12 Sites for Free Animated PowerPoint Presentation Templates

PowerPoint is still a well-loved application for presentations in the present. If you’re looking to make your slides more appealing there are twelve websites to download animation-free templates.
An animated PowerPoint template will make an impressive presentation. In the future, you’ll need another. You can save lots of time by saving an online template library that provides interactive slide slides. It would be great to have them for free as well.We’ve prepared for you. Explore these free websites to download animation PowerPoint slideshows and templates.

1. PowerPoint School

Alongside a vast variety in animated PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint School offers infographics and timelines. Additionally, you can find simple-to-follow tutorials for creating personal animations.

A lot of templates are standard, but they are stylish. There are colorful as well as minimalist monochrome graphs, charts, and explanations. The perfect choice in your next report on the quarter or Zoom session.

2. Canva

Canva provides a variety of animated presentation templates. You can edit, record and then share them in your browser! It is also possible to download them in .pptx files. To edit them using PowerPoint instead of using Canva’s browser Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the template you would like to use on the search results page.
  2. Select Customize This Template
  3. In the Editor, select the Ellipsis (…) menu.
  4. Choose PowerPoint from the Share options

You could be able to receive a Free Canva Premium as an undergraduate. This will allow you to access the entire Canva Premium animated assets that you can utilize.

3. Slidesgo

Make sure to set the Licensefilter to Free to view the entire Slidesgo collection of free animated templates. These templates work with both PowerPoint as well as Google Slides. The themes are diverse such as birthday slideshows to infographics.

The templates available on Slidesgo are bright and colorful, with a an attractive design. They’re usually well-suited for occasions. High school or grade school projects can also do with these templates.

4. SlideSalad

SlideSalad provides a wide range of templates for informational and business use. They offer sleek animated designs for reports, proposals portfolios, portfolios, and many more. Students in graduate school can also access appealing templates for the defense of their thesis.

You’ll need an account with a free subscription in order to download the templates. SlideSalad also offers premium templates, however, it doesn’t use a subscription plan. Instead, you pay per order to purchase premium templates.

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a premium site, but you can get a 7-day Free Trial and download as many templates as you want. Envato Elements has a good selection of animated PowerPoint templates for meetings along with reports and webinars.

Alongside the infographics, can download event templates with vibrant colors. They are ideal to be turned into Instagram Stories. Envato Elements even has PowerPoint templates that have been optimized to work with Instagram Stories.

6. Slideegg

Slideegg restricts free accounts to five daily downloads. Each download comes with a single animated slide. On the other hand, this means that you may need at least two days to download enough slides. However, mixing and matching can give an almost limitless amount of use.

You can save templates on the Wishlist to save the templates to use future use. The majority of templates are designed for infographics and other informative presentations. Yet, there are entertaining animating slides to promote brand presentations as well as events.

7. SlideModel

SlideModel offers a wide range of free animated PowerPoint templates. However, the search engine is not filter-based and it is difficult to locate them among the top options.

The easiest method to locate the templates for free is to search for this phrase: site:Slidemodel.com “free” and “animated”. This will display the selection of free animated PowerPoint templates available on SlideModel.com.

8. Giant Template

Giant Template offers only one animated PowerPoint template. However, it contains 30 slides, all animated. Most of the illustrations are beautiful geometric shapes. It is easy to customize to reuse them.

Other graphics contain images that you can change to create your own images or logos. You can make a lot of reuse from these elegant slides by altering the colors and changing out pictures.

9. Abert’s Shop

The private Gumroad shop provides a number of Free PowerPoint templates. It’s a specialist in infographics as well as charts, making it ideal for business and explainer reports as well. Some of them can be modified within Excel and Excel, which allows you to add your intricate charts and graphs.

The templates are all paid for as you want. So you can input $0.00 and download it at no cost. If you enjoy it return it and give a small tip to help support the designer.

10. SlideHunter

SlideHunter mostly uses static templates, however, it offers four great options for animation. Two of them are medical-related, and two are for business-related interests.

You can make even more value from the templates you’ve chosen by creating personal PowerPoint Animations. A simple transition effect can help PowerPoint slides seamlessly blend into SlideHunter’s template.

11. Slide Chef

Slide Chef is a no-cost slide resource. The templates are designed for Google Slides, but you are able to use them for PowerPoint too. These animated slideshows found on this site are great for lessons for children. Animation is guaranteed to draw the attention of children.

There are also sources that are suitable for adults. There are scientific explanations and other templates that are generic as well.

12. SlidesMania

Certain slide decks at SlidesMania have full animation. Others only have the cover animated. This style is great for lessons for children or holidays.

In contrast to other templates, SlidesMania templates are more than just transitions and entrance animations. The backgrounds and other elements are animated as well. They move all the time.

Make money and time with free templates

With these templates, You can create pitches reports, proposals, and other personal communications. Just change images and colors, then include your message and you’re ready to go!

However, PowerPoint isn’t only for slideshows. Utilize templates to the fullest extent possible. resources for both presentations as well as static media like posters and flyers!

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