here’s the must-have Windows 10 and 11 software you’ll require when setting up a new computer.

If you’ve recently bought a brand new PC or upgraded Windows, installing applications is the first thing you’ll have to complete. Although there are numerous wonderful Windows software applications but knowing which are the most essential software that works with Windows 10 as well as Windows 11 will make the process of setting up a new installation much easier.

In not in any particular order, we’ll go through the 15 most important apps for Windows that you must download immediately as well as some alternatives to these.

1. Google Chrome: Internet Browser Chrome

Unsurprisingly, Google Chrome is still our top browser pick. It’s super-speedy, includes little conveniences like letting you instantly search Google Lens for an image, and has a vast library of Chrome extensions. Throw in cross-platform syncing that lets you open your desktop tabs on your phone and vice-versa, and you’ve got a fantastic browser for all purposes.

Chrome doesn’t come without its flaws, however. Many people would like to get rid of Google’s ubiquitous tracking feature in Chrome which consumes lots of RAM. The good thing is that there are plenty of other great browsers to pick from including Firefox as well as Opera.

The built-in Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and is a good idea to consider giving it a go to see if you prefer Microsoft’s method over Google’s.

2. Cloud Storage: Google Drive

If you only pick one cloud app service, Google Drive is the one you should install due to the amount of free space it includes. It offers 15GB of free storage, which is shared across your Google account with Google Photos and Gmail too.

Google Drive offers an app for all major platforms and allows you to take your files with you wherever. Along with syncing files that you save to the designated Google Drive folder, the desktop application allows you to backup folders on your PC and external devices, too.

It’s also incredibly simple to transfer files as well as the service works very well in conjunction with Google’s suite of productivity tools. It can be used as part of your backup system as well as a cloud-based storage device, or to set sharing folders with other users, Google Drive is an indispensable app that works with Windows 10 and 11.

When paired with OneDrive (which is integrated within Windows) and another Cloud storage service that is free service it is possible to get lots of storage space and organize your files in logical ways the using the service.

3. Music streaming: Spotify

In the past listening to music on your computer was a laborious process of importing and organizing the collection of MP3s. It’s not the case anymore as music streaming services have eliminated the requirement to purchase individual albums digitally or physically.

There is plenty of music streaming services however, we believe the most important choice that works best for Windows 10 or 11 is Spotify. Its free ad-supported service allows you to listen to all the music you’d like. There are many Spotify premium plans that are worth the cost for those who love to listen. Spotify is also the home of hundreds of thousands of podcasts which makes everything accessible in one location.

Spotify also comes with a Windows app, in contrast to other competitors. If you’re already part of an alternative ecosystem, Apple Music or YouTube Music could be the best choice for you.

4. Office Suite LibreOffice

You’ll likely require an office suite that lets you use spreadsheets, documents, and even presentations in the near future. It’s tempting to believe that purchasing Microsoft Office is the only method to access this but it’s far from the reality.

Every Windows user should be without LibreOffice. It’s completely free and robust office suite that offers options that work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and many more. Once you’re used to the minor visual differences in comparison to MS Office, you’ll be running around using LibreOffice.

Be aware that OpenOffice was a popular alternative, is essentially dead today. If you’re not keen to make use of LibreOffice then try FreeOffice. It is possible to utilize web-based apps such as Word Online or Google Docs also However, we’re more focused on downloading full desktops here.

5. Image Editor Paint.NET

Whether you want to try your hand at basic image manipulation, need a way to blur sensitive info in screenshots, or want to retouch old photos, everyone should have an image editing program installed. Photoshop is the gold standard for this, but there are plenty of free tools that are more accessible.

Paint.NET is an essential Windows application for all your editing needs with images. It’s superior to Microsoft Paint however it does not overwhelm you with a myriad of complex tools. You can quickly blur portions of your photo or auto-level pictures to improve their look by adding images with text or shapes photos with just a couple of clicks. Many plugins let users to extend their functionality also.

If you think Paint.NET is too simple, GIMP is a more sophisticated solution. It’s free to download.

6. Security Malwarebytes Antimalware

Windows 10 and 11 include Windows Defender, which is a good enough antivirus for most users. However, it’s wise to keep a secondary security program installed to supplement it.

In this regard, you can’t be beat by Malwarebytes. The free version allows you to scan the system to detect malware your antivirus may not be able to detect. For a comprehensive integrated security system, upgrading to Malwarebytes Premium is worth the price.

7. Media Player: VLC

Thanks to YouTube’s ubiquity, you probably don’t watch local videos too often. However, everyone should still keep a solid video player around on their desktop for when they need to play media files locally. Even if it’s not one of the tools you think to download on a new computer right away, it will come in handy someday.

To accomplish this there is no better choice than VLC Media Player, which comes packed with features and can play almost every audio and video format possible. It’s unlikely to break out often, but do give VLC the chance to download when you’re installing your computer. It’ll take you away from the hassle of having to mess with video codecs or QuickTime which isn’t supported on Windows for a long time.

8. Screenshots: ShareX

Capturing a picture on Windows can be useful for a variety of reasons, from recording humorous moments to keeping the record of crucial details. A fundamental Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch apps only offer basic features and you’ll need something more powerful in your arsenal of essential Windows applications.

You can’t find an even more powerful and efficient free screenshot application than ShareX. With a variety of methods for taking screenshots and a powerful integrated editor and the capacity to automate the steps you take after you’ve taken a screenshot as well as additional tools such as the ruler and color grabber, ShareX has an impressive feature set that is free.

