20 Easy Web Games to Play Online When You’re Sick

If you’re bored or have a bit of time to kill, perhaps when you’re at work or in class, playing a web game is the perfect way to keep you entertained. To help ease the boredom, we’ve put together a list of the best quick web games to play online when you’re sat twiddling your thumbs.
These addictive games are extremely small and don’t require any obligation or sign-up. They’re fun enough that you’ll never want to stop but they’re also light enough to be able to leave them whenever needed.

Here are the top quick web-based games you can play in case you’re bored.


QWOP is a well-known web-based game. The objective is to complete 100 meters. However, it’s not easy, since you’ll need to manage the calves and thighs of the athlete. Don’t be too surprised when it takes you several minutes to cross the starting line, but you’ll be laughing while when you do it.

2. Entanglement

Entanglement is a great option to try when feeling stressed even if you don’t enjoy puzzles. The objective is to build the longest possible path through the tiles you lay down. The tiles are generated randomly however they offer enough choices to ensure that you don’t get bored. Additionally, there’s lovely relaxing background music.

3. Gridland

Gridland is a match-three strategy game with twists. There are two stages of play: day (where you compete and collect resources to create the village) in addition to night (where you battle at invaders). It is only once you’ve made an action, that which stimulates thoughtful planning and a sense of. It’s extremely smart, and also a lot of enjoyable.

4. Cookie Clicker

The idea behind Cookie Clicker is so banal it is difficult to be able to comprehend it once you have started playing. The goal is to create the most cookies possible. It’s done by clicking on a cookie. That’s it. You can trade in the cookies at the market to purchase tools to automate your tasks, such as a strengthened cursor or grandma.

5. Threes

Threes is a well-loved game on mobile devices that has been made into a game on the web. You move numbered tiles across the grid of four by four to mix them into three-folds. The goal is to get the most points by collecting tiles and getting rare ones. Although it may seem easy in theory but it’s quite difficult to play for longer than a couple of minutes until you’ve exhausted all your moves.

6. Wiki Game Wiki Game

The Wiki Game utilizes Wikipedia’s free online encyclopedia by requiring you to navigate between to Wikipedia page to the next making use of the internal links on the page. It also sets the timer according to how easy it is to complete the task.

In this case, going from the beginning page in The Pacific War to the final page for Sea is fairly simple. However switching to Electric Chair to HTML is slightly more difficult.

7. Line Rider

Line Rider is such a well-known game on the web that it was made available on Nintendo DS and Wii. It doesn’t require these consoles, as it is playable straight from the browser. Make use of your cursor to draw lines that the figure then rides along. Explore your imagination by creating loops, ramps and crazy leaps.

8. The Floor is Lava!

The floor is Lava! is exactly as it sounds that is, there’s deadly lava beneath which you can avoid by throwing yourself into the direction of your mouse. There are others playing and it’s similar to bumper cars. If you strike them then you bounce back. It’s hard to keep alive, but it’s also a lot of enjoyment! Every game is under a minute, but you’ll find yourself playing and playing.

9. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! isn’t just a game, but is also the perfect method of training your neural network. The player is presented with a sentence and given a brief period of time to draw it. When you draw the system will attempt to figure out what the word is using machine learning. Your drawing will be utilized to help improve the machine’s performance in the future.

10. Frogger

Frogger is one of the most popular arcade games from the 1980s. There have been a lot of sequels and clones over the decades However, the original has a lot of appeal. The game on the web is an imitation from the initial. If you’ve not played Frogger then you must rectify that. The aim is to jump your frog from one side to the other side, keeping out traffic on the roadway as well as a dangerous river.

11. Color Pipes

Color Pipes has plenty of levels that will keep you entertained for many times. The game requires you need to combine colors using lines drawn between the two. Also, you must be able to cover the entire board. The only issue is should any of the lines cross , the move is ineligible. Simple and addictive.

12. The Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball is an old game played online, however, it has stood the tests of time. It is possible to play against a computer or with a friend. You control a tiny blob or slime as you strike the ball across the net. If the ball hits the ground with your back and bounce off, you’re awarded a point the opposing player. The Slime series has expanded to different sports, but volleyball remains the top sport.

13. Wordle

Wordle, a no-cost daily word-guessing game that asks players to figure out the word with five letters within six attempts. When you have guessed the word, the tiles change colors to show the degree of accuracy you have to the word you have chosen. There is a new word available every night at midnight to keep you playing for more fun.

If you enjoy this then you’ll surely be awed by these fantastic word games that are free apps for your mobile.

14. Helicopter

In Helicopter, it is possible to use your mouse to steer a helicopter and steer clear of obstacles. Press to let the helicopter rise, then stop and let it fall. This is a never-ending game that accelerates and can become chaotic. Because it keeps track of each turn with a score and gives players that addictive “just one more time” feeling when you try to beat yourself.

15. A Room Dark Room

Dark Room Dark Room is one of the most well-known clicker games since it’s more than only a simple clicker game. It’s filled with role-playing, along with narrative components that transform the game experience to a higher level. It’s slow at first however, it will get better as you go on.

16. Mackerelmedia Fish

If you’re a fan of the bizarre and fantastic, Mackerelmedia Fish is for you. It’s a game with an interactive element that takes you on a journey through a fictitious retro web. What’s the purpose is the purpose of this game? It’s a question you need to find out for yourself. It’s a hilarious and beautifully animated game. The lesser knowledge you are aware of prior to you start playing, the more you will know.

17. Sinuous

In Sinuous you’re the mouse’s cursor. Beware of the endless stream of red dots, then touch the green dots for protection and see how long you’ll keep playing. It is extremely replayable and ideal for short five to 10-minute bursts.

18. slither.io

Slither.io is an exciting and vibrant online game in which you play as an edgy snake through a neon landscape, slipping into glowing orbs to increase your length. The difficulty is playing against other players that are larger than you. They may engulf you and then grow larger. You could apply the same method to smaller snakes. Find out how big you become.

19. Books Tower

The aim in Books Tower is to stack as many books as is possible without the tower being topped over. Every new book moves between left and right, and you must click it when you’d like it to fall. Be sure to time those clicks precisely to ensure that the books are aligned as otherwise, it’s going to fall to the ground.

20. The Jigsaw Puzzles

It is believed that Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the top sites to play jigsaws for free. It hosts hundreds of online jigsaws, ranging from categories such as nature to animals, and ranging in difficulty between 50 and 150 pieces per puzzle. It’s not as exciting as solving a real-world puzzle however it’s an enjoyable way to pass fifteen minutes.

Mobile Games to play when you’re bored

These are among the most enjoyable games on the internet to play when bored and need to keep your mind busy. You’re likely to be so entertained that you’ll be compelled to play them over and over again.

Many of these games you can play while bored at school or at work are available on mobile phones as apps. Some fun is always just a few taps away.

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