5 Chrome Extensions for YouTube Video Downloads

You might have wished to download a YouTube video if you saw one you liked. These five Chrome add-ons allow you to download videos.

Not all videos on YouTube can be downloaded for offline watching, even though the YouTube app does allow for this. Furthermore, you are unable to share or play the video outside of the YouTube app because it is permanently stored there.

However, several browser extensions might be useful if you’re interested in downloading YouTube videos. We go through a couple of them below.

YouTube Video Downloader Addoncrop

You may download YouTube videos with the feature-rich browser extension Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader. To add Opera add-ons to Chrome, you must first download AddonCrop using CrossPilot.

You’ll see a Download icon next to the Like button on any YouTube video after installing this extension. Simply click the Download button to start the download.

Click the More icon to change the format or resolution. The video sizes for various resolutions are shown below, along with download choices. Next, right-click it and select the Save Video As an option to download it.

By selecting Options, you may modify this extension’s settings. From this point, you may select the formats to download, whether to provide the option to download HD videos, and whether to show DASH format items.

Along with showing you all the films and audio you’ve downloaded, this extension also has a built-in download manager. You may turn on or off the Show Save As dialogue box to alter the download folder.

The Addoncrop extension offers various helpful capabilities in addition to video downloads. By selecting the Camera icon, you may capture a screenshot of videos (next to the autoplay button). YouTube comments can also be hidden.

By using Audio mode, you may stop the video from loading while listening to music or a podcast. The most useful feature may be the ability to search YouTube while viewing a video. The Related Videos tab displays the search results.

How to Install the Downloader from Addoncrop

Get CrossPilot first by downloading it from the Chrome Web Store. Then, navigate to the YouTube Video Downloader Page on the Addoncrop website.

On the left, click the Install via CrossPilot option. Once you give the necessary rights, the extension will download into your browser.

Online Download Manager

IDM, often known as the Internet Download Manager, is a popular program for downloading all kinds of media, not simply movies. Although the IDM extension is available for download from the Chrome Web Store, the IDM program must be installed on your computer for it to function. As a result, you must download both the extension and the program. Restart your browser after completing these two steps.

Open any videos on YouTube to begin downloading them. In the top-right corner of the video player, you’ll see a Download This Video button with the IDM logo. Select the file type and video resolution by clicking on it.

IDM will then display a dialogue box asking you to select a location for the video and description to be saved (optional). The video is then saved in the designated location by IDM once you click the Start Download button.

Downloader for YouTube locally

A program called Local YouTube Downloader allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin: download YouTube videos to your device locally. However, you must use Tampermonkey to install this extension because it isn’t available through the Chrome Web Store.

The well-known user script manager Tampermonkey is accessible for all widely used browsers, including Chrome and Edge. You may obtain user scripts for downloading YouTube videos using this user script manager.

You only need to open any YouTube video you wish to download after downloading Tampermonkey and Local YouTube Downloader. To download the movie immediately, click Download High-Resolution MP4 beneath the video player.

Click on the show/hide links for other resolutions and formats. Here, there are several connections spread over two distinct columns: Stream and Adaptive. Links on the right only support one of the audio or video formats, whereas links in the Stream column support both.

Click on the link for your video after selecting the resolution and format. The video will start playing in a new tab when you click it. And download videos from this page, use the right-click menu to select Save Video As.

Installing a Local YouTube Downloader

First, download Tampermonkey from the Chrome Web Store. Next, download the GreasyFork Local YouTube Downloader user script.

 Easy YouTube Video Downloader (screenshot) Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Another Opera plugin that you may bring to Chrome using the CrossPilot extension is Easy YouTube Video Downloader. It is a straightforward YouTube video downloader without any frills, as its name would imply.

Open any YouTube video once the add-on has been installed. A green Download as a button will be visible. It will reveal a drop-down menu when clicked. The formats and resolutions that are offered, together with their sizes, are shown below.

A dialogue box asking you to select a folder to download the file to and a name for the movie will appear once you have selected your desired format.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader: How Do I Install It?

Get CrossPilot first from the Chrome Web Store. Click Install with CrossPilot on the Easy YouTube Downloader page after that. Give consent for the extension to be downloaded.

YouTube By Click

Not a browser extension, YouTube by Clicks is a stand-alone piece of software. However, it functions similarly to every extension and enables you to download films straight from the YouTube website. From their website, you may get YouTube By Click.

After installing this program, whenever you play any YouTube video, it will instantly recognize it and display a little window in the bottom-right corner. You may choose to download the video in MP4 or MP3 format from this page.

You may alter the default format, the video quality, and the folder for downloaded videos by accessing the program. Only videos played in Chrome will be detected by default. You can activate the option for other browsers, though. There are several languages, including English, French, and Spanish, accessible for the program.

To view videos offline, download them.

With the help of these Chrome extensions, downloading YouTube videos is quick and easy. You may store videos for later reference or offline watching with these add-ons.

So, if you want to view videos while traveling and save money on mobile data, you may download YouTube videos or even playlists in their whole.

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