If ShareX overpowers you, consider giving PicPick an attempt instead. It’s simpler and doesn’t sacrifice the features.

9. File Extraction and Compression: 7-Zip

Windows comes with the ability to support simple compressed files, but anything more than that calls for a more powerful program. Although this isn’t an interesting category of software an extractor for files is must-have computer software that allows you to deal with any type of archived files that you come across.

7-Zip is the standard in applications for file compression and extraction. It’s tiny and installs in just a few seconds. It is user-friendly and is out of your access even when you’re not using it. For those who require advanced features, you can still get these in 7-Zip.

The only downside of 7-Zip’s ageing appearance and spartan look. If you’re not able to get over it, have a look at PeaZip it’s an identical tool, but with an aesthetically pleasing interface. In any case, you aren’t required to purchase tools such as WinRAR.

10. Messaging: Rambox

You probably use at least one of the messaging services to keep connected to your friends throughout the time of the day. With the many options available, it’s difficult to imagine how we can pick the most effective messaging platform since it’s all about what your friends are using. Therefore, why not include all of them in one location?

Rambox is one of our top picks as the top messaging app for Windows. It allows you to add accounts from many popular messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, GroupMe, Discord, and many others. It is also possible to integrate other apps from the web such as Apple Music, to it.

The app will simply open the tabs for each service you use, and lets you keep track of each group of apps in one place. It comes with extra features that make it more efficient than opening these applications in your browser. Additionally, you can quickly close or minimize one tab (instead of having a dozen) whenever you need to concentrate.

Although Rambox’s free plan comes with some limitations, it does offer more free services than rivals such as Franz.

11. The Clipboard Manager ClipClip

The clipboard management program is a crucial Windows app as it will save you lots of time. Instead of being able to save one thing on your computer’s clipboard at a time, clipboard managers can monitor the previous hundreds of entries you’ve copied.

ClipClip is an excellent Windows clipboard management tool to utilize. Apart from recording your copied content, this program lets you save frequent short snippets to make them easy to access. It’s simple to create folders to quickly paste scripted text such as addresses, email replies, or similar.

The program doesn’t overburden you with options, however, it allows you to tweak its hotkeys, deactivate clipboard monitoring when necessary and select which options the application will ignore. Include it in your list of the most basic Windows applications and you’ll never need to think over managing your computer’s clipboard ever again.

12. Password Manager: Bitwarden

It’s impossible to design strong passwords for each account and then keep track of each one. This is why you require an effective password manager. It’s a safe service that can create good passwords and secures them behind a single master password that is the only one you’ll need to keep in mind.

Bitwarden is the most reliable password manager for free and is one of the most essential pieces of software that you can download. Apart from the desktop application, you’ll be able to add the Bitwarden extension to your preferred browser to quickly fill in passwords. Read our entire guide to beginning using a password manager for more information on how to begin.

13. Backup: Backblaze

The backup of your computer is vital, since natural disasters, burglaries or malware attack could erase all your files on your system. It is not a good idea to lose your entire collection of photographs, documents, and other files, and then begin from scratch.

We recommend Backblaze as a backup service that works with Windows 10 or Windows 11. For a small amount monthly It backs up all your data on your computer along with any external drives connected in Backblaze. Backblaze cloud. There is no need to fret about what data is backed up, and there are no limitations on your backup’s size.

It’s not the only app listed on this list that doesn’t provide a free service backup, it’s worthwhile to pay for. If you lose all your files, this application would be paid for immediately.

As an additional layer of backup or to serve as your primary backup in the event that you aren’t able to afford Backblaze You should consider the EaseUS Todo Backup free. It’s a simple tool to make local backups of your data.

14. Storage Management TreeSize Free

Everyone knows the hassle of running low on storage space. That’s why one of the useful apps you should install on every Windows system is a disk analyzer.

TreeSize Free is a simple method of determining the space that is being used up on your PC. Open it, and specify which disk to scan. It will arrange every folder on your computer according to how big they are. Then, you can view the largest files on your system and decide to delete them or move them.

Don’t spend your time trying to manually search through folders to find huge documents. Let this indispensable software do the job for you. It is part of the Step-by-step Windows Cleaning guide.

15. Scripting: AutoHotkey

If you’re looking to bring more control to your computer, AutoHotkey is a must to download. It’s a scripting tool that you can customize that lets you create the commands you want to use, which makes it as effective as anything you think of.

For a handful of examples to illustrate, you can make a quick text expansion, allow automatic correction of typos, disable specific keyboard keys, or create macros to accomplish a range of actions using just a couple of keystrokes.

AutoHotkey may be a bit daunting initially but once you’ve got familiar with it, it’s an extremely useful tool to keep in your toolbox. Take a look at our tutorial on getting familiar with using AutoHotkey as well as excellent AutoHotkey scripts you can try to get started.

This is the Must-Have Apps for Every Windows PC

We’ve examined the essential apps to use with Windows 10 and Windows 11 which everyone should download immediately and are almost free. If you don’t like one of our selections then you can find an alternative with no trouble. The majority of people will benefit from these applications and will appreciate them more than the default application that comes with Windows.

Once you have a basic understanding of the importance of this software on your PC, it is important to not forget about unneeded Windows applications that you need to get rid of.

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