10 Weird Places on Google Earth

Weird Places 0n Google Earth is a virtual globe that enables the general public to view any location on the globe. If you are unable to travel, you may still go there virtually. It is a representation of Earth made out of photographs from several satellites, including those in geosynchronous orbit, which take low-resolution pictures, and those in closer orbit, which take high-resolution pictures.

You might be surprised to learn that Google Earth has some peculiar locations. On the actual map, these locations could or might not exist. You are in the right place if you wish to learn about such strange locations.

We’ll talk about 30 Odd Locations on Google Earth in this post.

1. Galešnjak: the Lover’s Island

 Galešnjak the Lover’s Island

This teeny-tiny island may be located in Croatia, which lies across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. The Juresko family has long promoted the island even though it is a barren wasteland to bring in some additional cash.

There are no structures or freshwater of any kind on the 32-acre island. The Jureskos have advertised it as “Lover’s Isle” since it was first displayed on Google Earth in 2009.

2. Sprawling Swastika

Sprawling Swastika

In the northern part of Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, archaeologists discovered more than 50 geoglyphs, including this swastika-shaped piece of art. Nonetheless, many geoglyphs were made of clay mounds, unlike the swastika symbol. Wood is used to make the Swastika symbol.

The local geoglyphs appear to be at least 2,000 years old, if not older. During the period, Swastikas were widely used throughout Europe and Asia and had nothing to do with any particular political viewpoint.

3. Will U Marry Me

There is a building in a certain area where a proposal has been made. This image depicts one of the strangest locales on Google Earth, even though its exact location is unknown.

4. Shamrock Maze in Dublin

 Shamrock Maze in Dublin

Just south of Dublin Airport, along a busy Irish motorway, lies an intriguing hedge maze. In Ireland, these main thoroughfares are also known as motorways.

The road leading to it is closed by a big metal gate on Google Street View, notwithstanding the lack of information on it. The sign warns that the area is private property that has attack dogs on duty.

5. Lake on an Island or Island on a Lake

Lake on an Island or Island on a Lake

The next strange object on our list is this. It is an island in a lake on an island on an island. This is a pretty unique and intriguing item. This photo was shot from a little island on Volcano Island, which is located inside a crater lake. It is located in the Philippines, an island in its own right.

This was allegedly the largest of its kind that had been observed in years in the early days of Google Earth.

6. Google Escher Effect – Paris, France

Lake on an Island or Island on a Lake

In situations like this, satellite photos and aerial views of cities are combined with pictures of structures taken from various perspectives. After being stitched together, taller buildings at the boundaries of each image appear to be leaning towards or away from one another at acute angles.

7. Luecke Farm, Texas

_Luecke Farm, Texas

A narcissistic farmer who has his name inscribed on his field resides on a farm in the center of Texas.

A property called Austin’s Luecke Farm is situated about an hour’s drive southeast of the capital. The majority of the trees were felled by the farmer to create a way for his cattle, but he left others standing as a home for the animals.

Not only is this environmentally responsible, but NASA uses this three-mile-long landmark to calibrate the sensors on its satellites and in its aerial photographs.

8. Weird Wheels

Weird Wheels

Wheel-shaped geometric patterns that may date back 8,500 years have been etched into the surface of the earth by ancient artists, according to Google Earth. These geoglyphs are even older than Peru’s Nazca Lines Geoglyphs.

9. Graffiti in Google Maps

_Graffiti in Google Maps

Baja California is home to Cerro Prieto, the crater of an extinct volcano. A vast portion of the site’s visitors appears to have added graffiti that is large enough to be seen from a height. The fact that the graffiti can be seen by those who are standing on the crater’s eastern rim shows that it was meant for their viewing. To have a clear idea, you may look at the picture above.

10. “Welcome to Cleveland” Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Welcome to Cleveland” Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This is my preferred option. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there is a home with the words “Welcome to Cleveland” engraved on the terrace. You can view the notice, as a result, every time your aircraft passes over Cleveland.

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